Robots Make Themselves At Home [VIDEO]

Robots Make Themselves At Home [VIDEO]
DrSJS / Pixabay

Robots are creeping into our homes. They are hoovering, cleaning floors and washing windows as well as cooking food. Tanya Powley looks at why robotic devices are becoming more prevalent.

Robots Make Themselves At Home

Massif Capital’s Top Short Bets In The Real Asset Space [Exclisuve]

Screenshot 2022 08 10 18.57.51 1Since its founding by Will Thomson and Chip Russell in June 2016, the Massif Capital Real Asset Strategy has outperformed all of its real asset benchmarks. Since its inception, the long/short equity fund has returned 9% per annum net, compared to 6% for the Bloomberg Commodity Index, 3% for the 3 MSCI USA Infrastructure index Read More

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