Samsung Galaxy S5 Catches On Fire [PICTURES]

One Android smartphone owner still owes a small fortune even after the device caught on fire.  Jjhend (a poster on Reddit) left this Samsung Galaxy S5 charging on a desk when he left his house to make a quick errand. When he came back to his home, he noticed his phone was smoking, and the entire home smelled like an electrical fire.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Catches On Fire [PICTURES]

The latest fire incident involving a Samsung Galaxy phone

Jjhend started to panic and poured a glass of water but that only caused more problems to the fire started from lithium battery cell. A third-party charger or battery was not culprits of the fire. .

He didn’t have a warranty on the phone, and he still owes T-Mobile $400 for the phone. It remains questionable that Jjhend left his phone at home to charge while he went out to buy groceries. Most people usually take their phones with them when they run out for errands.

A string of Samsung related incidences

This incident isn’t the first time a Samsung phone caught on fire. Last summer, a teenager in Texas woke up to find her Galaxy S4 caught on fire and melted.  13-year-old Ariel Tolfree awoke to a burning smell when she first noticed her phone melted and burned a hole through her pillow. She went back to sleep, but later woke up to a stronger burning smell. The girl’s father Thomas Tolfree thought the phone’s battery overheated and swelled up. Before this incident, a British woman reported waking up to her Galaxy S4 sizzling during a charge session Back in 2013, one man in Hong Kong lost his home, and car after his Galaxy S4 exploded.

Many of the phone fires and explosion incidents involved third-party chargers and replacement batteries. Tolfree’s fire culprit was most likely the third-party battery she used as a replacement.


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