Tesla Motors Inc Model X Spotted Testing In California [VIDEO]

Tesla Motors Inc Model X Spotted Testing In California [VIDEO]
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The Model X is expected to arrive at buyers’ homes within 6 months, assuming Tesla sticks to its planned schedule. The all-electric SUV will be the company’s second model, in addition to the Model S sedan. Details about the launch are thin on the ground, and Tesla seems reluctant to engage in publicity events, writes John Voelcker for Venture Beat.

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Video latest in a series of spy shots

Spy shots and videos of the Model X are currently the only source of information on the progress of the sports utility vehicle. A Twitter account named ModelXnews was created a month ago, and has published four photos of camouflaged Model X test vehicles over the past three weeks.

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The account was previously unknown but now has almost 2,000 followers, and its administrators are clearly very quick with their camera when they spot the elusive Model X on the roads of California. You can find photos here and here.

A website of the same name has published large amounts of photos of the Model X, some of which look staged, and others have possibly been given the Photoshop treatment. The spy shots are also published on the site, which only feeds the anticipation for the release of the new Tesla Model X.

Tesla fans eagerly awaiting Model X release

Another fan site called Teslarati published a YouTube video Model X caught testing in the area near the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, and it can be found in the Sightings and Spy Shots gallery on the site.

Tesla Motors headquarters are located around 25 miles from its factory in Fremont, so spotting a Model X here would make sense. Fremont is currently being adapted in order to produce Model X vehicles in 2017.

As well as preparing for the release of the Model X, Tesla recently announced some updates for the Model S, which will go some way to reducing the “range anxiety” experienced by drivers of electric vehicles, as well as a self-driving autopilot mode.

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  1. Another beautiful car by Tesla. I’m thrilled to see it being tested – and great that ValueWalk was able to catch it on video! Personally, I’d rather buy a car developed by someone smart who bet his personal fortune on his vision than buy a car made by a bunch of suits in Germany with no skin in the game. The X is stunning but a little spendy for me, so I’m holding out for the Model 3 – can hardly wait to see the designs in the next year or two.

  2. Its ugly because its all wrapped up in a white disguise hiding all the lines.
    MDS, seriously, i’d like to know your motivation behind all the FUD you’re releasing.

    a. You’re payed by a competitor something like 5$ per comment on social media to slander Tesla.
    b. You’re payed by an oil company something like 5$ per comment on social media to slander Tesla.
    c. You’re sorting the stock, loosing money and desperatly want it to go down.
    d. You’re kinda like those obscurantists who refuse all new changes, believe the Earth is flat, and would rather use a typewriter instead of a computer with keyboard.
    e. You are a climato-sceptic brainwashed by controlled media, and we can burn all the oil we want, and it won’t affect the climate at all. You constantly use the big garbage dump outside your car window, smoke 3 packs of cigarettes every day, and believe that you’ll be long dead when pollution really start to affect YOUR life, so why give a damn.
    f. You’re just misseducated,
    g. All of the above.

    I understand you may have signed a letter of undisclosed information if either A or B is the answer,
    So you can deny all the other choices, and leave out a and/or b, this is a legal way of answering A or B…

  3. Other correction: the factory did the modification to the production line for model X last year, they plan releasing the model in 2017, not the X…

  4. A suggested correction: the Model X will be Tesla’s third production model, not second. The first was the Tesla Roadster, introduced in 2006, and the second was the Model S, introduced in 2012.

  5. You are probably one of those TSLA shorters bashing TESLA all over the net trying to get the stock down.
    And for the service, they send a guy to do it…

  6. FUD! Comparing a very small city car with 81 miles range to a medium sized Suv with 300 miles range???? You’re well informed.

  7. Pretty ugly!
    I think it will be a flop! Especially at the price Tesla will want for it.
    Albeit ugly as well; the BMW I-3 is much better looking; as well as a much more enduring and trusted name. Not to mention dealers everywhere to fix the bugs in a new technology. With Tesla you may have to go 50 mi for service; if you can get there.
    How do you spell anxiety? Tesla!

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