Russia To Sell S-400 Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems To China

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Russia is selling its cutting-edge S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to China. Anatoly Isaikin, the CEO of Russia’s state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport told Sputnik International News that China has become the first country to get the coveted S-400 Triumf. Beijing is spending more than $3 billion for at least six battalions of S-400, according to The Moscow Times.

S-400 can strike any aerial target including F-35 stealth fighter

Isaikin declined to disclose the details of the contract, but said that Beijing has indeed signed the contract for the purchase of the air defense systems. The S-400 Triumf would help China deter even the “most advanced air powers from infringing on Chinese airspace.” Russia originally designed the air defense system to counter the rising air power of the United States.

The S-400 is capable of striking any aerial target including the F-35 stealth fighters. It can also shoot down any cruise and tactical ballistic missiles with a speed of three miles per second. China already owns the Russian-made S-300. The latest S-400 is built by Almaz-Antey, Russia’s largest defense contractor. The system offers a coverage of 250 miles and an altitude of 20 miles.

Russia may sell S-300 to Iran

Almaz-Antey says the system is ideal to defend military bases, cities and sensitive facilities. It can engage up to 36 targets with 72 missiles simultaneously. Isaykin said many other countries have also expressed interest in the system. The company has expanded its production capabilities, but is still finding it difficult to deliver these systems to several countries.

Separately, Russia announced Monday that it has lifted the ban on delivery of S-300 anti-missile rocket systems to Iran. Russia had initially signed an $800 million deal with Tehran to sell five S-300 systems. But it canceled the contract due to intense pressure from the West following U.N. sanctions imposed on Iran over its controversial nuclear program. Lifting the ban has set the groundwork for the potential sale of S-300 to Iran.

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17 Comments on "Russia To Sell S-400 Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems To China"

  1. What do you understand by war.war with a nation and a great nation helping another to have a sound footing at the detriment of a sect of evil regime,is that a war.Did US went to war collectively with Iraq or with Afghanistan;choose your words.

  2. The US had a huge ‘technical edge’ over Iraq and Afghanistan too . How did those wars turn out ?

  3. Why would they? China already has all the info it needs from the US — 1 TB worth of data stolen on the F35. They also already have a working prototype in the J31.

  4. Its too bad Russia and china cannot cooperate with a 5th gen aircraft. China has the money and Russia has the know how. Seems like a perfect combo on paper.

  5. Im sure they did the math.

  6. ??????? ???????? | Apr 14, 2015, 7:18 am at 7:18 am |

    This export version! In Russian, it has a range of 400 miles and a height of 30 miles and a height of 175 new missile

  7. Fear not US has the technological edge over all countries.
    Within months US weapons manufacturers will develop weapons that can destroy it too.

  8. 21 miles is 110,880 feet. The SR-71 holds the record for flying at 85,069 feet. If it’s a ballistic missile warhead it’ll be shot when it’s coming down.

  9. I think they already had this discussion over the jet engines and agreed to just purchase the engines from Russia. But yeah, I agree, the Chinese are masters of reverse engineering.

  10. It’s cheaper for China to buy it from Russia under proper license.

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  12. Michael James.. Are you dumb enough to actually believed this articles really have the top secret capabilities of Russian S-400 missiles? For all you know it can cover 2,500 miles and a lot more than just 20 miles altitude? Remember the American U2 spy plane that was shot down in Russian territory that was supposed to be untouchable at the time, it supposed to fly too fast and too high attitude to be caught with Russian plane and missiles?

  13. WTF? Russia have you not learnt your lesson about China? They are going to copy our I meant your stuff and sell it for themselves and claim it as theirs and you lose out.

  14. Let the Jewish dudes figure it out.

  15. The system covers 250 miles at 20 miles altitude. What happens if a plane flies at 21 miles altitude?

  16. How does the saying go? We woke up the sleeping dog?

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