Can You Learn To Be Creative? Here Are Some Books On Creativity To Help

Can You Learn To Be Creative? Here Are Some Books On Creativity To Help
jarmoluk / Pixabay

Do musicians, artists, writers and business innovators have something you don’t have?  Is creativity something you are born with or is it a skill you can learn?

Gerard Puccio, who chairs the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College, the first department of its kind, believes not only can you learn creativity, but that you had better. He argues that being creative is not a luxury; it is essential to surviving in today’s business world.

The idea for the department, which offers the world’s only Master of Science degree in creativity, has its roots in the innovative ideas of Alex Osborn, the mid-20th Century New York advertising executive who is the inspiration for the Sterling Cooper character in TV’s Mad Men. Osborn is credited with popularizing brainstorming, his way of provoking creative thinking.

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One of the ways Puccio teaches creativity is by asking students to make a connection between a random object and a problem. The exercise (which is similar to several theater wa