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Apple Watch Blend Test [VIDEO]

Kitchen appliance maker BlendTec has been known to make YouTube videos called “Will it blend?” to market their blenders. The company uses these videos to destroy just about anything in efforts to prove the power of its products. One of the company’s most recent videos involved the destruction of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch in a blender

The video shows BlendTec’s founder clad in a white lab coat. He speaks to a snappier version of Siri, saying that he has blended just about everything Apple made. Siri then said it was both inspiring and disturbing. Judging by the video, it is difficult to determine how much time the Apple Watch spent inside the blender. The watch appeared to hold up well at first, but it eventually lost its form.

This destruction video was not the only torture test the Apple Watch had to endure. Someone else threw it from the top of a skyscraper, and another person smashed it with mallets and baseball bats.

Problems with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is still very new, and overall public opinion is still in the process of being determined. Those who have already obtained the wearable often find themselves frustrated that the device is too simple, and much of that is attributed to its battery life.

BGR’s Chris Smith explained that his problem isn’t having to charge the battery every day as he already does that with other gadgets. The watch is the most personal device to date, and it needs to be worn all the time to enjoy all the benefits. The watch still needs to be charged every day for a few hours, and every Apple Watch owner needs to find the perfect time of the day to charge the wearable. If the watch owner takes it off during the day, they will have to go without for 2.5 hours. If they charge it at night, they risk missing the alarm or sleep tracking app.