What New Features Will The iPhone 7 Embrace?

What New Features Will The iPhone 7 Embrace?
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With the Galaxy S6 now released, smartphone fans are waiting to see what Apple produces with the iPhone 7. It is not yet evident whether this smartphone will be releasing in 2015, or if Apple will delay this revolutionary handset until 2016. What is clear is that it will need an outstanding portfolio features when it does release, so here ValueWalk examines some possible new functionality that Apple could include in this flagship smartphone.


Both the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 are fitted with a build-in infrared blaster, enabling the smartphone to be utilized as a universal remote. The Korean manufacturer has even pushed this aspect of the mobile device in some of its commercials.

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Yet Apple has yet to follow suit with its own devices, and this is surely a feature which could finally be included in the iPhone 7. This would particularly make sense ahead of the continually rumored television set which Apple could bring to market in the near future.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is a relatively new smartphone technology, but it is one that is already becoming standard in the industry. The inclusion of wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 has forced Apple’s hand to a certain extent, and it may now feel obliged to include this technology in the iPhone 7. It would certainly be welcomed by Apple fans, as the battery life of the iPhone series has sometimes made its otherwise stellar smartphone a little inconvenient to utilize. Wireless charging combined with an increased battery cell would make the iPhone a much niftier device for frequent users.

iPhone 7 – waterproofing

Apple has strongly promoted the health-related functionality of the Apple Watch, and considering that the smartphone is a natural companion to the Apple Watch, some form of waterproofing in the smartphone would make sense. Many iPhones have actually been water damaged even in rainstorms, and providing significant waterproofing so that it is even possible to utilize the iPhone in a swimming situation would be very welcome in this iPhone 7 release.

Faster, and possibly Intel, processor

Apple has consistently improved the iPhone’s graphics and processing capabilities with each new iteration, and will be expected to significantly improve the processor in the iPhone 7. Additionally, there have been significant rumours in recent weeks and months that Apple may turn io Intel to produce chips for the iPhone 7. This will be particularly feasible for Apple if the iPhone 7 is delayed until 2016, as the logistics involved in altering such manufacturing could be quite complex.

With Samsung having recently begun to rely on its own proprietary Exynos technology, Apple may wish to follow suit and attempt to arm the iPhone series with more powerful processors and chipsets. Question marks have been raised over Qualcomm recently, and Apple will not wish to be left behind in this department, even though the processing speed and performance of the iPhone have always been adequate in previous devices.

Quad HD / 4K resolution

Another aspect of the iPhone 7 which Apple should consider particularly important is improving the resolution of its display. Apple is lagging well behind the market leaders in this department, with its previous range forced to rely on full HD screen for the phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus, while the iPhone 6 was not even a full HD resolution device.

With other manufacturers of mobile devices moving towards quad HD and even 4K resolution screens, it is essential for Apple to provide a more absorbing display. Smartphone users are becoming increasingly demanding in this department, and it is certainly something that can be held against the iPhone range at present.

Sapphire glass

With media report suggesting that the iPhone 6 was not the sturdiest device that Apple has ever produced, the corporation will be looking to ensure that the iPhone 7 is much more shatterproof. This will not be an easy thing to achieve, as the logistics of doing so can be extremely complex, but one aspect of the iPhone 7 which could assist this is the introduction of sapphire glass.

This was widely anticipated for the iPhone 6, but despite much analyst speculation it never materialized. Now that the Apple Watch is benefiting from the inclusion of sapphire glass in its manufacturing, it seems that Apple could now introduce this to the iPhone 7 as well. Although this would possibly increase production costs, the benefits to the durability of the iPhone 7 would seem to make it worthwhile.

Bigger screen, same body

The modern smartphone marketplace necessitates two conflicting desires; bigger screens and slimmer devices. Thus, there will be pressure on Apple to release an iPhone 7 with larger displays than the previous iteration in the series, but featuring the same sized body, and possibly even a slimmer visage.

The iPhone screen was increased in the iPhone 6, but it is notable that the device has a larger bezel compared with some new Android models, such as the LG G3. Nifty design could help eliminate this issue in the iPhone 7 and deliver a device which is even more aptly aligned with consumer expectations.

iPhone 7 camera

One of the most enticing rumors about the iPhone 7 is that Apple is about to do something spectacular with its camera. It has firstly been suggested that Apple is considering a professional quality, dual-lens snapper in the iPhone 7, or even a unique periscope design. It is also expected that optical image stabilization will be included in the smartphone-sized version of the iPhone 7 as well.

iPhone 7 must have increased battery life

Finally, the bane of every iPhone user’s existence is the puny battery life which is delivered by the smartphone. Apple must look to increase this significantly with the iPhone 7, particularly as the Apple Watch is already being criticized for delivering a disappointing battery life. A bare minimum of two days’ battery life from the iPhone 7 smartphone should be considered absolutely essential.

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