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Beyoncé Wears Gold Apple Watch That Isn’t Available For Sale

One of the numerous benefits of being a major celebrity is receiving gifts and getting access to special items that the average person will never see. In this category, international pop star Beyonce was recently spotted wearing an Apple Watch with a solid gold link bracelet. Apple’s online store does not carry that style.

Beyonce’s mysterious Apple Watch

Beyonce’s pictures on her website provide the only proof the style exists, but she isn’t the only person spotted wearing the device. Another high-profile celebrity spotted wearing the same watch was Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. The fashion designer/creative director was spotted wearing the Apple Edition Watch with a gold link bracelet that looks identical to the link bracelets in silver and space black.

The images point toward the possibility the watches are coming directly from Apple. However, the watches seen on celebrities are not available for purchase. It’s not available as a part of the Edition version starting at $10,000. After a careful review, it seems the Edition Watch cannot be ordered with a metal bracelet. The classic and modern leather bands available for Edition feature 18-karat gold clasps/buckles. The most costly version of this version tops out at $17,000.

Special Apple Watch may have been a gift

It is difficult to imagine the final price of replacing the red modern buckle band with a solid gold link bracelet. The watch band would be worth far more than the watch itself. Chris Ziegler from The Verge suggested the ultra-luxe (and ultra-expensive) version of the watch was made exclusively for the wealthiest Apple customers. Another possibility is that Apple is gifting these watches to a handful of VIPs. Companies love to send gifts to celebrities as a marketing move because consumers tend to purchase products their favorite celebrities use. It would make sense if Apple sent luxury watches to high-profile celebrities to promote the new watch.

via: 9to5Mac