Tesla Motors Inc Allowed To Hold More Test Drive Events In Texas

Tesla Motors Inc Allowed To Hold More Test Drive Events In Texas
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Tesla Motors can now organize more test drive events in Texas, provided the company has the proper authorization, according to Bizjournals.com. Such events would enable potential customers to test drive the Model S, a service which is not typically available due to dealership laws.

Another battle won

Daniel Witt, manager for business development and policy, said this has been made possible because of a settlement between the company and state officials. Based in Austin, Witt, with lawmakers on legislation and other governmental matters, also played a major role in site selection for the gigafactory, says the report.

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Amid Tesla’s long-standing feud with franchise dealerships, the company seems to have won another battle with the state as it can now arrange for test drives of its cars for Tesla owners and prospective buyers. As planned, Tesla is reported to host four test drive events per month, per gallery, says the report.

Now with the approval to organize special test drive events, Tesla Motors seems to be getting closer to its ultimate goal of finding a way around existing dealership laws. Witt confirmed the company’s attempts in this regard by stating, “Our goal in the absence of being able to work with the legislature is to essentially take out a permit every day.”

Tesla battling in Texas

Tesla Motors seeks an exception to the franchise dealer law. According to the law, it is illegal for automakers to sell directly to consumers. This prevents Tesla from offering test drives or discussing prices with interested buyers, which are, in turn, referred to the company’s main website regarding any such query. In an attempt to change this and make it more consumer-friendly, Tesla has filed several bills in the state Texas legislature, which are moving through the State House of Representative and Senate.

Last week, Tesla’s Double Black Dual Motor Tour took over NYLO South Dallas and a parking lot near it with the Model S P85D. Retailing at a $105,000 base price, the Model S P85D is a high performance car reaching 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds. In addition, the P in the name stands for the highest performance package, while 85 denotes the highest battery range, and D signifies that the car has a motor in the front and back and is a four-wheel drive.

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