Greeks Are Acting ‘Like A Taxi Driver’: Eurozone Officials

Greeks are acting ‘like a taxi driver’

Greece locked horns with its international creditors again yesterday in increasingly bad-tempered talks over bailout funds after Eurozone officials accused Athens of acting “like a taxi driver”. German press reports said Eurozone officials were shocked at Greece’s stance in the talks over securing the €7.2bn (£5.2bn) funds needed to avert bankruptcy, simply “asking for money” in…

Dan Loeb’s Third Point Re To Merge After Years Of Losses

Nestle Dan Loeb Daniel Loeb third point capital hedge fund manager activist investor poison pen activism Yahoo corporate governance famous investorsLast week, Third Point Re insurance, which is backed by US hedge-fund manager Daniel Loeb, said it would merge with Sirius International Insurance Group in a cash-and-stock deal worth around $788 million. The deal comes at a pivotal time for both companies. Third Point Re To Merge After Years Of Losses Early last year, reports Read More