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Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Have Been Rooted

Samsung announced its latest and greatest smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, at the beginning of this month and just within this short time span, these two smartphones have been rooted, thanks to Chainfire. For those who don’t know, rooting an Android smartphone or tablet allows you to delve deeper into the device’s system files and make changes to them, which is not possible at the stock level.

Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Have Been Rooted

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Rooted by Chainfire

These two devices have the model numbers SM-G920T and SM-G925T and are the T-Mobile U.S. Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, respectively. This means both devices, the one with the flat and the other with the curved display, can be rooted now with Chainfire.

Chainfire says the S6 CFAR was tested on a real device. Even if Chainfire succeeded for now, they will have much more work to do in the future as Samsung releases other Galaxy S6 variants.

Root might interfere with KNOX

When revealing this information on their official Google+ page, Chainfire did warn users that this root might interfere with KNOX, which is Samsung’s enterprise mobile security solution. It might affect mobile-based payments.

Before actually rooting though, consider that KNOX will likely be tripped, and there’s a good chance untripped KNOX will be required for phone based payments.

So with this caution, if you are ready to delve into the world of freedom with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge rooted, then point your web browser to However, if you are not familiar with rooting and don’t have any experience in this, then we would recommend you not try this out as it might damage your brand new and expensive smartphone.