Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Tests Reveal An Impressive Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S5webandi / Pixabay

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have hit the store shelves. And now some reviewers are testing the phones’ batteries in real life conditions. A small section of Samsung fans had criticized the Korean company for making the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge batteries non-removable. Nirave Gondhia of Android Authority received his Galaxy S6 Edge on Friday and has published a report on the phone’s battery life in the first 24 hours.

Note 4 offers better battery life than Galaxy S6 Edge?

On its first full charge, the S6 Edge delivered 14 hours and 11 minutes of battery life. It included 3 hours and 7 minutes of ‘screen- on time’, including one hour and 59 minutes with full brightness. The screen consumed 25% of the total battery. Gondhia’s usage included 36 minutes of gaming, one hour and 11 minutes of video streaming, and 28 minutes of phone calls.

Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life

Nirave Gondhia notes that the screen, Facebook and Twitter sucked 25%, 15% and 11% battery, respectively. Of course, a phone’s battery life depends on each person’s usage behavior. But Gondhia said that his Galaxy Note 4 running Android Lollipop offered more than 18 hours of battery life with the same usage behavior, compared to just 14 hours for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

First 10% of Galaxy S6 Edge battery drains quickly

He said that the first 10% of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery drains quickly before leveling off. Many other users have also reported similar issues. Maybe it’s because the device is new. Meanwhile, GSMArena has also conducted exhaustive Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge battery life tests. They tested the phones on a variety of parameters such as 3G calling, video playback, web browsing, and stand-by endurance.

GSMArena said that both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge last three full days if you do one hour each of web browsing, video playback and 3G calling per day. Using other features may reduce battery life further. For instance, turning on the Night Clock feature draws 2-3% more battery per night compared to the stand-by battery usage.

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