iPhone 7 Release Date Revealed In New KGI Report

Not a week goes by without an analyst or commentator weighing in with their predictions for Apple’s product lines, be it the iPhone 7, a new MacBook or even the rumored Apple Car. The quality of the sources varies greatly, but this time around it is worth taking notice. Renowned Apple inside Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has sent out a note to investors, and his track record of delivering trustworthy information means that everyone interested in Apple should read carefully.

iPhone 7 Release Date Revealed In New KGI Report

Contradicting previous rumors

While some previous reports have claimed that Apple might release three new smartphones in 2015, including a 4-inch version which would potentially be known as the iPhone 6c, Kuo reveals his predictions. And they’re slightly different.

Analyst Kuo predicts that there will be no iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, and instead the company will move directly to the iPhone 7. According to Kuo, the thinking behind the name change is that the new models will include a major new feature which means they can be seen as new phones by themselves, rather than refinements of the previous model.

This feature is thought to be a capacitive Force Touch sensor, similar to the technology which we have seen in the Apple Watch, which will be positioned under the backlight of the iPhone 7. Although the technology is similar, the design of Force Touch technology must be adapted for the iPhone 7, given the specific challenges that Apple has to overcome in order to offer the feature.

Modifying Force Touch for the iPhone 7

“We believe that iPhone’s Force Touch sensor doesn’t directly detect the pressure applied by fingers,” Kuo wrote. “Instead, it monitors the contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is.”

If this is the case, Apple may be attempting to facilitate interaction with icons and user interface elements of varying sizes on the screen. His predictions follow hot on the heels of a report on the Taiwanese website Economic Daily News, which also reported that the next iPhone would feature Force Touch technology.

“There are two possible structural designs for Force Touch from a technology viewpoint. The Force Touch sensor can either be placed between the cover lens and the In-cell touch panel or under the In-cell touch panel’s backlight. In the first position, the technological challenge lies with how to produce the transparent Force Touch sensor; in the second position, the challenge is how to reduce signal interference from in-cell touch panel. Our understanding of the technology is that producing a transparent Force Touch sensor is more difficult, so the chances are the new iPhone this year will opt for the second position,” he added.

Another of Kuo’s predictions involves the hardware design of Force Touch, which he claims is likely to change in 2016 with the removal of the metal shielding in order to give the hardware a thinner form factor. Although iPhone 7 users are sure to be happy about improvements in the user experience, Force Touch module suppliers such as TPK and GIS, and metal shielding suppliers Minebea, Hi-P and Jabil, looks set to suffer increased uncertainty.

Rumors continue to swirl

Kuo’s highly detailed predictions are worth noting because of his success in detailing previous Apple product launches, including the iPhone 5. He has sometimes made errors in his timeline predictions, but has proved himself to have a good handle on the technological developments taking place at the tech giant.

That said, an official announcement from Apple on the iPhone 7 is still a long way away. New iPhones are typically unveiled around September, and the intervening 5 months promise to be a maelstrom of rumors and speculation before Apple finally lets us in on its secrets.

No iPhone 6c to be released?

Kuo also predicts that there will be no 4-inch iPhone released this year, contrary to previous rumors. He believes that Apple will focus on 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models as successors to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. His stance contradicts these photos, shared by cell phone spare part wholesaler FutureSupplier, which appear to show the casing of an iPhone 6c, identified by the different shape of the camera flash.

Concrete details on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6c are very much thin on the ground, and at this stage of the game it is hard to place any great amount of trust in the rumors which emerge. What observers can do is evaluate the veracity of past pronouncements from certain sources, and on that count the smart money is on Kuo and his claim that Apple will move directly to the iPhone 7 with Force Touch technology.


  • Cody Williams

    you’re right.

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    No, they didn’t. They said they’re “typically” released “around” September. Didn’t confirm that for this year. How does that “reveal” the release date? Weak reporting.

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  • Cody Williams

    They did in a round about way, they said September.

  • Justin Passing

    So how come the headline is “iPhone 7 release date revealed,” but that date is not included in the story? Weak.

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    Unless the next iteration of the iPhone brews K-Cups and serves warm wash cloths, not interested. The 6 is just about perfect.

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    I would suggest when you title your articles that you tell the truth regarding what the article is saying. I expected to find out the release date of the iPhone based on the title of your article. Instead, you merely repeated what every other article says and that is that no one knows the date. Your title of this article is false, misleading and an example of poor journalism.
    My time was wasted in reading it.

  • Tinker Bell

    So writing rumors and speculating is the way to make a few bucks nowadays?

  • rs9

    I hear for a very reliable source; that report purportedly indicates Apple’s new iPhone 7 will confuse the consumer. The consumer assuming Force Touch implies they have to push hard on the surface of the glass to engage an action, will break the unbreakable glass and in some cases some consumers will break their fingers. This will be dubbed brokenfingergate. Not to be out done, Samsung will announce they can also break fingers.

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    Apple is going to drop the iPhone name and call its next phone “Carl”.

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    I speculate to speculate that the speculators don’t know WTF they’re talking about

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    So in other words, the next increment coming in the fall as usual.

  • John E Strom Jr.

    So what is Force Touch going to do? Why is it considered such a major upgrade? That seems to be left out of everything I’ve read. Change for change sake isn’t that impressive. If there is going to be a substantive change in UI quality I’ve not heard it.

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    So your saying you don’t know anything

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