Apple’s New Gold MacBook Already Sold Out

Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook is now available for preorder, and it’s already a big seller. The gold version of the MacBook has already sold out. Customers who purchased the laptop in the novelty hue will have to wait three to four weeks for shipping. Customers who purchase the computer in space gray or silver will have to wait one to three days for shipping.

New MacBook’s notable highlights

The new 12-inch MacBook with Retina features a Force Touch trackpad enabling a wide range of gestures. It also has a super thin body that is 0.31mm thick, or about half an inch. It also boasts a thinner keyboard with larger keys in a butterfly design for a stabilized experience. Last, but not least, it also features a low-power Core M processor and USB-C port.

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Apple’s latest MacBook is quite a feat for the tech giant. The USB-C port is used to power the device. Apple had to make a few notable sacrifices in the name of design for the new MacBook. The company had to re-imagine the design, fitting in the keyboard, trackpad and internal components. Since this is the thinnest and lightest notebook, Apple also had to consider fitting ports into the device. It also happens to be the smallest laptop with Retina display.

A few downsides with the new MacBook

A potential downside with the new MacBook is the minimal number of ports. Other than the previously mentioned USB-C port, it also includes the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. There is no SD card slot or full-sized USB sockets, which some may find limiting.

If anything is evident with Apple’s latest product, it is that the company wanted to create a new laptop that offers the same features as the original MacBook Air, only a more portable version. This computer is ideal for those who want something light and more portable but those who want a speedier processor should opt for another MacBook.