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iOS 9: Possible New Features

Before the release of the new iPhone model later this year, Apple will first release a new iOS 9 operating system. This is always an important aspect of any calendar year for Apple, as iOS is very much the foundation on which its mobile devices are built. This is, of course, as well an acclaimed piece of software, delivering a slick packages for the iPhone series which has led to it being a market-leading smartphone.

But what improvements can Apple make in iOS 9? Here are some suggestions for features that Apple fans would like to see included in the software.

iOS 9 Features:


The Android operating system certainly has its fans, and Google has worked hard to close the gap on iOS in recent years. One area that it has dealt with extremely well is that of the homescreen, which can appear a little cluttered on an iPhone. So Apple should look to improve the layout of the homescreen when iOS 9 is released.


Another criticism of iOS, and indeed Apple in general, is that it is not customizable enough. One example of this is the fact that the iOS operating system gives users very little choice in terms of themes. Apple could make a step forward with iOS 9 by offering users the opportunity to effectively wind back iOS 9 to an earlier layout of the operating system, as well as offering skins and themes with the software.

Wallpaper timers

This is a common feature of other Apple operating systems, with most people that utilize MacBooks and iMacs on a daily basis taking advantage of this function. It seems certain that iPhone users would appreciate seeing a different desktop wallpaper every day, and Apple should look to include this functionality in iOS 9.

Night Mode

We often use our smartphones in different light conditions, so the ideal operating system would react to this intelligently. It would not be difficult to make a less potently bright operating system for nighttime use, or even automatically enabling a dark mode at certain hours of the day. This could also be user-defined in order to ensure that it is convenient for each individual user. This would make applications on the iPhone considerably more user-friendly.

Guest Mode

This is a feature already included in the recent Android Lollipop release, and it is one that Apple should seriously consider including in iOS 9. Having a guest mode when people ask you to look at your phone off-the-cuff is essential, and hopefully Apple will develop this for the next iOS release.

Improved iTunes

ITunes has been criticized in recent years, and the quality of music applications on the iPhone and contained within the iOS operating system has not been universally acclaimed. With Apple previously having placed such emphasis on the music playing capabilities of its devices, this needs to improve with IOS 9.

Radio App Development

An AM / FM radio could also be included in the iOS 9 software as a matter of course. This is frequently one of the most requested elements of the IOS operating system which Apple has yet to respond to, so Apple could please a lot of consumers by introducing it with IOS 9.

Audio Without Video

Nothing drains a smartphone battery more than watching video, yet sometimes we need to hear the audio from the video without actually watching the attendant visuals. Unfortunately, this currently requires the video to run in the background on the iPhone, and this can suck the battery of the handset very rapidly. Apple should introduce a feature in iOS 9 which enables users to listen to audio from a video without watching the video itself.

Improved Siri Functionality

Siri is already a highly regarded aspect of the iOS 9 portfolio, but it would be even more useful and valuable if you could more easily interact with other applications. Apple should ensure that the Siri included in iOS 9 is more flexible than previous iterations of the operating system.

News App

Another app that is frequently requested is a news application, which would enable you to access the information currently happening in the world which is most important to you. Apple certainly has the capabilities of streaming desired content to users instantly, and this should be a major focus of iOS 9.

Split Screen Apps

Finally, there is more and more emphasis on and requirement for smartphones to multitask. With this in mind, Apple should ensure that iOS 9 supports split screen apps. Simply being able to run a one application on a smartphone at any given time no longer cuts it, and users need as many options in this area as possible.