Zynga Inc Begins Android Closed Beta Testing for Empires & Allies

Zynga Inc Begins Android Closed Beta Testing for Empires & Allies

Zynga Inc’s upcoming mobile game Empires & Allies is now live for Android closed beta users before the game is officially released. The application process for Android users is underway.

Is Android location locked like iOS closed beta?

It has been a while since the iOS closed beta commenced, which was location locked. Now, with the advent of Android closed beta, there are concerns over it being location specific. According to Droid Gamers, android closed beta is not going to be restricted to just a few specific geographical regions.

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Even if it is location-locked, it is expected to be available in the same places as iOS, which are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Sweden, the Netherlands, Philippines, India and Costa Rica. However, since no information is available in this respect, all interested parties should go ahead and sign-up for the closed beta.

Furthermore, the actual date for the release of the game has not been confirmed. It is expected to possess optional IAPs as per the business model of Zynga, claims a report from Droid Gamers.

What’s new from Zynga this time?

This game features a base-building strategy and includes a more active real-time component offering a familiar military gameplay. Empires & Allies is a mobile MMORTS game, so alliances and friends lists, as well as fighting other players are all part of the action. In addition, the game also facilitates users with a multiplayer option, and is expected to be available for free next year.

Moreover, in the game, similar to the other games of this type, players will be building and upgrading their bases using different structures. Along with this, the players will be researching different technologies, and as one advances through the building and researching, new unit types are unlocked along with different upgrades available for them. Also, later stages in the game feature availability of new abilities and weaponry to aid in combat.

Last month, Zynga unveiled the first look at the game, which was announced back in December. For Android gamers and fans, here is the link where they can sign up for Empires & Allies beta play.

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