Intel Corporation Braswell To Aid Affordable Laptops, Desktops

Intel Corporation Braswell To Aid Affordable Laptops, Desktops
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Intel announced seven new processors that will enable PC makers offer more affordable laptops and desktops. The chip maker launched the Braswell category chips manufactured using a 14nm technology, which will replace Bay Trail in the long run.

Intel serving every laptop segment

The consumer laptop market is divided into three categories: low-cost thin-and-light systems, affordable full-sized laptops that weigh around 4-5 pounds with lower resolution screens packed with decent amount of processing power, and niche Ultrabooks with mediocre CPU performance but high-resolution displays and a target weight of 2-3.5 pounds.

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The Braswell chips will serve the first segment, while mobile Broadwell will be for the second set of PCs, and the already-launched Core M is for the third one. It is expected that the Braswell processors will be available by back-to-school time this year.

Desktop processors like the G3260, Pentium G3260T, Pentium G3460T, Pentium G3470, Core i3-4170, Core i3-4170T and Core i3-4370T are priced at $64, $64, $75, $86, $117, $117 and $138 (roughly Rs.8,600) respectively, according to a report from India Today.

Other details of the chips

Also according the report, each of the chips in the mobile processor category have 15W TDP ratings and Hyper-Threading technology that allows each processor to execute two threads together.

The desktop processors released by Intel have different specifications. The four Pentium-branded processors come with two cores, Intel HD Graphics and 3MB of L2 cache, while the three Core i3 processors have two cores with Hyper-Threading. The Intel G3260 has acquired a 53W TDP rating exhibiting a strength of 3.3GHz. The Pentium G3260T has a capacity of 2.9GHz and sports a 35W TDP rating, while the Pentium G3460T has a capacity of 3GHz with a 35W TDP rating. The Pentium G3470 is clocked at 3.6GHz and has a 53W TDP rating. Among the three new Core i3 processors, the Core i3-4170, and Core i3-4170T are clocked at 3.7GHz and 3.2GHz respectively.

Intel announced Braswell in China last year with an objective to drive ahead the production of affordable Chromebooks and similar devices tagged at as little as $199. If the chipmaker is eying to keep PCs price-contained within $199, then it will have to lower the prices of its newly released processors, which are tagged somewhere near $100.

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