Amazon Dash Button: One Touch Ordering In The Home

Amazon’s next move in the “Internet of Things” is a button which allows you to order household essentials that can be placed anywhere in the house. The WiFi-enabled ordering device orders specific goods directly after you touch the button, writes Rhiannon Williams for The Telegraph.

The Internet of Things takes another step forward

The Amazon Dash Button is around the same size as a doorbell button, and covered in branding which shows what will be ordered when you push it. If the scheme takes off, your home could be covered in branded buttons which enable you to order coffee, printer ink and washing powder when supplies run low.

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Amazon is also working on a Dash Replenishment Service, which enables connected devices such as washing machines, printers or water filter jugs to automatically order refills from the site when they run out of supplies. Internet connected fridges were supposed to be able to perform the same function, and may soon deliver on their promise.

An interesting feature of the Dash Button is that it does not display the price of the product you are buying, and the fact that it is brand-specific means that you don’t have the opportunity to shop around for a better deal.

Amazon partners with household brands

They are certainly convenient though, and able to be stuck or hung in easy-to-reach places like on your washing machine or next to your toilet. If you get low on laundry soap or toilet roll, simply press the button to order your next Amazon delivery.

Partnerships are already in place with well-known household brands such as Bounty, Gillette and Tide to create the buttons. Amazon Prime members in the U.S. will be able to order three of the Dash Buttons for free, and email invitations to join the scheme have already been sent.

In order to mitigate for accidental orders placed by pets, children or human error, Amazon says that orders can be cancelled within 30 minutes, and only one order will be processed at a time so you won’t end up with 100 rolls of toilet roll if you push the button multiple times.