Iran Nuclear Deal: The West Invites Tehran To Go On A War

Iran Nuclear Deal: The West Invites Tehran To Go On A War
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Major powers reached an agreement with Iran earlier this month in Switzerland. President Barack Obama was quick to praise the deal, saying it would make the world a safer place. A few days ago, U.S. intelligence officials said that Obama had concealed critical information from the UN about North Korea supplying rocket components to Iran during the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

The West will concede to everything to get an ‘agreement’

Another fact that Obama hid was that Russia and China have agreed to build nuclear plants in Iran. It is just one example of how the West surrendered itself to reach an “agreement,” says Guy Millière of Gatestone Institute. And Western leaders say sanctions will be re-imposed if Tehran was caught cheating! Meanwhile, Iran has bragged about selling enriched uranium in the “open market” and “making some money” from it.

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