Galaxy S6 Test: Watch A Tesla Motors Inc Model S Run It Over

Galaxy S6 Test: Watch A Tesla Motors Inc Model S Run It Over
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Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 was tested for endurance in an experiment involving the phone getting run over by a Tesla Model S. Previously, the handset was subjected to a drop test in which it was thrown down from a platform 10 feet high. Another similar operation led to the phone malfunctioning after it was allowed to fall from a professional drop machine.

Galaxy S6 trampled by Tesla Model S

In this latest experiment, also put up on YouTube, the 2014 model of Tesla’s Model S was driven over the Galaxy S6 phone. This resulted in the back glass of the phone getting severely damaged by the 4,647-pound car. However, the front side did not sustain any major impairment and was still functional after the event. Following this, the Samsung S6 was again trampled a couple of additional times by the Model S to destroy it.

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Eventually, after this final test, the phone’s back glass was shattered, and the front screen was rendered useless. But interestingly, the bottom capacitive buttons were still found to be working. This suggested that, in spite of all the torture, the phone could be used if one ended up substituting both the front and back glasses.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, best Android phones

Lately, Samsung released two new models of its Galaxy series: the S6 and S6 Edge. With these latest gadgets, the company seems to have taken care of the criticism concerning the design of its handsets. The outer bodies of the S6 and S6 Edge consist of metal frames and glass, both on the front and back sides. In addition, the S6 is 6.8mm thick and weighs 138 gms, while the S6 Edge is 7.7mm thin and weighs 6g less than the S6.

According to reviews by Joanne Stern of The Wall Street Journal, the company’s effort in making a good phone has finally come to fruition. She further adds, “The Galaxy S6 is a stunning device that is as equally pleasing to hold as it is to look at.” Moreover, experts have commended the company for the display quality of the 6 phones, claiming that the phone screen quite effectively merges the best of both AMOLED and LCD screen technology.

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