Apple Inc. May Introduce Updated iPod Touch In 2015

Apple’s latest rumor involves a forgotten but still relevant device. Apple purportedly will introduce an updated iPod Touch later on this year. In a report citing sources close to the matter, Apple Insider claims the media player is set to get a refresh. The update may include camera and processor improvements.

iPod Touch may get update

The last iPod Touch update was in late 2012. It featured an ultra-thin body with a colorful plastic backside, an A5 processor and lightening connector. Unfortunately, overall sales of the iPod have declined significantly in the past few years as more people replace MP3 players with smartphones. As a result, the iPhone maker no longer shares iPod sales for quarterly results.

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The new report indicates the Apple Watch may feature a 64-bit A7 processor, more internal storage and improved cameras. It could include support for Apple Pay with Touch ID and locked-down NFC capabilities. Since Apple acquired the Beats Music streaming service last year, it would make sense if the company found a way to include Beats-related features.

Apple’s iPod Touch upgrade remains a rumor

The report is just speculation, and there is not a way to see if Apple has an updated iPod Touch in the works. Fans will have to wait and see if this rumor is true. There is the possibility Apple could introduce an updated entertainment player alongside the new iPhone in October. The company typically holds events in the latter part of the year where it introduces new products. Apple usually updates the iPhone and iPad every year, two of its top-selling products. The iPod Touch isn’t nearly as popular as it once was, so there is a possibility Apple could quietly launch the product via a website update or press release.

An updated iPod would be a huge win for iPod fans who still enjoy storing their music collection on a portable MP3 device.