Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Possible Specs And Features

With everything now ready at Samsung for the release of the Galaxy S6, attention is turning to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 5. This phablet is a very significant release for Samsung, as the Galaxy Note 4 was a very successful and important handset for the Korean corporation during 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Possible Specs And Features

This was the case for several reasons. Firstly, the Galaxy Note 4 introduced their Galaxy Note Edge; the first time that Samsung had included is proprietary curved screen technology in a mobile device.

Secondly, the Galaxy Note 4 was a critically acclaimed device, and it was indicative of Samsung beginning to get the appearance of its handsets right, after the physical construction of the Galaxy S5 was criticized.

And thirdly, many observers believe that this was the most technically impressive mobile device which has yet to appear on the mass market. Of course, opinions differ in this sphere, but what can be confidently asserted is that the Galaxy Note 4 was certainly a very impressive performer.

So Samsung will have high hopes for the Galaxy Note 5, and there will be a certain amount of pressure for them to deliver an outstanding phablet when it is released in what will likely be October 2015. But what new features can we expect from the Galaxy Note 5 when it hits the stores? Here are a few suggestions.

Galaxy Note 5 – Display

This is obviously a critical aspect of any mobile release, but it is particularly important for Samsung considering that it has become associated with particularly high-quality screens. Additionally, the curved screen technology which it has instigated in its mobile range in the last six months is becoming an industry-defining phenomenon.

So we can definitely expect a curved version of the Galaxy Note 5 when it is released, and it seems highly likely that Samsung will take a lead from the Galaxy S6 and produced a double-curved display.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note 5 could be the first ever mass-market 4K resolution device. Considering that the Galaxy Note 4 was a quad HD mobile, there seems to be very little wiggle room for Samsung in this department, so upgrading the display to a 4K resolution panel would seem to make perfect sense.

One interesting recent rumor is that Samsung may consider ditching the super AMOLED technology included in the Galaxy Note 4, and instead opt for an OLED display. This has certainly not been confirmed by the Korean electronics giant, but it will be a rumor worth following in the coming weeks and months.

Galaxy Note 5 – Curved Screen Emphasis

A curved screen is absolutely guaranteed with the Galaxy Note 5, but it looks as if Samsung will place a greater emphasis on this in future device releases. According to recent reports, the Korean manufacturer is expecting a massive demand for the Galaxy S7 Edge in 2016, and we could see the corporation ramp up production of the curved screen Galaxy Note 5 in preparation for this.

Galaxy Note 5 – Battery

The fact that the Galaxy Note 5 will likely be a 4K resolution device means that the battery which powers the mobile must be of the highest quality possible. Samsung surprised consumers by including a smaller battery in the Galaxy S6 than the previous iteration of the series, but it seems extremely unlikely that it will follow this pattern with the Galaxy Note 5.

Analysts are already suggesting that this forthcoming phablet release will benefit from a 4,000mAh battery. This would be a significant 20 percent increase over the 3,220mAh battery which was fitted in the Galaxy Note 4, and would seem to make sense for Samsung, particularly considering the likely increase of the screen resolution included in this device.

Galaxy Note 5 – Wireless charging

Another likely feature in the Galaxy Note 5 is wireless charging. This would be very much welcome as it seems extremely likely that the Galaxy Note 5 will be a greedy device with power. This will particularly be the case if Samsung includes a 4K OLED screen with the handset.

So although Samsung may face some technical issues with including this in the Galaxy Note 5, the fact that it is debuting in the Galaxy S6 suggest that this process will continue with Samsung’s flagship phablet.

Galaxy Note 5 – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will become a significant technology in the coming years, and it’s already being developed for the next-generation of video games. It is reputed that the Galaxy Note 5 will collaborate significantly with virtual reality projects such as Oculus Rift, and at Samsung will also likely include features in the Galaxy Note 5 related to its own Galaxy Gear VR technology.

Galaxy Note 5 – Camera

There have been some pretty bold predictions regarding the camera for the forthcoming iPhone series, although the fact that Apple has seemingly postponed the iPhone 7 until 2016 could affect these prognostications. But Samsung will still wish to respond strongly to the Apple smartphone series, and so we should see a significantly improve snapper included in the Galaxy Note 5.

With the iPhone 7 already linked both a unique periscope design and a dual-lens, professional quality camera, there will be pressure on Samsung to deliver something truly outstanding in this department. Thus, a 20-megapixel camera with effectively improved functionality, possibly in the area of optical image stabilization in particular, would be very much welcomed by consumers.

Galaxy Note 5 – New Features: TouchID and Retina Scanning

Apple has strongly advocated its Force Touch system in recent Apple Watch promotion, and thus Samsung is likely to respond with an improved version of TouchID for the Galaxy Note 5. The Force Touch System looks to be a highly flexible piece of functionality which enables users to operate games in particular with more fluidity, so it will be interesting to see whether Samsung attempts something similar with TouchID.

It has also been suggested that this phablet will embrace retina scanning, with security an increasingly important aspect of modern mobile devices.