LG G4 Smartphone: What To Expect?

LG G4 Smartphone: What To Expect?
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With the release of the LG G4, the Korean company will be attempting to build upon the significant progress it made during 2014. One aspect of this progress was the fact that the LG G4 handset was one of the most critically successful devices of 2014. More than one publication placed the LG G4 at the head of the best smartphone releases of the calendar year, which is no mean feat in a year that Apple released a new iPhone range.

So LG has quite a task on its hands to improve upon what was an outstanding smartphone release in 2014. And the corporation will be working hard on producing the best device that it possibly can when the LG G4 is unveiled later this month. This will be absolutely essential for the success of the device, as the LG G4 is being released into an extremely competitive mobile niche.

With two Galaxy S6 devices also recently launched, and the Apple Watch due to hit the stores shortly before the release date of the LG G4, there is no doubt that LG will need to produce something truly outstanding to grab the attention of consumers. In fact, some analysts believe that LG has made a mistake in not releasing this Android device sooner in the year, considering the outstanding competition it will unquestionably face.

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LG G4 Release date

So what can we expect from this important and prestigious smartphone release when it emerges? Well, the first thing to note is that the unveiling date of the LG G4 has already been confirmed to be April 28, 2015. The Korean company has already effectively confirmed this by releasing media invitations to an event on this date.

Whether this will result in merely the unveiling of the LG G4, or whether we will hear some solid news regarding the actual release date of the device at this time remains to be seen. Nonetheless, a launch sometime in May seems to be likely for this handset.


One of the notable aspects of the LG G3 was that its plastic case felt cheap to some consumers. The importance of constructing a physically striking device should not be underestimated; indeed, it could be argued that this has been a central pillar of Apple’s approach to the smartphone niche. And now Samsung has followed suit with the Galaxy S6, which is a much more physically striking device than previous iterations of the range.

However, it seems that LG will not produce a metal body for the LG G4. It has been suggested that the company will not be in a position to manufacture phones featuring primarily metal physiques until the second half of 2015. Reports have indicated that LG is looking to use computer controlled CNC routers to manufacture the new bodies, but this technology will not be online in time for the release of the LG G4

Curved screen

Samsung has set the agenda for displays in mobile devices with its curved screen technology, which has been a genre-defining feature over the last six months or so. This trend is set to continue into the future, and in line with this design predilection, LG is expected to produce a curved screen version of the LG G4 when it is released later this year. Screen size is also likely to increase slightly from 5.5-inches to 5.6-inches.


The LG G3 received plenty of praise for the quality of its display, with the Quad HD resolution a particularly outstanding aspect of the smartphone. But competition continues to hot up in this department, and LG will have to deliver something even more impressive with the LG G4 to stay at the apex of the smartphone marketplace.

This has led to speculation that the LG G4 could be a 4K resolution device. However, recent reports have suggested that it is in fact more likely to stick with its existing resolution. This may be a bit of a disappointment to some consumers, but there is still room for innovation, as LG has previously displayed with the G Flex 2.

It is possible that this bendable technology could subsequently feature in the LG G4. This would particularly make sense considering that Samsung is already experimenting with foldable screen technology, and is a massive rival for LG in East Asia.


LG very much views the G4 smartphone as a high-end handset, and to this end it is extremely likely that it will be packed with outstanding specifications. Recent information suggests that the LG G4 will have a Snapdragon 810 64bit CPU and 3GB of RAM. There is also a recent 64-bit version of Android Lollipop available to drive this powerful device.


LG is also evidently focusing heavily on the camera for the launch of this handset. There is some debate among analysts whether the device will feature a 16-megapixel lens or whether LG could even up its capabilities to 20-megapixels. However, a recent leak on TechManiacs points to a 16-megapixel camera with a resolution of 5,312 x 2,988.

This interestingly points to a wider aspect ratio of 16:9 than is included in most compact and smartphone cameras, which would be a smart move by LG. Effectively, this will ensure that photographs taken with this device will fit the screen perfectly without any cropping or black barring techniques being required by the smartphone.

Wireless charging

It has also been suggested that LG will include wireless charging for the G4 as a matter of course. This is another technology which is very much an essential focus of the smartphone marketplace at the moment, as manufacturers attempt to make it more convenient to utilize these state of the art devices. Samsung has already indicated that the Galaxy S6 will include wireless charging in its portfolio of features, and future releases such as the Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 are also expected to embrace wireless charging. It would therefore make sense for the LG G4 to include this feature.

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