Hitler Wouldn’t Like This: Russia Unveil Its New Tank

Hitler Wouldn’t Like This: Russia Unveil Its New Tank
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Remember Hitler? Russia beat him with its tanks and now it has unveiled its brand new cutting-edge tank to be presented during the World War 2 victory celebrations on May 9.

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The pictures of the then-mysterious tank, called Armata T-14, leaked on the Internet over a month ago. It was captured being transported to the Alabino range near Moscow for training ahead of the May 9 parade.

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However, now it would make no sense to keep this tank in a secret. The Russian defense ministry has recently posted pictures of the brand new military hardware, taken during a rehearsal, as if saying: “See, what we’ve got? And what do YOU have?”

This Russian beast features a new generation 125mm extended-length smoothbore cannon – the 2A82-1M, which is capable of shooting at both guided missiles and shells. Pretty impressive, huh? Don’t stop reading though. The new Armata tank reportedly features the most powerful gun ever carried by a battle tank, a specially designed 152mm cannon.

The T-14 armored tracked platform is able to host a fifth generation conventional land tank, artillery, heavy armored personnel carrier, and a missile launcher as well as a fully robotic armored vehicle. The gun will also be able to fire laser-guided missiles with a tandem anti-tank warhead out to 5,000 meters.

Furthermore, the tank can seat two members of a crew and offers better protection than any other tank as the crew will be inside a shatterproof chamber, away from the main gun, the BBC reported.

Russia Orders 2,300 of these Tanks: Preparing for a War?

After five years of development, the Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation finished the first batch of new Armata T-14 tanks, which have been included in Russia’s 2015 defense order with 2,300 units to replace its Soviet-era tanks and satisfy the military’s demand. To prove the tank’s uniqueness, the developers reportedly said that the tank requires less than a minute to transfer the information to the weapons crew in order to eliminate the target.

“There is such a thing as reaction time. For American and German tanks it’s three to four seconds. For old Russian tanks it’s five to six seconds,” Konstantin Sivkov, a Russian military analyst and former general staff officer, told RT news. “The new Armata tanks will have a quicker reaction time, most likely on par with the American and German machines.” Now bad for a military competition, isn’t it? The T-14 Armata tank gives the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation an equal tank of the proven US M1 A2 Abrams in a future conflict. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of Armata’s gun is greater than the world’s best tank gun, the Rheinmetall 120 mm gun mounted on the German Leopard 2.

Another Russia’s Intimidating Military Creation: Kornet-D missile systems

The Soviet Union’s 1945 victory over the Nazi Germany parade will feature Russia’s newest and most intimidating military developments – like advanced Kurganets 25 and Bumerang tracked armored vehicles, Taifun-U armored cars, Coalitsia-SV self-propelled artillery pieces, multi-purpose armored vehicle, Rakushka, mobile missile launch system Yars and Kornet-D missile systems. Take the Kornet-D, for example. It is yet another Russian intimidation card. It’s an upgraded version of the Kornet anti-tank system that was adopted in 2009. On top of having an optical electronic system with a remote-controlled heat-seeking scope, it is equipped with HD TV cameras and a laser-beam channel for missile control. The beast can easily hit one target with two missiles and pierce 1,300-mm armor, as RT reported.

According to Russia’s defense minister, the annual event will be expanded this year to include 15,000 troops, cadets and Cossacks.

Leaders of North Korea and Russia have Plans for May 9?

However, not all the country leaders are eager to witness this big Russian beast with their own eyes. Russia sent dozens of invitations to other country leaders, but most of them declined the offer due to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its support of rebels in eastern Ukraine. And as of today, at least 25 states have agreed to attend the event. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend the 9 May parade, but will visit the following day. As for China and North Korea – their leaders are among those who accepted the invitation. In fact, for the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, it will be the first foreign trip since taking over as supreme leader of the scandalous and isolated country from his father, Kim Jong Il, who last visited Russia in 2011, just a few months before he died. Furthermore, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are reportedly planning to meet as part of the visit. However, there were no news as to what might be discussed during the meeting. A new military cooperation deal? Building crazy plans of how to take over the world?

Ukraine Prepares for Russia’s Attack on May 9

Such developments couldn’t leave the neighboring counties, particularly Ukraine, calm. Ukraine is taking safety measures to be ready for any attack by the Russian-backed separatists or Russian agents during May 8-9 celebrations of victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, which usually bring thousands of people on to the streets. “We are fighting a state which has planned dozens of terrorist acts and we must do all we can to head them off. Social, political and ideological detribalization – that’s the aim of Russia.” Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said. Yatseniuk also said that Russia was spending a lot of money on financing terrorist networks to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. As part of the measures, Ukraine is planning to get tens of thousands of police to guard the most probable locations of the attacks, top security officials said on Tuesday.

Taking pride of its cutting-edge military creation, Armata T-14, could Russia attack the remaining territory of Ukraine during the World War 2 victory celebrations on May 9 and thus begin the World War 3?

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