Facebook Plans ‘Scrapbook’ To Help Parents Store Baby Pics In One Place

Facebook will soon release a new feature called ‘Scrapbook’ that will allow parents to create a portfolio of photographs of their kids. Scrapbook will serve as a one spot location for parents to store the photographs of their newborns, toddlers and older kids.

Facebook Plans ‘Scrapbook' To Help Parents Store Baby Pics In One Place

What inspired Scrapbook?

Until now, parents have been tagging photos that feature their kids. This trend was noticed by Facebook, and to offer a simple way to accomplish the organizing of photos, the social networker came up with Scrapbook. The entire process from storing to viewing photographs has been made simpler with the help of Scrapbook.

To set up a Scrapbook for their child, all that parents need to do is log into Facebook and visit the section named Family and relationships. The scrapbook for a child only be made by his or her parents and no one else. Other partners will be allowed to change the privacy settings and add photos to the Scrapbook only if their profiles have been linked via the relationship status section of Facebook. How divorced families are going to manage Scrapbooks is a question that needs to be answered as things could get awkward for them.

Facebook makes it easier for parents

Once the required changes have been made, Facebook will quickly scan through the tagged photographs of both the parents to give parents a quick results on the photos of their kids. Once the Scrapbook is created, it becomes a special collection of the photos of the kids from other existing albums. The new Facebook feature even allows parents to tag their kids in other people’s photos. parents will also be notified if the privacy settings of those photos are changed. The choice of keeping the album private or sharing it with the public or with friends and family rests entirely with the parents.

“We’re starting to pilot an optional way for you to organize photos of your child, using a special tag you choose to create,” says a Facebook blog post. As of now, Scrapbook has been made available in the U.S. on the web and on iOS and Android mobile systems.