How To Delete Multiple Apps At Once On iPhone And iPad

How To Delete Multiple Apps At Once On iPhone And iPad
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Apple’s App Store comes with many free and pay apps, and this means that we can install and try out many different apps. We always have different choices and can install so many apps that we forget to use them even one time. The problem is not in installing numerous apps, but in finding the one app that you ‘actually’ want to use, because you’ll then have to carefully search through your home screen.

Now, you can delete all these apps you don’t want one by one, or you can use a cool new trick to get rid of them all at once, but only if you are running a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Here’s how you do it:

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Removing multiple apps at once on iOS 8

Step 1: Download and install MultiDelete from the Cydia store. This is a free Cydia tweak, and a very useful one.

Step 2: Once installed, a new panel will be added in the Settings app. From here, you can enable or disable this tweak. Ensure that it’s toggle to the ON position.

Step 3: To delete multiple apps, just tap and hold an app until all the apps start wiggling. Tap on the middle of the apps to select all apps that you want to delete at once.

Step 4: Now when you want to delete all those apps, just tap on the default X button on any of the selected apps. You will now get a confirmation message, where you need to tap on the Delete button again. Once you do this all the selected apps will be permanently deleted.

So go ahead and try out MultiDelete, especially if you are someone that loves to try out different apps and then forgets to delete them.

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