‘Minecraft’ To Add Female Avatar In Future Update

‘Minecraft’ To Add Female Avatar In Future Update

Minecraft recently announced plans to add a female avatar with the next update. Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to explore, create and fight in an imaginative world of blocks. Until recently, the game had no female characters. The default avatar Steve is the male character players could design and customize to their liking.

Minecraft to add female avatar

This issue prompted many parents and feminists to complain that girls were majorly underrepresented in the game. Sure, they could easily modify “Steve” to make him look like a female, but it’s still not the same. Mojang (Minecraft‘s development company) explained how Steve does not represent the diversity of the players. This reason is why they are introducing the Alex skin instead. She features red hair and thinner arms.

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The recent addition of Alex in the game is an interesting move, especially considering the company’s founder claimed Steve did not have a gender. Whether or not that is true, most people still perceived the avatar as a male, and that created a point of tension.

Alex made a debut in last year’s PC version of Minecraft as a randomly assigned skin. This issue left no one with the choice of playing a boy or girl. Alex debuts in the next game update that launches tomorrow.

Minecraft updates include more music and achievements

Other updates include more skins, music and achievements. The Playstation update gets a Simpsons skin pack that includes the entire family, their friends and their enemies. The same skin pack is already available on Microsoft’s consoles. Xbox 360 users get more achievements and bonus songs. The update adds 30 more achievement levels to boost the potential to 1,000. Previously, Minecraft‘s Xbox One Edition had more achievement levels than the 360 version.

Minecraft fans have a lot to look forward to thanks to tomorrow’s updates. The new game extras will improve the experience for all.

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