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Now You Get A Gold Apple Watch For Just $399

The Apple Watch is perhaps the most diverse product ever created in the company’s history, at least in terms of pricing. The wearable comes in three models, including the Watch Sport and Watch Edition, the latter of which is the most expensive. Some Apple fans have champagne tastes on a beer budget as they can’t afford the most expensive watch in the market: the Apple Watch Edition in Gold. But this convenient little hack could change all that.

How to make the Apple Watch Sport look more expensive

Popular tech vlogger Casey Neistat recently shared a useful video clip of a hack that can instantly transform the watch. He showed how gold spray paint gives the Watch Sport an instant makeover. Not surprisingly, his video went viral over the weekend and accrued nearly 1.5 million views. Neistat’s DIY trick sounds like a fun and affordable way to get the gold look for less.

In other Apple Watch-related news, the Cupertino-based tech giant recently boasted that it now has over 3,500 apps for the wearable. Apple CEO Tim Cook shared the news during Monday’s earnings call. This number is very impressive considering the iPad had a total of 1,000 apps at launch, and the iPhone had just 500.

Tim Cook talks about surpassing a major goal

Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch officially launched in stores on Friday, but developers have been able to submit apps for approval since March. The tech giant first introduced the wearable to the public last year, and it made the watch kit tools and iOS 8.2 beta available by November. At yesterday’s briefing, Cook explained that his company had an internal goal of surpassing the 1,000 iPad app start, and they successfully reached it.

iOS software is the key to selling the Apple Watch. People buy Apple products for the prolific number of apps that transform the device, and the watch is no exception. The Apple Watch is so much more than just a watch; it is a useful companion to the iPhone and a stylish timepiece.