Apple Inc. Hopes Customers Will Purchase Apple Watch Online

Apple Inc. Hopes Customers Will Purchase Apple Watch Online
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Those who want to purchase the Apple Watch but don’t live near an Apple retail store will be relieved to know they can purchase the smartwatch online.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of the retail division, recently sent out a memo to company staff indicating that the device may be sold online. The memo explained how the store app will make it easier for customers to purchase the upcoming watch and new MacBook. It will give customers a sense of power as they will know when their products will arrive.

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Apple encourages customers to shop online

The note adds that it is a significant change, and the company needs to make it happen. She reminded staff to inform customers of better availability online. This change is an interesting move considering how Apple previously encouraged people to shop at stores. Pre-orders for the device start this Friday, and the device goes on sale April 24.

Business Insider was the first to uncover the memo. Their source also claimed store pickup options for online shoppers will be heavily discouraged. It won’t even be an option for online shoppers in the United Kingdom. The limited number of watches in-store may be the reason why the tech giant encourages online purchases.

Employees get sweet discounts on Apple Watch

In other Apple Watch-related news, company employees get a nice discount on the upcoming device. CEO Tim Cook sent employees a note thanking them for all the hard work they did for the Apple Watch. He also announced that employees will receive a discount on the smartwatch as well. The discount includes 50% off any stainless steel or Watch Sport. Those who want the Watch Edition will appreciate the $550 discount, which is the maximum markdown offered to employees.

The employee discounts are very generous, and it certainly shows just how much Apple appreciates its employees.

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