Twitter Inc Adds New Analytics Homepage To Improve Tracking

Twitter DM

Twitter has launched a new “Accounts home” page (in addition to the existing analytics section), which provides a user with elaborate information about their day-to-day online activities encompassing their top tweets, mentions and followers. Further, the page reflects current “media tweets,” and tweets that have attached images or videos as well.

One feature, many benefits

Besides being considerably informative, the new webpage displays the notifications in an attractive and straightforward manner. For instance, if you have a lot of green numbers and arrows pointing upward, then it signifies that your popularity on the platform is growing.

Along with this, the analytics page offers a variety of the usual data that one would expect to see, such as his/her impressions, the number of times one has tweeted, or the number of times one’s tweet appears in users’ timelines or in search results. The page also shows the number of times one’s profile has been visited, the number of times one’s username gets mentioned in a tweet, how many new followers one has gained and how many times tweets get linked to one’s profile.

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Further, if someone happens to dislike this newly designed avatar from Twitter, for any reason whatsoever, users can still access their “tweet activity dashboard,” the previous address for, by clicking on the “tweets” tab present between “Home” and “Followers” in the header section of the Twitter homepage.

Twitter brings more for advertisers

In addition, all such information is categorized into a section that gets updated every month, so if one scrolls down the page, he/she can get a whole briefing of previously posted major tweets. Moreover, it even guides a user on enhancing his/her social media strategies to become even more popular on Twitter.

Moreover, Twitter has aided advertisers by simplifying the “quick promote” option on the Twitter profile page. The quick promote service was introduced about a month ago, allowing users to select and promote their tweets after having paid for the service. So basically all you have to do is choose your best-performing tweet, according to your budget, and watch your analytics go greener and your business prosper.

The “Accounts home” page from Twitter is available for use to all advertisers, however, the “quick promote” option is expected to go online for small-business advertisers in the near future.