The Best Apps For The Apple Watch

The Best Apps For The Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch finally available on pre-order this week, ValueWalk looks at some of the best apps for the Apple smartwatch. The consumer electronics giant had originally made its WatchKit software available in November of last year, and since then the usual raft of third-party developers have been working hard to produce absorbing applications and software for the new Apple Watch. So here is a rundown of some of the best that will be available when the Apple Watch hits the stores on April 24.

Best Opening Day Apps For The Apple Watch


Certainly one of the most controversial applications in the world, but also a hugely successful app. The taxi ordering app Uber makes its debut on Apple Watch, and will make hailing a cab considerably easier than it has been traditionally.

With Uber and the Apple Watch in tandem, one can forget about needing to access an ATM.

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With Apple strongly pushing the health-related functionality of the Apple Watch, atn app such as Strava will be hugely welcomed by the consumer electronics behemoth.

Strava enables the Apple Watch to collaborate with the iPhone to record your average speed, distance travelled and a variety of preset goals during a workout.


Another app with lifestyle implications, Lifesum makes it easy for the bon viveur to keep a handle on the amount of food and drink (s)he has consumed. Lifesum enables you to keep a record of the proportion of food and water that you have consumed relative to the amount of exercise that you have undertaken. This is an app that has the potential to depress people(!), but it is also genuinely useful.


Another health tracking app which features some nifty goal-setting features. RunKeeper enables you to set limits on the distance that you walk or run for. Users also define the amount of time that the workout will last for, in order to provide a flexible package that helps you track and reach your fitness goals.


Another app which emphasises the importance of productivity, CommitTo3 allows users to set three important task for the day, and then assign peers to help the user complete than collectively. CommitTo3 Will provide reminders and notifications throughout the day in order to incentivize users to complete activities. One can see this being rather irritating, but it is also an efficient way of ensuring that menial tasks get completed.


In the busy lives that we all lead nowadays, the notion of managing our schedules more efficiently is an attractive prospect. This is what Evernote purports to do, enabling you to dictate notes throughout the day, sift through content added to the application, and conveniently read notes on your iPhone.

This is another example of the collaborative power that the Apple Watch has with the iPhone. This is likely to be a feature of the smartwatch which is both praised and criticized.

Mint Personal Finance

The Mint Person Finance app will enable you to balance your finances more successfully. The application places a particular emphasis on ensuring that you do not sink further into debt, and it continually updates you during the week with notifications regarding the amount of money that you had left to spend. This is another very customizable and useful app that will unquestionably find favour with the thrifty among us.

The Best Apps For The Apple Watch


There is no doubt that Twitter will become one of the most popular applications on the Apple Watch extremely rapidly.


It could be argued that the Apple Watch is specifically aimed at the millennial Twitter generation, and one can only imagine the billions of tweets that will be sent via the Apple Watch in a matter of weeks.


Apple Watch also has the potential to work your brain as well as your body, as proved by the Rules! app. Rules! Provides 10 different stages of brainteasers, and also gives you a detailed breakdown of your progress so that you can measure how well your mind is functioning.


Target turns the Apple Watch into a sophisticated and mobile shopping list. Not only does it enable you to engage in a massive customization of shopping lists, it will also notify you of what items you actually need while you are in a store.

American Airlines

Travel companies are already targeting wearable devices, and one company that will have an app up on the opening day of release of the Apple Watch is American airlines. Smartwatch apps will become an increasing part of the airport experience in the future.

But for the time being American Airlines has already developed an app which enables you to receive a notification when its time for you to leave for the airport. You can also check in via the Apple Watch and view a map with the time waiting until arrival during your flight. Baggage claim activation details are also available.

The Best Apps For The Apple Watch

Nike+ Running

The biggest seller of athletic clothing in the world is also getting in on the health-related functionality of the Apple Watch from day one with this app. The Nike+ Running app puts your distance, duration, and pace right on your Apple Watch.

This is thought to be an application that will particularly appeal to serious athletes.

BMW iRemote

The Apple Watch also provides functionality related to cars, with BMW getting in on the ground floor with this smartwatch. With the BMW iRemote it is possible to receive a notification when a car is fully charged, while checking range, door-lock status, service reminders, and more besides is also possible.


Finally, if you ever got lost in a city at a rather inopportune moment then Citymapper is the app for you. This is a complete guide to public transit within a given urban area, providing Apple Watch owners with the fastest route to wherever they need to traverse. Citymapper provides step-by-step instructions for catching the nearest bus or train, and just generally makes the process of getting round the city considerably less laborious.

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