Spruce Creek Students Hospitalized After Eating Pot Brownies

Spruce Creek Students Hospitalized After Eating Pot Brownies

At least four students at Spruce Creek High School in Florida have been hospitalized after police say they ate brownies laced with hash oil. WESH Orlando reports that Volusia County sheriff’s deputies took one student into custody in connection with the incident.

Spruce Creek students become ill

According to WESH and My Fox Orlando, investigators said the student sold brownies that tested positive for the drug THC and were laced with hash oil or marijuana to at least 10 students. Emergency personnel took four of the students to the hospital, while the rest were sent home with their parents. The four students who were hospitalized became sick suddenly.

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The student who was taken into custody was in tenth grade. School administrators said the student is cooperating with the authorities and will face discipline by the school district.

Officials checking other students

Deputies are trying to figure out if any other students have eaten the drug-laced brownies. According to the Port Orange Police Department, another student was sent to the hospital last week after eating a bad brownie. However, it’s unclear whether last week’s incident is related to this week’s incident at Spruce Creek High School.


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