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Now You Can Play Classic MS-Dos Games On Twitter

Twitter is ready to bring back an oldie but goodie. The popular microblogging website now allows users to embed one of the 2,600 classic games from Internet Archive into a tweet.

Twitter now allows old games to be shared and played on website

First users must locate the game on Internet Archive, and then add the URL to the message. Unfortunately, the games are not playable with Twitter’s mobile app, and some of the games don’t quite function as they should. Those using Twitter.com or Tweet Deck should have no problem accessing the games and don’t have to leave the website.

Some people also reported that Word Press allows some games to be embedded into websites.

Internet Archive brings back old games

In early 2015, Internet Archive released a classic game library with a huge variety of free-to-play titles including Golden Axe, Wolfenstein 3D, Bust-A-Move, and Prince of Persia. The games are playable on many browsers on PC or MAC. Internet Archive boasts it’s collection includes game in many different genres including action, strategy, and adventure among others.

Twitter’s recent major stock market fall has many concerned about the social media’s future. Much of the company’s issues like in marketers reluctance to sell advertising. Twitter’s advertising options primarily focused on general brand images, but now it wants to bring out direct response advertising. These types of ads require a viewer to take action like download an app or apply for a credit card. Marketers are reluctant to spend a lot of money on this kind of marketing because it has yet to show promise of targeting or tracking.

Twitter is relatively young compared to other websites like Google or Facebook. It doesn’t know a whole lot about it’s users and it cannot measure results accurately. The company’s top rival Facebook knows a lot about it’s users and can accurately choose the best ads to reach the site’s users.