Tesla Motors Inc Supercharger Network Grows To 2000 Worldwide

Tesla Motors Inc Supercharger Network Grows To 2000 Worldwide

Tesla Motors, in yet another milestone, has now installed a total of 2,000 superchargers around the world. These chargers are located at 400 different supercharger stations on four different continents. In the year 2014, the network expanded by approximately five times, and the goal is to double the figure in 2015.

Tesla rapidly expands the network

In a blog post, the EV manufacturer noted the status of its fast charging and state-of-the-art infrastructure network. Tesla’s supercharger network now runs from the East Coast of the U.S. to the West Coast, from the U.K. to continental Europe, from Southern China to Northern China, across the most densely populated parts of Europe, and throughout Japan and Australia. The company further noted that the supercharger is now the fastest growing and largest fast charging network in the World.

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The Palo Alto-based company wrote in a blog that the expanding network makes road trips exceptionally easy and delightful for Tesla owners. Tesla owners can always fill up their battery while traveling far from home and get half a charge in as little as 20 minutes completely free, says the blog, adding, “Superchargers are typically located next to amenities such as cafes and shopping centers so you can stop for a quick meal or shopping break while your Model S charges.”

More Superchargers needed for Model 3

The Palo Alto-based company depends considerably on the supercharger network, and it is one of Tesla’s best selling points. Also Tesla will surely work to expand the network further, but the expansion needs to be rapid because if the Model 3 is released and becomes a huge success like the Model S, then there will be an overcrowding issue at the supercharger stations.

Separately, Consumer Reports recently tagged the Model S as the best overall car of the year. The publication noted in its report that of all the vehicles released in 2014, none could overshadow the innovation, magnificence and sheer technological Tesla. On the basis of these criteria, the car was picked as the best automobile for the straight second year.

On Monday, Tesla Motors shares closed down 2.96% at $197.32, while year to date, the stock is down by over 11%.

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