GoPro User Turns ‘Boring Office Job’ Into An Epic Commercial

GoPro User Turns ‘Boring Office Job’ Into An Epic Commercial
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GoPro fans are used to watching extreme sports videos and sometimes an amazing spacewalk by NASA scientists. Then there are millions of people stuck in an office job. But even a boring office job can give you instant Internet popularity. YouTube user Braziliandanny strapped his GoPro to work and made a short film. The YouTuber documented an average day at the office.

Braziliandanny was not paid by GoPro

The video has since gone viral. In less than 24 hours, it has received more than one million views on YouTube. Braziliandanny also submitted it on Reddit, where the thread has got about 2,000 comments and the video has over 4,500 upvotes. The YouTuber said the camera was mostly placed on his chest, though he used a small stand for some shots and fixed it on his head for some others.

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The GoPro video shows the user printing documents, sealing envelopes, stapling papers, filling out Post-It notes, and even using his smartphone in the office bathroom. It has everything – a bumping soundtrack, quick cuts, and unique angles – except for the extreme. The video was first spotted by Adweek. The YouTuber said he had made a new GoPro commercial, though he mentioned several times on Reddit that he was not paid by the San Mateo-based company.

The video makes a point about office life

Braziliandanny said he worked at a real estate firm. He was able to shoot the “boring office job” video because most people are out with clients. He had to wait till it was quiet to capture the bathroom/kitchen/printer footage. He said, “My worst fear was walking into the bathroom with a gopro [sic] on my chest and seeing someone at the urinal like WTF dude?”

The video features no dialogue and no people except the creator. It does make a point about the modern workplace and the isolating effects of the office life. Such fun-filled videos give GoPro free publicity, and have helped the company build its brand.

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