Top Brands Opting For Instagram Instead Of Facebook [STUDY]

Top Brands Opting For Instagram Instead Of Facebook [STUDY]
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Has social media giant Facebook lost its cool factor yet? A new report surfaced indicating that top brands are opting to post on Instagram over Facebook.

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The study comes from New York-based research company L2. As more teens leave Facebook for exclusively mobile-based apps like Instagram and Snapchat, big name companies are following suit to keep up with the desirable market. Top brands vying for the youth market include beauty brands, consumer electronics and apparel brands.

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Instagram trumps Facebook for young people

It also helps that many top brands see a more significant influence rate with Instagram than they do with Facebook. Forrester reports per follower engagement of 58 times higher than Facebook posts and 120 times higher than Twitter posts. Just last year, Facebook modified its advertising policies, which decreased the presence of promotional content in user feeds. Fortunately, Facebook owns social image sharing app Instagram, so the company is not losing any money for this advertising shift.

L2 added cult beauty companies like MAC, Urban Decay, and Nyx to tap into their fan bases on Instagram. Luxury cosmetic brands like Estee Lauder and Proactiv prefer to use celebrity influencers to market their products.

Facebook aims to improve social media apps

In other Facebook-related news, a new report surfaced about the website’s plans to dominate future social media. The company understands the growth of social-based apps, and it wants to be a part of the tech revolution. Facebook currently owns two of the most popular social messaging apps on the market: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The tech giant acquired the former app over a year ago for $19 billion, marking the largest acquisition for the company.

The mobile market changed the tech landscape in a big way. More people, especially younger people, tend to connect with others via mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp. Facebook aims to improve the programs with exciting new advancements. A perfect example of the company’s forthcoming efforts includes launching a platform for Facebook Messenger that enables companies to build their services on the platform.

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