Russia’s Future Army Could Deploy Globally In 7 Hours

Russia’s Future Army Could Deploy Globally In 7 Hours
WikiImages / Pixabay

Russia plans to build a fleet of supersonic military transport aircraft, PAK TA, with an unprecedented payload of 220 tons capable of moving a strategic unit of 400 Armata tanks, and deploying a full-armored army to any spot of the world in just 7 hours at hypersonic speed, Expert Online reported Thursday.

Assuming in can even fly, and assuming that Russia really intends to build something like that, such plane would enable Russia to mount a prompt global military response. The PAK TA is being developed by the Russian aviation company Ilyushin.

According to a new design details from the Military-Industrial Commission in Moscow, a military transport aircraft will fly at supersonic speeds (up to 2,000 km/h) and have a range of at least 7,000 kilometers. Furthermore, its payload capacity will be 80 tons more than the US’s largest cargo plane, the C-5 Galaxy, and will significantly exceed the carrying capacity of the existing Antonov An-124 Ruslan, an aircraft with up to 165 tons payload.

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