Apple Watch Wateproof Test [VIDEO]

The Apple Watch is now available to the public, and some people already are putting the device to the test. One of those tests involves checking the watch’s water resistance level. Everyone already knows the new smartwatch features a water resistance rating of IPX-7.

Apple Watch’s water-resistant design

Apple further explained the smartwatch is splash and water-resistant but not waterproof. People can wear the watch during exercise or rain. Is not recommended to submerge the wearable into the water. Some people are still testing the claims for themselves. A recent video from FoneFox surfaced on the internet; it shows the watch being worn in the shower and pool.

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The device first received a light shower, then a full shower complete with soap. After the showers, the watch was then wiped down, and the screen was still fully responsive. They submerged the watch in a bucket filled with water for five minutes. After that, it was worn in the swimming pool for fifteen minutes. Although the screen didn’t respond when underwater, it came out with no visible damage. The Digital Crown still works underwater, enabling users to zoom in and out of apps while swimming.

The reason Apple gave the watch a rating of IPX-7 was obvious. Most people wear the watch everywhere, even in the shower. Designing a watch for everyday wear is crucial, and Apple designed a winner.

Apple Watch design is limited

Despite all the exciting advancements and technology, not everyone has an optimistic view of the Apple Watch. iFixIt, a popular blog that does teardowns of new products, recently discovered the new smartwatch cannot be upgraded beyond the battery and screen. The website explained that once the watch is opened up, taking out the battery is easy, but the overall construction of the device limits repair options. They hoped to confirm rumors of upgradable internals, but that just isn’t the case. The internal System in Package is sealed in resin and held in place by glue.