Why Putin Isn’t on ‘Forbes’ Billionaires List


Why Putin Isn’t on ‘Forbes’ Billionaires List

Forbes released its annual list of the world’s wealthiest people on Monday. The 29th annual ranking found 1,826 billionaires worth a total of $7.05 trillion, but one person about whose wealth many have long speculated, Russian president Vladimir Putin, was notably absent. Forbes is transparent about its methodology: “We value individuals’ assets–including stakes in public and…

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  1. That’s funny considering Russia is responsible for the downing of an airliner and the murder of everyone on board just last year.

  2. If Putin cared about his country, then why are all of the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure all falling apart? The country is literally being looted by the Russian kleptocracy led by Czar Putin. Why do you think Putin feels the need to control what the media reports? If the Russian people understood what was going on, they would have thrown out their leaders long ago. Russia is just as poor now as it was 15 years ago, the only difference is the Russian people don’t realize it.

  3. Have people ever thought that Putin maybe actually loves his country? Have people ever thought Putin is not in it for the money? I see Putin as he only cares about Russia and the Russian people. Is that a bad thing though?

  4. Why don’t we talk about the Rothchilds bank accounts and how many wars they funded, companies they own..etc. Putin has nothing on these guys.

  5. An act of all the wars that was funded by the Rothchilds is NOT A PLUNDER? WHAT? That is ill gotten gain. They own 50% of the corporations and charge excess amounts of money to the public. THATS PLUNDERING

  6. Not really. “Plundered” is not really a correct term for big-time capitalist bankers. They acted within the laws of the land at the time, or close enough to it (given that monopolies were legal). “Plundered” would be a term you use for ill-gotten gain (read: steal) that dictators or highly powerful elected officials use to “plunder” the wealth of a country they are supposed to look out for.

  7. not one article about the Rothchilds/Rockefellers/JP Morgan (worth TRILLIONS) and how they plundered trillions of dollars over 100 years..not one. Don’t you people think that is BIZARRE?

  8. What a shame that Western media cannot find those Putin assets and add them to their (phony) list of villainous Putin activities. It is terrible for Western governments to have been responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people, including children, over the past 25 years and have no one they can prove to have done more evil.

  9. Yup, Russia took back their country from the Banksters. That’s why there have been seven assassination attempts on Putin’s life. But let’s talk about what Browder sucked off Russia, and let’s talk about HIS Swiss Bank Account, eh?

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