Russia, U.S. Heading Towards A Possible Nuclear War [REPORT]

Russia, U.S. Heading Towards A Possible Nuclear War [REPORT]
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On Tuesday, British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond warned that Russia’s actions in Ukraine were undermining the security of Eastern European countries. Meanwhile, the U.S. and UK are sending troops and advisers to Ukraine to train and advise Ukrainian government forces. United States has already sent 120 heavy military equipment to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to remind Russia of the U.S. presence close to its borders.

A direct U.S. confrontation with Russia?

The ongoing Ukraine conflict risks a direct U.S. confrontation with Russia, which may trigger a nuclear war. The anti-American sentiment in Russia has reached a record 81%, according to Levada Center. According to Philip Thickness of Reuters, Moscow has always seen itself as threatened and encircled. Russia’s worries have mounted due to aggressive expansion of NATO in eastern Europe.

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Countries that were once part of the former Soviet Union acted as buffers between Russia and the encircling threat from NATO. But the U.S. has actively persuaded many of these eastern European countries to join NATO, which rattled Russian President Vladimir Putin. In January, former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that the Ukraine crisis could trigger a nuclear war between the West and Russia.

Current U.S.-Russia relations are ‘poisonous’

In an open letter to President Barack Obama late last year, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said, “Nothing is more dangerous than the aggressive U.S./NATO troop movements right on the borders of Russia.” He said the U.S. support for Kiev fascists was a “provocation against the entire region.” Last month, former Reagan administration ambassador to Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, said the West’s biggest priority should be to reestablish civil relations with Moscow.

Matlock said it was not in America’s best interest to intervene in the Ukraine conflict and risk another nuclear arms race. If there is any existential threat to the country, that’s it, said Matlock. He said President Obama should “stop publicly dueling” with Vladimir Putin. Matlock described the current U.S.-Russia relations as “poisonous.”

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  2. If Russia opens a group of shops there would be nothing in them to sell, for a large nation all Russia exports are weapons and oligarchs.

  3. The Soviet union had a non-aggression pact with Hitler and they Russia partly caused the start of WW2, with their Nazi Allies they invaded Poland triggering the start of World War II.

  4. Yep and Russia has always been a dictatorship that suppressed its own people while telling them lies, Russia its ruling elite have murdered millions of their own citizens down the centuries, that’s why the Russian people have always had huge amount of social problems and alcoholism they russians are conditioned to believe their leaders are always right there will never ever be democracy or true freedom in Russia.

  5. First if there is a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia the world would be uninhabitable. The only few that will live are the people in both governments that started it. Sorry, but the Ukraine is not worth destroying the earth over. Ukraine, Baltic’s should have never been aloud to join NATO. Since Russia has crap for a military. They only have nukes to rely on just like N.Korea.

  6. Virulently Anti-American: 81 Percent Of Russians Now View The United States Negatively
    Russians view the United States much more unfavorably today than they did during the end of the Cold War era. As you will read about below, an astounding 81 percent of all Russians now view the United States negatively, and only 13 percent have a positive opinion of this country. In all of the years when Russians have been surveyed on their attitudes toward the US, they havenever been this negative.But of course Americans generally do not view the Russian people unfavorably. So why is this happening? Well, it all comes down to the actions of the Obama administration. The Russian people are convinced that US organizations organized, funded and armed the rebels that violently overthrew the democratically-elected Ukrainian government. And once it was overthrown, the Obama administration immediately recognized the rebels as the legitimate government of Ukraine. And now most Russians are convinced that the US government is trying to promote a similar revolution inside Russia. In recent years, the Russian people have become increasingly nationalistic, and at this point they view US meddling in their affairs as a direct threat to their way of life. Even while most Americans are extremely apathetic about what is going on over in Russia, an increasingly large chunk of the Russian population is angry enough to go to war. Russia carried out a successful test of its new Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile on Wednesday and will perform two more test launches in October and November, the head of its naval forces said.The armed forces have boosted their military training and test drills since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which Russia considers in its traditional sphere of
    influence.The 12-meter long Bulava, or mace, has undergone numerous tests, some successful, and can deliver an impact of up to 100 times the atomic blast that devastated Hiroshima in 1945.
    Naval Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said the test launch had been carried out from the White Sea and that the test missile had hit its target in Russia’s far east.”In October and November of this year, the naval fleet will carry out two more launches with two rocket cruisers equipped with ballistic missiles,” Interfax quoted Chirkov as saying.A Bulava missile weighs 36.8 tonnes and can travel 8,000 km (5,000 miles) and hold 6-10 nuclear warheads.

  7. You are just an unemployed loser with no skills, what kind of income are you making with your community college education? lol membrane in the brain? lol what a sad f##ken loser.

  8. You always erase your comment after I post—which erases mine. You are NOT my equal. You are NOT an M.D./surgeon. If I am a loser as a Doc–what does that make you? A quadruple loser. LMFAO

  9. Says the ones who are killing thousands of Ukrainians as we speak. Or should i bring up Georgia as well? Our country’s does the same shit, ours just does it under the ruse of “humanitarian aid, or to establish a democracy” which in the end is BS anyways ill admit. While you’res just lies and claims it doesn’t do anything at all while we can just change the channel to RT to show how many of you’re dead are being shipped home from Ukraine as you’re politicians clams other wise (all propaganda in the end, but still based off facts). So stop being a hypocrite. Our Country’s are the same evil, just we speak different languages. If you think otherwise you are brainwashed by you’re own propaganda. And next time you feel free to tell me what is wrong with my Country, at least visit here first. I have been to Russia twice in my lifetime, wonderful country, lovely people. But you guys have problems, some i have seen first hand. And the only thing i see you have posted about our’s is obvious ones that you would gather from being a internet tourist per say. So stop being so ignorant and at least get out of you’re country (if they let you anymore) and at least experience different cultures, instead of sounding so ignorant. And trust me, we have no more choice in the wars we spread then you guys do in you’re country (as obviously shown in the past year) why do you think we are pissed that we are 20 trillion i debt? We the people HATE the wars we are in and do not agree one bit (minus the few republican dimwits we have). But we cannot do a thing about it, you know nothing of us, and of the few Russian’s i have met, i am sure you want nothing to do with Crimea, or Ukraine, but yet here we are. If you think we wan’t war, goes to show if you are truly arrogant. You don’t seem that way and seem sincere in you’re last post so i do not think you are. Anyways long story short, once you come here, chat with some of us Yanks, you will find we have a lot more in common then most of you’re countrymen. Well that was the case with me in Russia. I love you’re country and it is wonderful, so many nice people that still wen’t out of their way to help this stupid Yank around hahaha i tried my best to learn Russian before i visted though. Anyways if you ever come visit, i hope you find a like wise experience. (p.s stay clear of Florida or Alabama or you will hate ever American lolol) sorry if i sounded rude. Anyways cheers mate!

  10. You make a good point, in fact the only important point. If we ever go to nuclear war with Russia or any country with even a small, medium level of nukes.-We really cannot be certain of any good outcome if numerous warheads explode at the same time-Never been done before-may cause some unforeseen catalyzing reaction- life was much safer before nukes.

  11. They switch to that because they have no clue what you said. Post in your native tongue.

    That’s great you have a decent job. It’s not difficult to make 2.5 times the average, considering the average wage is roughly $30k (which is still FAR higher than Russia, who’s average wage is less than Slovakia). On that wage you could BARELY afford to live in an expensive US city, San Francisco for example. Not something to internet brag about. Save that for when you go home and the roof is leaking.

    I wouldn’t brag about having to switch to another countries employment either, it doesn’t say much about where you’re from…

  12. Holy sh#t you’re a tool. What are you talking about, “military danger overall”? Right now the threat is Russia, and for the short term+ future, that threat is again, Russia. Russia is the only country that fields so many nukes, and launch platforms, that the US can’t counter. There is no conventional threat from anyone on the planet that the US isn’t capable of dealing with. Especially from Russia or China, or the DPRK. They know that the rest of NATO is bound to support the US in the case of an attack on the US. The US on it’s own would be fine. With the rest of NATO it wouldn’t even come close to being a fair fight.

    Aside from that fact, nobody on either side, has claimed they can keep their country safe should MAD practices fail. The US has also never said they could destroy Russia’s nuclear weapons in a first strike. There is a contingency plan for it, but it’s only to soften the blow. The US knows full well they can’t prevent a lunch from Russia’s nuclear forces and never said they could. Where do you dig this sh#t up?

    You’re an absolute moron if you think Russia would go nuclear in case of hostilities. They know, like we do, that it would be the end of both countries, and potentially the world. Nobody is going to lightly push the button. Russian’s play the long-ball, they wouldn’t use nukes unless we did first. They know the world would go on, regardless of whether they win or lose. They also know that losing a war with the US usually ends in the US keeping zero territory, expecting zero reparations (in fact we pay to rebuild the countries we’ve fought after a conflict), and generally a better relationship with the US than was had before. What a truly idiotic statement.

    Quit trolling around, commenting on sh#t you know nothing about. Put your dunce cap back on and get in the corner fool.

  13. Cody,funny thing is that most Yank imbecils like you always switch discussion subject to my poor English in case when and if they have no real arguments to support their opinion.Another funny thing is I don’t need and will not improve my English ‘just of two reasons.1.My US employer pays 2.5 times better than average Yanks family has even with this English I have.
    2.This language as measure of expression is way more primitive than Russian.

  14. It’s actually the other way around dude. Russia played a huge part in defeating the Nazis. They lost far more people than any other nation in WWII. Were it not for the Russians, we would likely have lost the war. Read a history book man.

  15. You’re welcome General Dumb!I did not mention just nuclear and only Russian danger but military danger overall.Russia will not use conventinal weapon in case of war with US.Keep dreaming US can destroy any weapons befor launch:it is illusion and propaganda from US govt.

  16. Uh, no, go back to school. The number of Chinese Citizens is 1.3 billion, no matter where they live. Same as how US Citizens are counted, even if they are living abroad.

    Now, if you are talking those with Chinese ancestry, well, then you can say there are 7 billion Africans because we all evolved from the same women who once lived in Africa.

  17. Destroy a country? What I see in Iraq is the Iraqi army being trained and fighting alongside American military, defending their country from Daesh. If Obama had followed his own military’s advice and left a small percentage of troops to defend Iraq, Daesh wouldn’t had advanced to the level the have. No one sees Afghanistan destroyed either, although there has never been much to that country.
    As for troops in other countries, we are there at those countries request. Indeed, even more countries in eastern Europe are requesting for American troops and hardware to halt any Russian quest to steal their territory as was done in Ukraine.
    Nice dodging your original comment by deflecting with other absurd remarks.

  18. And the vast majority of that number are conscripts. Conscripts that have very little (or no) training. Conscripts that are woefully ill-equipped to slam into a 21st century, NATO army. NATO troops and commanders that are battle-hardened, and most importantly, are a motivated all volunteer force.

    The individual NATO soldier carries equipment FAR more advanced than any Russian soldier. Not saying Russia doesn’t have the technology but, they are seriously lacking in equipping the individual soldier.

    Same goes for other branches. Russia makes some really decent modern weaponry for their Air Force (and for exports) but they nowhere near the capability required to continually be using those weapons , on multiple platforms, in a prolonged conflict. Unlike the NATO countries who have seemingly infinite stocks, and the weapons are better. Russia doesn’t have anything like the small-diameter-bomb II, the JSOW,the LRASM, the MALD, the Hellfire II, and many more. Not to mention all the weapons that are on par with Russia such as Mavericks and Paveways.

    Russia put’s absolutely zero shits into the individual soldiers life. NATO doesn’t. NATO spends ridiculous amount of cash to make sure that individual soldier comes home.

  19. Thank you Captain obvious. And no, the US has never thought it’s territory and people were safe from Russian nukes.

    If you meant conventional weapons you’re even farther off. A conventional strike (other than sub launched cruise missiles) would be demolished long before they had a chance to unload their cruise missiles.


    I could list many more if you’d like. How bout video of it?

    That’s the epitome of a veiled threat. F#cking Putin is ex-KGB and still thinks and behaves like it. He spent decades being indoctrinated and believing that they had a “duty” to invade countries that didn’t believe in their system. We hoped that after the Cold War Russians would pull head out of the sand. Even while receiving millions from the US, Russia still acts like a playground bully.

    The US gave Russia enormous sums of money, engineers and techs to keep things running, and ridiculous amount of grain. As recently as 2012 Russia received 450 million dollars in military and economic aid. Private organizations in the US accounted for another 43 million given to Russia. The figures aren’t loans that Russia received. You were GIVEN that money. We keep bailing you out and you keep being the biggest s#umbags on the planet. Congratulations, you’re a tool….

    I asked in the last post what you’re deficiency was. Are you really that blind?

  21. You’re an absolute dunce. Getting into the specifics of it with you isn’t even worth it (but I will if you’re head is still in your a$s). You’re taking things sooooo far out of context that it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so painfully moronic.

  22. Hahahhaha. You’re a raving lunatic. Either that or massive fanboy wearing blinders. You pick…

    Russia doesn’t do 5% of what the US does. Get your head out of your ass. How bout you find and list the occasions were Russia has deployed thousands of troops and tens of millions to help people after a natural disaster. Oh that’s right, its because they don’t do it, never did do it, and never will do it.

  23. If that is a reference to Obama, then yes; he will willingly leave office after a limited number of days, when his term ends – unlike President for Life Putin

  24. Russia has generously donated many bullets and shells to their old friends in Ukraine, often by the most rapid delivery method possible.

  25. So incorporating the information from our earlier exchange, the implication is that Russia is using the more expensive, but not more effective method because they favor world conquest over world domination.

    They convert the areas where they want bases into part of Russia.

  26. The Chinese population as such in the world, not only in Cina is in the region of 3 Billion, however you can go and suck black chop now.

  27. WWII and it has been smart to stay out of wars. It doesn’t go looking for trouble. However, it will fight if attacked like Napopleon and Hitler found out. Big difference fighting for some vague ideology like democracy and freedom. Ask some Vietnam vets how that helped them. However, when you are invading someone’s home that is a different story. That is a point you are missing. The Vietcong fought like animals as do the Afganistans as would you if your life is on the line. History is full of examples of how a smaller, but motivated army can defeat a much larger army. Read history. Start with Gengis Khan. His army was in the thousands and they defeated all of China who had 100’s of thousads of soldiers. Movitvation and tactics are key. Read “The Art of War”

  28. And the British Empire and Alexander the Great ! Point is a big military whether the US or Russia isn’t guaranteed a victory. Remember Vietnam !

  29. The difference? So it is fine to destroy a country but don’t occupy it? What about troops and bases in other countries? What about contracts being awarded to US companies after the destruction? What is that?

  30. you call those conflicts? It is more like a big bully picking on a little guy. Going up against Russia or/and China is like finally meeting your match.

  31. Simply because Russia, unlike the USA, is not intent on world domination, and so do not need any bases outside of Russia.

  32. it is obvious that you only see fox news and cnn. I can assure you that Russia gives even more aid than the USA.
    The American media bloats on any USA aid but never a word from what Russia ever gives.

  33. Depends on the Russians. They invaded another country not the USA. Bring it (Russians), little does anyone know the Star Wars Technology from President Reagan is 100% operational.

  34. You know a post is going to be full of dog doo doo when it starts with a fact that even kids in Highschool should know – the population of China is 1.3 billion, not 3 billion. To be so far off, how can you take all the other “data” or “facts” as correct?

  35. and also, I forget his name, but another top Russian official said that Russia could turn the U S into a radioactive mound of ash. Well, guess what, so could the U S turn Russia into a radioactive mound of ash. So, if Poo Tin wants to see Russia annihilated, go ahead and launch the first nuke. It will be the last mistake he makes in this world. I had hoped that when the cold war ended that we could be friends with Russia. But, it seems that they ARE the evil empire.

  36. because no one trusts them. And why is it that all the former Soviet Republics are asking the U S to protect them from Russia? Lets see, Poland has ASKED for either a U S base or NATO base to be permanently stationed in Poland. Latvia, Lithuania have also asked for U S protection. Why is that stephen koludrovic? I mean these countries are well aware of Russia’s treatment of their so called friends and it seems that they don’t want to be friends with Russia. Why not if Russia is so great? Is it possibly because the Russians steal all the wealth from other countries and leave the people with nothing? Is it because they have NO freedom under Russia’s rule? How much foreign aid does Russia give it’s friends? Anything? Why is it every time there is a natural disaster anywhere in the world, they ask America for help and NOT Russia? Does Russia send money, food, medicine, blankets etc. when there is a natural disaster in another country? If you want to isolate yourselves from the rest of the world, so be it. You could have had many many friends. Instead, you chose to be enemies. Your choice, your loss.

  37. Bob Barker, any time someone wants to try, go for it. Do you think those KATSAPS can do it without using nukes? Ha Ha, funny man, you should be a comedian. And, of course, if they were stupid enough to use nukes, Russia would cease to exist. So would the USA, but is Russia stupid enough to commit suicide? Hey Bob Barker, go drink some more vodka. It might help you forget how insignificant Russia really is. Economically AND militarily. If Russia didn’t have gas and oil, they would qualify as a third world country.

  38. kicked Iraqs butt big time. Iraq is a mess now because U S forces. left. But, our tanks destroyed Russian made tanks. Granted, Russia has better tanks than those now. We have 11 aircraft carriers, Russia has one. Russia’s navy is a joke compared to ours. See, when we defeat another country, we leave and let them rebuild. Russia on the other hand, says now you belong to us (Russia) But, unless Poo tin is stupid, we will never find out. Good thing too because Russia would ONLY have two options, use nukes or surrender. They would lose that bad.

  39. One does not have to seize the whole territory, all that is needed is to buy up a government and plant a military base over there. Its much cheaper and just as effective.

  40. In my experience, only Russians think that “why would anybody want to talk about it” is a reason based refutation. What next? Are you going to yawn?

    Putin definitely reminded those who opposed him that Russia is a nuclear power. It makes no sense, except as a threat.

  41. That puts me in the worse position, then, by arguing with you. But I’ll accept it. I didn’t deny that some people think those who oppose their viewpoint are trolls – just as some people think those who oppose their viewpoint are stupid. Another straw man by Roger that is entirely beside the point in the question of whether his post to Scopa was ignorance or feigned ignorance.

  42. whatsmyconfusion; Look at the responses to posts on this and yahoo boards. About 20% of them are people claiming that whomever disagreed with them is a paid troll. People constantly ask “how much were you paid?” or imply that the poster was bribed. To deny that is pure stupidity .

    Now, I know that you aren’t very smart, so I will put in in small words for you. When someone asks how much your were paid or claims that you were a paid troll because you posted something that disagrees with his/her fantasies and prejudices, they are either implying that you were paid by a foreign government for the disagreement or they think your mommy gives you money for good spelling.
    I do not await your reply. The only thing worse than being an idiot is arguing with one.

  43. Oops, I forgot to answer what territories the US has taken in that time. We don’t usually “take” territories. We just smash the country into rubble, wreck the economy, destroy the infrastructure, install an unpopular government and get a LOT of people killed.

    In that time period you are referring to, the US has invaded and occupied two foreign nations, attacked 14 more with cruise missiles, drone strikes, bombing and special forces teams, and in total we have gotten almost one million people killed in the wars we started to “defend democracy”, just in that time period. Compared to us, Russia is the Dove of Peace.

  44. There is no point. An assertion that about what Russians brag about or wondering about the history that leads them to own so much ground is pointless and irrelevant. Why would anybody talk about it?
    As for threatening Nuclear war, Russia has never, ever done that. He was accused of it in a CNN article that deliberately misquoted him.

  45. Roger,

    I believe the saying is that Figures don’t lie…. but liars figure.

    Georgia attacked Russia? You mean Russian backed separatists in Georgia attacked their government, and were “rescued” by Russian troops invading Georgia, and taking part of Georgia into Russia. Why does that sound familiar? Oh yes, when Russia invades to acquire new territory, that is a defensive move. If words have no meaning, they can mean what you will, yes? Then in the last year we were treated to Crimea, then Donetsk and Luhansk, and soon Mariupol. Perhaps Moldova? What territories has the US seized in that time?

    But you have ignored the point again, haven’t you. Why do Russians brag that they’ve won all their wars? Why does such a small population control such a large landmass? And given that landmass, why are they annexing more? Why do we see only Russia hinting at nuclear war – and only in support of their ambitions to take territory from other countries?

  46. What makes him insane? What can you tell us about his actions that are insane. Explain. From what i can see his biggest crime is not bowing to the US.

  47. Unfortunately, Roger, logic is my strong suit.

    Your original response to Scopa is absurd. No pushers of the troll theory, and in fact no one except you, has suggested that foreign governments hire trolls to for the purpose of arguing with posters.

    I see two possible scenarios that can reconcile your response to the known facts:

    1. Lacking even rudimentary knowledge of the russian troll argument, you believed that people who call you “troll” actually believe that a government hires people for the pointless purpose of arguing with them. This seems a bit far fetched, given your extensive experience on these boards.

    2. Although you know perfectly well that people don’t think foreign governments hire trolls to argue with individual posters, you decided to float this straw man as a deceptive argument; ironically mirroring the behavior that is ascribed to “trolls”.

    Perhaps you have third scenario that can accommodate both the above facts and your response to Scopa. If so, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, we are left to choose from Roger Olsen the ignorant or Roger Olsen the deceiver. I await your reply.

  48. Well, how did you do in Iraq? I wouldn’t call that a victory. Just like Vietnam after lots of bombs and people killed at the end of the day the North won. Iraq is a mess with no clear winner. This was against a second rate country, not a nuclear power. You are only dreaming.

  49. not true. The Japan air force was almost non existent by this time. Why else could a single plane fly into Japan without any resistance?

  50. what a joke of an excuse. So Russia dropped the bombs on Japan now? Wow talk about rewriting history. Do you work for the ministry of truth?

  51. Propaganda works. The authors survey their audience. What is the state of the US today?Let’s use non pc language. They are the fattest out of shape in the world ,the dumbest with many high school grads that can’t read, and still probably think that Russia is the USSR. A nation that loves its violent movies, computer games and well violence in general. So they sell the public a virtual war with the big bad USSR (Russia) Most citizens just gobble it up as great entertainment and get those flags out, because we are the good guys going against the bad guys. Forget the fact that you are more likely to get killed by a fellow American than you are from either a terrorist or anyone else. The rest of the world sees this, and are not the least bit convinced by all the self righteous ” we are the best” gibberish.

  52. I proudly show my name, whereas you just like a coward hide yours.

    As for your jib about cheap vodka. May I remind you that VODKA is the world’s favorite alcoholic drink it outsells all of your Tenessee whiskeys or bourbon 1000 to 1.

  53. Number one predatory threat? As usual, you are deficient on facts.

    Since the establishment of modern Russia about 20 years ago, Russia has put down an Islamist revolution in Chechnya, defended itself against an attack by Georgia and annexed Crimea at the request of its citizens.

    In the same period, the US has invaded and destroyed two countries. We have also attacked 14 more countries with special forces teams, bombers, cruise missiles and air strikes. We killed 3500 civilians in Pakistan alone with cruise missiles, and got more than a half a million people killed in our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    As of this week, we are sending air strikes or drone strikes into three foreign countries.

    The numbers have the truth. The number one predatory threat in the world today is the US. Numbers don’t lie.

  54. Perhaps logic is not your strong suit. You have just contradicted yourself. Posting “positive spin” articles would entail disagreeing with biased nuts like Scopa. The two concepts are intertwined, not contradictory.
    In any case, it doesn’t happen. There aren’t any “trolls” here, just a lot of us mostly old guys who are fed up with the government lying to us, paying for regime changes, and getting lots of people killed in the name of “democracy”.
    I suspect that most people who are critical of our part in Ukraine are old guys like me who were first lied to when they told us we had to go to Vietnam and kill people because they didn’t like the dictator we chose for them. I’m old enough to have seen my country engineer about 20 regime changes – none of which helped the countries we disrupted – and seen us attack country after country on flimsy excuses. The recent lies about WMD’s and pretending the Saudi terrorists who carried out 911 were from Afghanistan are just the last in a long list of lies and excuses.
    Somewhere along the way the smartest of us learned the difference between loving your country and loving all the evil done in your name, and no one has to pay us to tell the truth.
    The coup in Ukraine has all the fingerprints of the coups we have paid for in the past, and the regime change was as much of a disaster as most of our regime changes, and Russia didn’t start it, we did.

  55. Roger, the whole theory behind the paid troll meme is that the Russian government employs people to float deceptive comments about an article to create doubts about negative reporting on Russia, or at least a plausible pro Russia spin. It has nothing to do with paying people to argue with self important posters.

    Are you that uninformed about this much discussed topic, or are you engaging in deceptive spin?

  56. Many of your Russian friends are posting below how Russia never loses a war, and that is why such a puny population has the largest national landmass in the world. Clearly, the Russians are proud to explain why Russia is the number one predatory threat to others; and needs to be removed.

  57. Urban myth? the research agency was penetrated by Novaya Gazzeta and they published the report. Use google to translate for you because I doubt you can read russian. LIAR? well known? probably the communist party of America if you are american. I am an american contractor in EASTERN UKRAINE! I see the truth everyday. you write lies and deceit. i see you have a website, and I also see you have written books no one buys or reads. you spend a few months each year. Idiot I LIVE IN THE FSU for oveer 10 years. I have dealt with the russian government on a daily basis. and you think being a tourist for a few months gives you insight? it only gives you arrogance in your ignorance which equals stupid

  58. Google me, moron. I’m not only American, I am rather well known in some places. The paid troll is an Urban Myth made up by people, like you, who have nothing intelligent to say. Rather than admit to your bias and ignorance, you cover up by screaming that no one would possibly disagree with you unless they were paid to do it. It’s a poor excuse for being so wrong, so often.

  59. you are not just a troll but an AROGANT A*&H)(* too. the russian government pays it army of trolls, just like you, to spread their lies throughout the internet. You follow the marching orders of you lying bosses at the Internet Research Agency in St. Pete’s or one of the other troll army bases. Please deny this, the lies become hilarious. you trolls are so stupid you actually think people believe your lies.

  60. Hey, whats the interior membrane of the chest called again? That’s what I thought, you are just a sad loser going nowhere in life, stop pretending you uneducated f*cktard.

  61. M.D. here You will never be as smart or as good as me troll. Just because I don’t like dictators and commies does not make me an igmo like you. Low class slime. Nice language. No class huh? LMFAO Just proves to all readers your are trash and scum. Bye weirdo.

  62. LOL……Where I live really has no bearing to the fact that terrorist Amerika is a police state

    But, just for sheets and giggles….I AM from the USA……upstate NY, in point of fact…….sometimes people can live in a tyrant state….RESENT that tyrant state…..and hope for it’s earliest dis-solution.

    Yea, I am well aware that my area of the country will be the first to go in the event of any such scenario…..

    Sometimes, sacrifices must be made for the greater good……and sometimes the ends DO justify the means.

    Feel better now, Nancy ?

  63. LOL…….quitcher whining, sissy…….I live right here in the states…..upstate NY as a matter of fact.

    Where I live has no bearing on the fact that Amerika is a terrorist police state best wiped off the face of the earth…….oh, yes……I know for sure that my area of the country will be the first to go.

    Sometimes, the end results are well worth the sacrifice one must make.

    Time for a do-over.

  64. What ever you want to believe. I won’t try to change your mind. Nether side could take what they other can through at them. Maybe it is the end of times.

  65. Only a moron calls someone a troll and uses their ignorant unsupported lies to justify it. Put up or shut up, how will they detonate?

  66. From “Pravda” 2 weeks ago! LOL LMFAO Meanwhile,
    rearmament has been slow, and much of the military’s equipment remains decades
    old. The once formidable Soviet navy is now little more than a coastal
    protection force, experts say. All of the navy’s large vessels, including its
    flagship and sole aircraft carrier, the non-nuclear Kuznetsov, are
    holdovers from the Cold War. (By comparison, the United States has ten nuclear
    carriers and builds several new warships each year.) Russian air power will
    also be limited, at least in the short term. Aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi is
    developing several new advanced warplanes, including a fifth-generation
    “stealth” fighter (the T-50), but production has been sluggish in some cases,
    and most of the current air force dates from the 1980s.

    Russia has made the modernization
    of its air and space defenses a top priority of the rearmament program,
    establishing a consolidated Aerospace Defense Command in 2011. The mainstay of
    this defense network is the S-400, a long- to medium-range surface-to-air missile system, to be
    deployed near Moscow and strategic positions along Russia’s perimeter. A more
    advanced S-500 is in development.

  67. You cant control your own food. LMFAO Russia controls who gets to keep eating beet soup. Kill your leader and get back to normal. Why do you not try landing on the moon? We did it 40 years ago. You still in the space station camping? Your country also has the 19th ranked economy BEHIND Spain. Go feed your people instead of asking for hitch hikers! You going to feed 3 guys in a space station, or feed the people something besides beets! LMFAO IDIOT.

  68. If what you were saying was true you stinky no shower bad odor sand pig, we would be attacked and destroyed. Go chop some heads off and burn people in cages. You are gross stinky angry people. Remember the Christian crusades? There are 7 billion Christians and 1.4 billion muslims. You want us to eliminate you again? Keep the head chopping up gross sheep lover. But thanks for buying our clothes, and copying our style so you can get a woman instead of a sheep for a girlfriend. We look better and smell better. Bye trash.

  69. from “PRAVDA” 2 weeks ago…Meanwhile,
    rearmament has been slow, and much of the military’s equipment remains decades
    old. The once formidable Soviet navy is now little more than a coastal
    protection force, experts say. All of the navy’s large vessels, including its
    flagship and sole aircraft carrier, the non-nuclear Kuznetsov, are
    holdovers from the Cold War. (By comparison, the United States has ten nuclear
    carriers and builds several new warships each year.) Russian air power will
    also be limited, at least in the short term. Aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi is
    developing several new advanced warplanes, including a fifth-generation
    “stealth” fighter (the T-50), but production has been sluggish in some cases,
    and most of the current air force dates from the 1980s.

    Russia has made the modernization
    of its air and space defenses a top priority of the rearmament program,
    establishing a consolidated Aerospace Defense Command in 2011. The mainstay of
    this defense network is the S-400, a long- to medium-range surface-to-air missile system, to be
    deployed near Moscow and strategic positions along Russia’s perimeter. A more
    advanced S-500 is in development. How is that JAck crack Straw?

  70. Taking over other countries? That is what the mainstream media propaganda wants you to believe. As for Crimea, the people “voted” to get out of the Ukraine and Russia “annexed” Crimea, all very legal, despite what the media says. You also need to understand the history of Crimea which had been part of Russia for over 200 yrs. The truth is the US violated agreements and treaties made with Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed regarding NATO. In other words the US has double crossed Russian on numerous occassions. Russian isn’t the aggressor here, at this point they are being defensive and standing their ground against the US pushing NATO and the European countries against Russia and trying to instigate a conflict. The US was behind the Feb. 2014 Ukranian coup and have been pushing forward against Russia ever since. Many reasons that the US is going after Russia…the fact that Russia is no longer playing “ball” with the US dollar and NWO agenda. Russian and China have started BRICS, as an alternative banking and currency, they are starting their own “Swift” system. The US “wants” Russia’s enormous natural resources and oil, on and on it goes. Scary thing is that the warmongers and neo cons in the US really think that the US can win a first strike nuclear war!!! They are pushing Russia against the wall as hard as they can trying to get Russia into a conflict to start a war, and that is no joke. Putin has been outsmarting them so far and really should be commended for keeping a level head and avoiding conflicts. But Russia is getting pushed up against the wall, and I fear sooner or later the US is going to poke a stick into the “Bear” and that Bear is going to get pissed off.

  71. russians are sheeple, always have been always will be. They do what their told like good little commies or they go to prison and die.

  72. MIC Profit, just like from the iraq war. It’s all about making money. We have a capitalist society and in turn a capitalist based government bought and paid for by the oligarchy. It is in the best interest of each politician and their cronies to make as much money as possible. You know the GOP mantra Fu(k the poor, Fu(k the middle class, but love Jesus (and stab him in the back). Iraq was a money pit for the US government and the thousands of lives lost and the tens of thousands of lives shattered, but old Georgie Boy is painting daisies and collecting his IOUs; yet he doesn’t see a need to support the wounded warriors project. Him and Dickie gave no-bid multi-million dollar contracts to all of their buddies (Blackwater, Haliburton, etc.) at the beginning of the war, which was of course a war based on LIES. They worship Jesus on the outside, but their actions say Fu(k Jesus and worship the almighty dollar. Their fates will be determined in the afterlife.

  73. What Mr. Shukla says is true and very frightening. A hundred years ago, a combination of nationalist hatreds, unwise treaty obligations, fears of looking weak, and blind optimism about the consequences of confrontation led Europe into World War I. The war killed 10 million people directly, ruined the lives of millions who survived, destroyed enormous amounts of wealth, spawned an influenza epidemic that killed 20-40 million more, destroyed 3 empires (Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman), mortally wounded 2 others (British, French), spawned Bolshevism, and profoundly demoralized an entire generation. When it was over, no one could understand how Europe could have risked so much for so little (control over events in Serbia).

    It is hard to believe that we could repeat that folly with thousands of nuclear weapons, but we seem headed in that direction.

  74. Tell that to your mummy…I live in Ukraine and receive $50 pension. Under Yanukovich it was $100. As US&JU intervened my pension had gone down 2 times and food prices doubled. If you have any imagination at all, just imagine what US & JU has done to ordinary people like me. F##k US and Russia because both of them try to divide the globe and grab as much as they can. Other human beings are just rubbish on the way to satiate their greed. Keep on being derisive that’s a part of your American upbringing and that’s all you can do.

  75. As far as i’m concerned,war is un-avoidable,because this is the nature of humans who don’t have enough common sense to make the world work and because of this; we are all doomed. War will come to the doorsteps of this country,because they envy the lifestyle of all americans freedoms and this is the driving force behind the hate for our country.

  76. You are a fool to believe that this will change anything,the fact that there are no republicans in the White House is the reason why we are not blown up NOW!

  77. If Russian send a nuke our way, Russia will sizzle too and be eliminated by other countries also, they got them all aimed at Russia, so try to get a few up and see what happens Russia. Your own people going to take you out than.

  78. “He said the U.S. support for Kiev fascists”…He(U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark) never used the word fascist. The “author” is a little pro-putin I think, and not for the first time in an article he has written.

  79. Well, No S— Sherlock! That is how the game was played 1949-1991. You young punks think you invented f)u(king and World Peace.

  80. The Democrats have done nothing , hard to straighten out the mess after they get done. Republican have to try to straighten it out and you Democrats not getting back in for a long time. How is that.

  81. Lets get something straight here.
    US has been playing a great role in preventing such barbaric acts from Moscow.
    The actions of Putin in Ukraine is simply demonic, Its uncalled for, It violates the principles of sovereignty of a nation.
    And as such, such HITLERS should be checked. It is Ukraine turn to be violated and invaded today, It might be your country’s turn tomorrow (and i believe then, you will feel the impact of Russia’s invasion of Kremlin)
    The world should come together and stop such acts. Let Super Powers stop using their military might against weaker nations.
    That’s the essence of these treaties on arms proliferation.
    United States, Britain and other countries alike are doing a better work in preventing Invasions by stronger nations, and i urge all to remove sentiments when it comes to world security and embrace peace.
    If i should ask?
    Where and where have Moscow committed its military in making peace in the world
    What are Moscow’s efforts in checking arms proliferation.


  83. Haven’t you people seen “War Games” (1983)?

    “Greetings Professor Falken. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

  84. Yup. There will be enough dirt sent into the atmosphere to will choke off the sun, immediately destroy all plant life and then whatever animals are still alive, will perish.

  85. How is being Muslim relevant here? Come on man this is our president who won by majority and not by any appointment. Either you stand with the majority or criticize reasonably. Hate speeches, discrimination is the policy of cowards so please broaden up your views and stay away from such meaningless comments.

  86. Once The Muslim is out of office and Conservative Sanity is restored to America in 2017 – the threat of nuclear give-and-take between us and the Russians will end.

    And at the same time – North Korea and Iran will have their toys taken away. Bad children should not have toys to play with if they can’t play nicely.

  87. Not necessary leukemia.Nobody escapes nuclear winter within 1-2 months no matter where it is located.Hunger and freezing kill all.

  88. US still traditionally believes than its terrirtory and people are safe and casualties would be minimal.Think again twice before you start mess with Russia.Its decisive and war comes to your doorsteps from above.Nobody will survive on both sides.

  89. Many people make ridiculous comments on a serious subject ! I detest war and the taking of any human life. If we the USA would agree, Russia moves out of Crimea, & Ukraine, then we do like wise, & remove the sanctions ! I do not like the idea of pushing this conflict into a nuke war. Yes Russia was and is wrong to invade these areas and the people there. We can prove our point by a nuke war, but what will remain ? A devastated world where our grand, and great grand, children and their children will not be able to travel many places in the world because of radiation poison. We are the #1 country in this world and should act like it, and stop playing these dangerous games.

  90. Then why have Republicans been the only ones calling for defense spending increases, especially on our nuclear deterrent?? Let me help you: See my post above.

  91. Now listen carefully: The only way that we’ll find ourselves in a nuclear war is if Russia, or any enemy, believes that we’ve gone so far down the path of unilateral nuclear disarmament that there’s no way we can reverse the decline in time to prevent a first strike on the U.S. Unfortunately, given the decay of our nuclear deterrent (admitted to by even Obama’s Defense Secretaries), that day is approaching.

  92. The Republicans would love it if that was to take place especially John McCain. They have been calling for troops and weapons on the ground. I don’t know if Russia would strike with a nuke but he is a hard man to figure out. If they do by some chance we can say good bye blue sky because the whole world would be sizzled. We can only hope that it never happens and they come to since and not blow up the world any time soon..

  93. Uh, Russian leaders are the ones threatening to “nuke” the U S. The U S hasn’t threatened anybody. We can beat any country without having to use nukes. Russia on the other hand has to resort to threats of nuclear attack because their conventional forces are weak. The ONLY thing Russia has that anyone worries about is their nukes. Without their nukes, Russia would be a bad joke. But, keep drinking your vodka and dream of Russian greatness. That’s all it is, a dream.

  94. England for one. England has been a good and trusted friend of the U S for many years. What friends does Russia have cocoliso? If Russia is so good, then why are almost ALL the former Soviet republics seeking NATO membership to protect them from Russia?

  95. So anything NATO/USA does in terms of military, like the obligatory drills, we call it an aggression, and if Russia sends its troops to neighbor country and masks them as “volunteers on vacation”, we say “let’s calm the emotion down now okay”? Mr. Clark is either a paid Russian troll or a complete dimwit.


  97. They should be scared. They KNOW that they don’t stand a chance against the U S alone, let alone all our allies. They KNOW that nukes are their ONLY deterrence. They know they can’t win a conventional war. Sure, it won’t be easy to bet Russia. But, they would LOSE.. Yeah, Russia is large, so maybe a few people in the middle of nowhere might survive since it would be a waste to nuke a place with only a few hundred people. But, ALL the major cities would be turned into ash.

  98. Who writes this garbage? The US and Russian have been “heading” towards a “possible” nuclear war since 1946. Move along, nothing to read here…

  99. they werent defenseless,they just didnt see our planes fly above them, japan was fortress and there was no way the united states army would be able to penetrate it on the ground and sea, not to mention it was necessary to end the war and save the lives of millions

  100. So I’m not the only one that thinks this is what we are headed for with this BS over Ukraine? Let Russia have it back, who cares? Who wants a healthy glow because of the Ukraine?

    I am also sick of hearing US presidents who think they need to make a statement about every damn thing that happens in the world like we are some sort of supreme being of a country.

    Truman had the chance to prevent virtually every act of warfare that’s happened since WWII and the world would be relatively totally at peace now. He was a fool and could possibly be viewed someday as the one person who had, and wasted, the opportunity to save the world from destruction. Think about it.

  101. Russia could have possibly avoided the second bomb dropped on Nagasaki IF they had relayed the warning from the U S to Japan about a second bomb being dropped. But, those KATSAPS didn’t relay the message to Japan. If you have Russia for a friend, you don’t need any enemies. Russia CAN NOT be trusted. And yes,Japan did not have any nuclear weapons in order to retaliate. So,in a sense, they were defenseless to respond to a nuclear attack. But, the deaths in Nagasaki are on the hands of both the U S AND Russia.

  102. As responsible people see it,we are on the path of self destruction .USA does not have the rights
    to threaten Russia in their back yard.We have “Monroe doctrine” and we successfully defended it
    in 1962.Don’t you think that Russia has the same rights?

  103. They might have a bigger military, i do not know i have not checked the numbers lately but the US army is superior and it has been proven over and over… We have developed laser technology for our Navy and Airplanes. We are 10x faster at responding we also have less military deaths by far. in terms of a nuclear war they have more Active Warheads but we have technology to destroy their missiles before they even take off.

  104. The reasons were firstly political nature as a gift of 1 billion US dollars to France in order to improve existing relationships. You are very naive and uninformed.

  105. You are very thick. Comparing kinect land energy with neutron radiating energy and gamma rays is like comparing apples elephant to and UZI. Silly you.

  106. Give me a break. Talk about fear and war mongering. Do you really think Russia or the US wants MAD? Extremely unlilely the US is going to get involved with UKR.

  107. He thinks that Star wars system would eliminate 16 000 REGISTERED ( and who knows how many unregistered or black weapons which I am sure exist ) nuclear warheads. Even if it was deployed in its full specification and effectiveness of up to 95 % ( which it surely isnt ) from the rest of the nukes world would be in chaos. And US would be responsible for that.

  108. Oh the silly overconfidence of fools for which the whole world would eventually suffer. US would ave to be disbanded like Germany post war if the were to deliver the first strike.

  109. Many idiots do not get it. Russia was indirectly invaded by the western superficial banksters policies. This is a collision of worlds. And Putin is no weak minded Gorbachev to betray his countries interest for few foundations. That is what people do not get. No nuclear war is even needed for world lifestyle to be degraded very seriously. You think Chernobyl or Fukushima disasters were serious? You people are demented if you think nuclear war in its essence is even needed. If only few bombs are activated in crucial areas degradation of standard across the whole world would be enormous. Secondary radiation of crops effect of nuclear radiation on atmosphere and cloud formations across the whole world. Poisoned underground water systems in unknown radius. Effect on genetic mutations that would even not be recognizable at first but perhaps only after few new generations. Enormous raise in medical cost for people in effected areas. Drastic reductions of working force. Other effects which cannot even be fathomed right now. US is playing proxy war through nazi idiots in Kiev. They will also be first to be sacrified if things go south. They are just to thick to understand that. US would eventually have to withdraw from conflict because Russia would be fighting for its survival and Putin is not trained to blink first. This would mean US would get away with partial damage while Europe would be destroyed fro generations. People get a grip. Russia may not have all the silly general consumption products the west does and lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the west but that doesnt mean that Russia is Serbia. Once the crap starts rolling who will be there to wipe it off? That is right. No one.

  110. No huh. Thousands of civilians [defenceless and innocent] were exterminated when US dropped 2 nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Shame on America forever.

  111. I guess it was such a trouble to wait few months for regular elections? They had to overthrow legally elected president and burn people in buildings to prove their “democracy” right? You are ridiculous. .

  112. Now would that aid be the pea shooting Sherman tanks, you guys produced?
    The Russians were already in Berlin while your dad was still trying to cross the rhine.

  113. not clear why the US is engaged in such a confrontation with Russia, for nothing. why are they trying to simulate that EEC face a danger of Russian aggression. Russians are friendly people, but never wanted to be under US influence. The US has a big muscle compared to Russia. but, we have seen from history muscle alone doesn’t help win a war. determination matters! remember the historic “Ethio-Italian war” at ADWA, in 1904. We don’t wanna be ashed in a matter of moments.

  114. Just Shukla’s statement “U.S. support for Kiev fascists was a provocation against the entire region” indicates a lack of capacity to make an objective analysis of the situation. Do fascists hold open, democratic, internationally monitored elections with access to even odious parties so long as they are not supporting armed revolt against the country? Do fascists preserve freedom of speech and assembly with no stricter parameters than most West European countries? Do fascists have a parliament where criticism of the government is often heard? Or is Shukla’s use of the pejorative label “fascists” just a mechanic reliance on terminology promulgated in Russian reactionary circles which are the most classic examples of fascism in that part of the world.

    But it doesn’t end there. Shukla writes of an impending “direct confrontation” between the US and Russia if the US provides Ukraine with weapons, forgetting that so many countries of the world (foremost among them Israel) have been receiving US military assistance and yet that has somehow not led to direct confrontations between the US and the assisted country’s enemy. Assistance to Iraq and Afghanistan began from the get go with large American military contingents. Only Vietnam evolved from advising to direct combat. On the other hand the scare tactic which Shulka uses comes directly out of Moscow’s propaganda campaign manual.

    Russia is most terrified now of a Ukrainian army able to withstand and even break the advances of their proxy forces further into the country. The wisest thing for the US to do is to provide or sell to Ukraine the wherewithal it needs to hold its ground. Anything less than that is an open invitation to aggressive warfare.

  115. Military conflict? Ok…here you go, Desert Storm/Desert Shield, also known as the Gulf War, circa 1991; Somalia, 1993; Haiti, 1994; Bosnia, 1994-1995; Kosovo, 1999; Afghanistan, 2001 – 2014; and the Iraq War, 2003 – 2010…all won (or, since it’s a “conflict”, which you can’t actually “win”) kicked a$$. For the record, since none of you seem to understand history, the US has not declared war since WWII, so every military engagement since the end of WWII has been a conflict, not a war.

  116. Withour Russian Soldiers and equipment to do the fighting in Eastern Ukraine, the “rebels” would be in the ground. As it is thousands of Russian conscripts are in plastic bags looking for disposal!

  117. Where did you learn hystory. In US public schools , if you finished one . Or in Holywood movies. Now I know why are so ignorant in your comments.

  118. China will not take the Katsaps side. They want their oil. Maybe Russian technology will save them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA If only Russian technology were not an Oxymoron!

  119. Russia has never been ruled by a Dwarf with mental problems before. China has almost started trading with others in anticipation of taking the Stupid Katsaps over!

  120. You really do take heavy meds! You Stupid Katsaps think anyone will come to Fascist Russia’s aid?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hope you learn Mandarin soon. China is just waiting. Maybe North Korea will try to save you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  121. Sorry Stupid but Russians would have been Fertilizer on German farms now if not for the Massive Military Aid Stalin got from the USA!

  122. Where have you been troll? The weapon deployed over Russia will let Russia destroy themselves. Your mind is 80 years in the past!

  123. dude your country is ran by a monkey, you cannot control the population of US, never mind trying to rule the world, get the fk back in your trailer home boy, before i take off my belt and teach you some respect.

  124. The latest intelligence estimates states that it would Take almost all of Russia;s standing army to conquer the entire Eastern half of Ukraine to the Dnepro River. Then what can the Dwarf do??

  125. If Russia has nothing to do with starting a war, then why are they taking over other countries? Why are the countries next to Russia joining NATO? Believe me I don’t want to see a war at all, nether Country would come out good.

  126. Come on Stupid! The US is China’s biggest customer. Russia is China’s biggest Debtor. China is just waiting to take Eastern Russia and Siberia.

  127. Bring it Stupid! You have no idea what you are talking about. Russia will be gone and China will take them over swiftly. They are just waiting. Then they will produce more to sell the West!

  128. Actually may be you should travel a bit more butty boy and you will come to the realisation that no1 has a problem with Russians and every freaking country has a problem with americans. but each to their own enjoy living with a tunnel vision

  129. Clark and Matlock are absolutely right. Nuclear war is not going to be like dropping nukes on defenceless Japanese. It will be death for the entire planet. Are politicians around the globe mad at all?..

  130. It’s not our fault that you are uninformed! New Weapons are deployed that will guarantee Russian missles only strike Russia!

  131. It’s called Death Star and it is deployed right over Fascist Russia. While Rogozin and his Morons count their nukes, this non nuclear weapon sits right over the Stupid Katsaps heads!

  132. Russia is huge, All Nato, pato, cannot completely defeat Russia, only injure, China is ally of Russia, Now Pak Ally of China, is ally of Russia, North is also ally of Russia, India and Israel are two bastards, ally of no one. Russia 8-10 k , china 5 k pak 1 k, north 8 -100 , US 7-8 k, Uk 300, france 300-500 , . It will be a war a bird will not be able to reach the other side, foretold.

  133. Ramsey Clark has always been on the side of America’s enemies! He is an active Communist of the old Soviet Variety. If we ignore this Dickwad, we are doing something right!

  134. “the U.S. has actively persuaded many of these eastern European countries to join NATO”

    this is nothing but a huge LIE. those checks from Moscow must be fat.
    Camrad Vikas,
    There was no need to US to “persuade” the eastern european countries to join NATO, but exactly the opposite. EEU countries practically begged to be included in NATO, and some of them were rejected (such as Georgia and Ukraine).
    And there is only one reason for which EEU countries want to be inside NATO, and they are willing to spend money and life: to be protected by your employer.

  135. If the US and Russia had a nuclear war, there would be nothing left of the world for anybody to continue on. It’s actually funny reading some people’s comments on here about who and where will survive. Nobody and Nothing will survive. Between two Super powers. There is no such thing as a Limited nuclear war. They fire half their missiles the first firing, and the other half the second firing to make sure all was hit. But do continue to go over Who and Where will survive, it’s entertaining.

  136. We have systems in place the whole world hasn’t seen.. including Russia. You won’t have a chance at landing a nuke. Operation Star Wars

  137. If Russia launches on us and only 100 warheads get through the USA is kaput Between the immediate deaths, fallout deaths and death from famine, disease and winter it would be the end of the world as we know it. Add in the massive fallout drifting over from the area’s we strike and the whole Northern hemisphere would be a trash pile of dead, sick and mutating people, animals and plants.

  138. Yeah if they ALL weren’t totally insane, But they all are, so, welcome to the world were war is big money to be had by all arms dealers

  139. If Putin wasn’t totally insane I would agree that relations with Moscow should be fixed but as long as Putin is there acting like a mad-man we cannot have normal relations with Russia.

  140. Those were not wars, they were political battles in the Cold War.

    If you cannot agree, just look up how many American died in those battles and how many died in WW II. See the massive difference? Just think what would of happened if the US really wanted to win those wars and put everything behind it.

    Here, I looked it up for you:

    Americans that died in the Vietnam Cold War conflict: 58,220

    Americans that died in WW II: 407,000 (the US population was only 132 million back then)

    So, the US put about 10 times more effort into WW II. Just think what would have happened if they put such an effort into the Vietnam Cold War conflict?

    What about the Korean Cold War conflict? 36,914 Americans died.

    It is all about scale and scope. Those that understand military politics and the use of data can easily tell the difference between a full out effort and a police action or battle.

    Just be aware, the US will put everything it has behind WW III. Millions of American troops, every US factory focused on military production, all advanced technology and every engineer burning the midnight oil pumping out advanced military weapons.

    That is what you can expect, not some half-assed effort with US civilians protesting. It will be a$ses and elbows.

  141. Keep hearing about how tough Russia is, if it weren’t for the allies pulling Russia’s a$$ out of the fire in WW1, your national food would be sauerkraut right now. Got what you deserved though, that’s what happens when one psychopath buddies up with another psychopath. Same thing is occurring as we speak, Pukins buddying up with Little Kim. We’ll see how THAT works out for you. Keep in mind that there are quite literally NO Asian countries that will allow a Russian presence that close to them.

  142. China has 3 Billion people, Russia has one of the biggest millitary in the world, as well as arsenal to go for 100 years, also both of these countries you have a compolsory army , unlike in the usa, so guess who is ready to whip your a$$. They can decimate USA in a matter of minutes, not involving any nukes.

  143. Sean, did you know that 10 feed of water is the equivalent of 1 inch of solid lead, in terms of protection from radiation? There will be plenty of water to drink around the world. Also, you just have to boil it and filter it. I guess you don’t understand the science.

    Humans have been testing hundreds very dirty nuclear bombs above ground since they were invented. Did we survive it?

  144. No, there will be winners and losers, just like in every war. Russia and China will be the major losers. The US too, probably. Those that are left untouched and far from the radioactive fallout will then have lots of resources left.

  145. Fact Check:

    1) Russia’s nuclear arsenal is not more modern than the US arsenal. In fact, the US spends over 20 times what Russia spends on their nuclear arsenal.

    2) Not everyone will die in a major nuclear war. There is far less energy in the total amount of nuclear warheads than there is in a major earthquake. The radiation will be deadly for a few decades but humans will figure out how to protect themselves from fatal doses. They will have children and humanity will live on in many places all over the world. Most other lifeforms will also live on, many will adapt to the radiation.

    Just look at Chernobyl today. It is like a wildlife preserve, nearly untouched by humans. It is beautiful and full of life. Check it out on YouTube.

  146. Mr, where are you from? Maybe you need to watch documentary about Hiroshima and Nagasaki before you mess with nuclear Russia. Unfortunately, if it happens, someone like you may not survive it to tell the story. Why do you want to commit suicide by attacking Russia?

  147. So, stop talking and let’s get it on! War is coming and the US wants it now! Looks like the war propaganda on both sides has done the job and hundreds of millions of men are ready to kill the evil enemy. They will fight, kill and die with great passion, at least in the beginning.

  148. Can US destroy only Russia not to talk of China combined with Russia? Agreed, US can destroy them, but will they fold their hands and watch US destroy them? You only know the beginning of war, you don’t know how it will end. So everybody should be careful not to aggravate already tensed situation with their comments.

  149. Thing is, massive resource wars are coming as we humans ride down the back side of the fossil fuel bell curve. Might as well get it over with now, while the US and the EU are so far advanced compared to Russia and China (the US alone spends more than twice the combined military spending of Russia and China, and has done so for decades).

    Here is a little secret – Russia will talk all big but when WW III breaks out and China calls on their “friend” Russia to help out, Russia will turn around and join the West, just like it did against Germany and his buddy Hitler. Hitler thought Russia would fight with them but was horrified to find out they now had to fight on two fronts. The war was already lost when that reality came to light. It was just a matter of time. Same for Japan. Once the US was engaged, they were doomed.

    The US wants to have a war with China and Russia right now. I guess the masses do not understand that. They have the strategic advantage to gain untold riches and power. They want it now, rather than later because both China and Russia are turning up the war machine as I write this post. Now is far better than 10 years from now.

  150. You people in US and Russia have tasted good standard of living, but Africa is still struggling. Please if you are going to fight each other just ensure we in Africa are not affected. Have you people forgotten about Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) between US and Russia? Each of you is capable of destroying the entire World if anything goes wrong. Please should you engage each other in War, just limit your War to your continents, we have more than enough challenges in Africa.

  151. lol, shut down the economy? Man, you sure are ignorant about the US military history. The economy will be put on steroids, if you will. Massive amounts of resources and energy will be used to ramp up military production, women will flood to new factories pumping out swarms of killer drones. You really have no idea what is going to happen, do you?

  152. They sure do! However, it will nearly impossible to kill all the humans. They will survive and resume their never ending quest to grow and expand into their environment. Advanced yeast, we humans are.

  153. You just don’t get it. If WW III gets as bad as many think it will get, there will be swarms of drones sent over any country that needs to be “cleaned up” and these drone will have sensors that detect heat and movement. Anything with a heartbeat or is generating heat will be attacked. Nobody will survive that, regardless of how many caves they try to hide in.

    Civility is the first thing that is going to be tossed out the window. It is going to be far more brutal than the front lines of WW I when the machine guns ruled.

    Remember what happened in WWII with the firebombing of entire cities filled with women and children? Now imagine 1000 times worse and that is what is now possible and will be used.

  154. lol! ISIS?! They are insignificant and their resources will be cut off as soon as it is deemed a threat (far later in the war, if ever).

    The next war will be a drone war (by the end of it) and the US has a huge lead in that technology (US, Japan and Korea). Swarms of drones are going to cause amazing damage to anything left after the big ICBMs go off.

    Russia and China have no hope of holding on for more than a few years. Europe will be destroyed, so will Japan but the US, Canada and Central America will still be cranking out massive amount of war machines.

  155. No, there is less energy in all human nuclear bombs as there was in that last huge Earthquake that caused the giant Tsunami. The radiation will be harsh for a few decades but humans will easily survive it and be back to almost normal in less than half a Century. They will just move to areas that are not too radioactive. Ten feet of water equals an inch of lead in terms of radioactive protection.

    I agree that humanity is de-populating and will be back to 1 billion people in about 150 years but most of that will not come due to war but to the reduction in net energy production. Most will starve to death and stop having children. Remember, modern food production takes 10 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce one calorie of food. Completely unsustainable.

    Welcome to the second half of the fossil fuel era – The Great Decline.

  156. You would still be more happy, EVHappy, in the nuthouse. Have you ever resorted to a professional help? Who told you the utter nonsense that the US would survive the Russian Nuke strike? None would survive on this Earth except for probably some bacteria and you who has the same brain size as these latter.

  157. Russia got their butts kicked in Afghanistan. Do you know your history?

    If the US really wanted to win these tiny police actions, they would put as many people and resources towards the effort as they put towards WWII. Just do a head count and you should understand what the US could do if it really wanted to. Most of the past wars were just political or for resources, not for survival.

  158. no my retarded friend it has always been Russian, the people who live there are russian, hence they want nothing to do with neo nazi kiev, and the likes of kerry the clown and obama the circus .

  159. lol, you think tiny and weak Russia will beat NATO? The combined military spending of the NATO countries (which includes the US) is over 20 times what Russia spends. Russia’s military infrastructure is nearly in ruins and China’s is just getting started and no match for the US, let alone all of the NATO nations. What drugs are you smoking?

  160. Russia and China would be completely destroyed if there was a nuclear war, and they know it. The US would be highly damaged yet still able to clean up and take over any resources that were left over.

    Welcome to the second half of the fossil fuel era – The Great Decline. Humans are going to power down and de-populate back to less than 1 billion people. Are we going to do it peacefully or through war. What does our history tell us?

    Don’t worry about it too much. In less than 1 million years there will not be any traces left of what happened. Heck there might be far worse wars after WW III and there will still be no trace left in 1 million years. There are many scheduled extinction events to go in the roughly 4 billion years Earth has left before the Sun consumes Earth as it runs out of hydrogen and expands to a Red Dwarf. In the end, the Human timeline will be but a blink of the eye by comparison. Even if we humans think we are so special, the universe couldn’t care less.

  161. Well, the Mongols did. America will strike Russia Economically first, and you will just destroy your own government. China may try to help, but China can or will only do so much because you do not have a formal alliance with China.

  162. Yes unilke the US that illegally occuped Iraq (no UN permission) or Afganistan (No UN permission) But hey you are the indespensable people, and the rest of the world are supposed to bow to you. LOL

  163. Steve loves war so much, so please go volunteer in Syria or were ever there is a war and get your stomach full. I just missed the draft for Vietnam due to age and the war ending. However, I had several buddies who went and they all said the same thing “It isn’t like the movies” So please go see for yourself what war is like since you seem to glorify it so,

  164. Russian nuclear subs patrol right off US coasts. They can take out NYC, Wash DC, Boston, Miami, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego, in seconds. Think about it.

  165. As an American who does and lives in foreign countries, I can tell you that your statement is true. However, most point the blame at Washington DC and not the people. However, it is dumbfounding why we let psychopaths run the country.

  166. Reality check ! Aghanistan goat herders couldn’t be subjected by the best military equipment. It ain’t the size of the dog, but the size of the fight in the dog. People who are fighting on their soil and for their people will fight hard. Why did the Rebels in East Ukraine send the Ukraine army packing? It ain’t about equipment, but about motives.

  167. Easy to talk big but the facts don’t lie. What military conflict has the US won since WWII? If they can’t win against a poor impoverished third world country, what makes you think you can win a huge country with nuclear weapons. All this big talk could get you and the rest of the world oblierated in a nuclear war. Is that a smart move? Just so you can show off your American greatest? I think it is stupidity in the highest order.

  168. You are giving him a compliment most americans have an iq of 35, the likes of blacks and mexicans with the yoy you man, I is going to cap your azz.

  169. Mess with a bull and you get the horns. Russia is a cow compared to the US. Mess with the US and Russia might just get p hucked in the wazoo.

  170. So that gives them the right to use military force? I guess Mexico should attack the US because there are more than 11 million illegal Mexicans living here right now. And probably 30 or 40 million more Mexicans here legally and it was Mexico before it was America. You are a p hucking troll idiot.

  171. And thats why as Russia/Europe does not get involved in USA’S internal business affairs neither should USA get involved in Russia’s/Europe’s affairs, stop war mongering, enough is enough, fix your own problems, have alook at the poor neighbourhoods in USA, have a look at how many people are losing their jobs, how much violence and gangstarism is on the rise in the USA. fix your own country and stop spreading wars please.

  172. I would not be surprised if the XB37 which is a smaller version of the space shuttle is a nuclear deterrent. There is a reason they have had one in space continuously the past 2 or 3 years and it would not surprise me if it had one of those lasers that can take out multiple targets very quickly. That is probably why it was switched from a NASA budget to a military budget.

  173. No Ruskie trolls responding here because history is quite factual. What would you rather have? US$ or Russian bread lines and no freedom?

  174. Those billions are the goodies that entice others. The civil war started because Russia invaded. That really isn’t a civil war. That is an invasion. That is why Russians are going home in body bags. See a difference there? America enticed them. Russia bullied/invaded them. With very little to offer other than death.

  175. That is right. They are enticed with goodies. Like the internet and a better life. Who wouldn’t want that over a bread line? Dumbphuck!

  176. Rather then be so bull headed to think Nuclear capability cares about who has been around longer, no one will win derpderpderp. Consider that an attack against the US would also trigger Article 5 of NATO, and that would mean our nuclear-enabled allies would also launch — so the Brits (submarine) and French (submarine and air) would add their weapons to the mix. Of course, some of the Russian weapons would be against them, and probably some other NATO allies (e.g., Germany, Turkey) because not only do those countries have some shared access to US nuclear weapons (although under US activation control), but once the nukes have been deployed, those countries have militaries that might use land access to invade Russia to mop up any forces that remained.

    Absolutely the worst case scenario in this sense would be that non-combatant parties might view this exchange as “open season” for their own ambitions — with no major power to restrain them, there might well be immediate armed conflict on the Korean peninsula, the Middle East, Kashmir, among others. Each has one or more participants with nukes, and those might well be let fly. China could well get involved.

    Australia, as a major US ally, might be targeted by the Russians, but I can’t think of much else primarily in the southern hemisphere that would be directly targeted.

    Primary medium-term fallout issues would be from strontium-90 and cesium-137 (assuming most of the detonations would be air burst — explosions at ground level would add others to the mix). Those have half-lives of 28 and 30 years, respectively. There would also be some amount of unfissioned plutonium released, with a half-life of over 24,000 years. These are particles that would be carried into the upper atmosphere and eventually into the water (and oceans). Death, illness, and mutation would result in areas of the world not otherwise suffering from nearby blast effects.

    Nuclear blasts also generate large-scale EMP events, so electrical and electronic devices would be destroyed in places no incident to any detonation.

    Explosions also produce lots of changes in atmospheric chemistry and small particles boosted to high levels. We would expect to lose large portions of the ozone layer, which in turn would let in lots of UV light. Plants and animals alike would suffer and die.

    The massive burning caused by the heat of the blasts, the fallout, the UV radiation, combined with any “nuclear winter” might reduce the plant life sufficiently that oxygen levels would drop significantly — thus rendering even moderate altitudes uninhabitable, and possibly leading to the demise of many warm-blooded species.

    Undoubtedly, there would be other effects, but you can see that even if you were hunkered down in a bunker in some wilderness area far from a strategic target, your survival for more than a few years would be problematic should a full-fledged war start.

    Of course, there are other scenarios that involve fewer nukes or even none. However, if there was any limited conflict, it seems highly unlikely that if either side was losing it wouldn’t resort to the “big guns,” and once started, that would be difficult to contain. That is why the US and the USSR (now Russia) have engaged via proxies for the last 60 years.

  177. I am pretty sure whatever Russian city you live in will be one of the first to go. Same with mine as I live in Silicon Valley which is a wonderful place that allows you trolls to speak to others not living in Russia

  178. Bahahaha, oh no… please don’t send your aircraft carriers over here too!… Oh wait, ya don’t have any do ya? Hope off Putin’s d1ck when you get a chance.. BOY

  179. Since when is Afghanistan and Ukraine within the borders of Russia? After all it was Russia that invaded Afghanistan first back in the 80’s. And Ukraine was a sovereign neighbor. Seems your facts lack a bit of true history. America unfortunately is the world leader. That was established at the end of WWII when no other country was able or capable of stepping up to fill that role including Mother Russia. Somebody had to take the lead to ensure there was not another leader like Hitler starting another World War. Then along comes Putin who wants to be the big dog after 80 years of not stepping up to the plate. Well having nukes does not make you a big dog. It just makes you a threat to world peace when you get psycho. Russia and Putin’s words and actions as of late have been very provocative. You can say that the US does it but we were entrusted with that role. Russia was not.. Russia could not as they were decimated as was Europe after WWII. Sometimes our allies do not agree with all of our actions but they never have gotten belligerent like Putin lately.They trust us because they know we saved their bacon before.

  180. Incase USA has not realised yet, there will be a ww3 unless these cowboys dont sit tight at home and fix their own country and stop f##king up every one elses, the world has had enough of USA’s war mongering, if there is war China, Russia, India, North korea, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, Half of South America, Half of Middle East will be against USA. OH AND LETS NOT FORGET ISIS. stop the war. vote for peace, AMERICA has no business in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. rather sit at home and dont play with fire boy, Russia is the oldest country in Europe and one of the oldest in the world, it has never been defeated and it will never be , keep om sending crap there , provoke us and dont be surprised if we start sending submarines, jets and nukes by cuba and mexico, ready to decimate USA as you know it.

  182. Your stupidity actually lies in the fact the article states Anti American sentiment is 81% in Russia. So you know it has bumped up to 90% already? This makes me question your 70% for the rest of the world. What country are you in Markus? People may not like us but only because we are so powerful. Why is that? Because without us, most of you idiots would be speaking German or may have already been exterminated long ago. America knows who its friends are. Germany, Australia and Canada. And any country dependent on those countries to survive.

  183. Europe is using much better military equipment than it ever had in the past. It was not just US presence that turned the tide of WWII but US military equipment. Now days, the US has integrated much of its weaponry into Europe with its allied partners. Russia has antiquated and cheaply made military equipment compared to Europe and the US. That is why they wanted to buy those Mistral class ships from France. They could not make anything better themselves.

  184. Its clear you have not been in the United States. You have to be accurate with targeting. The blast level is decided by the nuclear material. It could be small or so large is would mean the end of our species. If Putin is going to go this far then I don’t hold out any chance for Russia or the United States, or the world for that matter. I hope I do not live through the initial blast. Because those people have a future I would wish on no one. I hope that is understood. I keep hearing people brag and they just do not understand the repercussion on the Earth her self.

  185. WWIIII is the end of human existence , the nukes and radiation will drift around the globe killing even people in other countries, the fall out would be unthinkable, we all have seen what a volcano would do to the ash fallout, times that by over 3,000 – 6,000 nukes going off all over, but being radiation,and of course every state being blasted into a waste land,,,,,,,,, Russia is trying to end humanity by allowing their troops to fight against the Ukraine.. starting the war.. if Russia doesn’t pull out of Ukraine it was nice knowing ya…….

  186. The decoration of WWIII is already in place. We are waiting for a second assassination of Archeduc Ferdinand. By that time the US will discover the entire Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on its shoulders and it will be too late. Europe won’t be able to stand against Russia. The history showed that Russia always conquered territories in Europe. US will find between Russia and China fronts. Not to mention the IS…

  187. Really?? So you are one of those that think America started the protest in Kiev ? I have many friends in Ukraine and this all started because the Ukrainian people are tired of corruption and being fed sh#t by Russia!! They want a free prosperous country not one modeled after a dictatorship!!!!

  188. Your Stupid!! I really wish America would withdraw from the world stage and only protect our own shores. Then the whole world would see !!!!

  189. The only difference from Russian President Putin and Hilter is that Hilter was smarter. This would be like USA taking over Canada or Mexico and the rest of the world just watching. If i were President i would have sent troops right away once Russia invaded Ukraine. I can tell Markus your not an American and most likely from a third world country and maybe just don’t understand politics. Obviously your a against freedom, because your against humanity and against the advancement of human rights (Gays). As far as economy the USA is rebounding sorry for your countries economy but maybe you need to change your government. Best of Luck, Go RED WHITE & BLUE!!!!

  190. Just the mere thought that a Nuclear war is imminent would shut down the American economy, because 70% of our economic activity come from consumers buying something, and if this kind of war is coming they would stop buying anything but basic needs until the threat goes away or goes forward. If the threat just lasts for 30 days it would cause a total economic collapse in the US and Europe and every other country that holds US dollar debt, like Japan, Saudi Arabia, it could affect China too but they have been dumping the dollar and buying and hoarding all the gold they can to prepare for the removal of the dollar as the worlds currency, something that started in 2007 by the B.R.I.C.S. after the mortgage meltdown almost destroyed the worlds economy, so the threat of Nuclear will only accelerate what has already been started anyway. We have come to this because of greedy repugnicans who sold out the country to foreign interests and Israel.

  191. Rather sad that so many Americans are falling for all the mainstream media and govt. propaganda to make us think the US is doing the “right thing” by trying to punish Russia and seriously try and get them into a conflict. There are some real pathological neo cons and war mongers that actually “think” the US can win a first strike nuclear attack. For what? Russian isn’t playing around this time with the way the US is carrying on. For all practical reasons, the US has declared war on Russia, and I doublt that Russia is going to take it lying down this time. They are no one to mess with. This is really about the US going down the toilet along with the US dollar and they are trying to stop Russia and China from creating a new currency and banking system. Russia has been drawn into this, not the other way around.

  192. Well, if the U.S is able to defeat Russia it will ensure its dominance for the next 50 years. However if it shows weakness it will eventually be challenged by E.U Japan China and India. Find a right time to strike is the key.

  193. You are an absolute idiot Allen! You really don’t get what is going on at all. If the US war mongers and neo cons contrinue with trying to corner Russia and push them into a conflict, you will be glowing along with the rest of us. This isn’t a joke you fool, the US is way out of line on all of this.

  194. This guy is obviously a bubba repugnican with an IQ about 85 and a 6th grade education, Sean why even argue with someone who has an IQ of a snail and the morals of a snake.

  195. That is what they want you to believe hoping the US attacks them. US cannot even beat Goat, and sheepherders in Iraq, and Afghanistan, much less the super power Russia. Go play your fantasy video games, and wake the hell up!

  196. Russia controls space right now, and is capable of taking out the US Military Satellite system. Who do you think hitchhikes rides from Russia into space?

  197. Propeller planes? You have not seen what I have seen. Russia will destroy America, and you will see that, if you people keep allowing the insane to govern over you. Trust me, I have seen things Russia has, that America has no defense against. I presently live in Russia.

  198. first idiot i live and work in eastern Ukraine. i know the truth because I see and live it. you and rodger are the same person, no surprise there. idiot and lying trolls are just that. have the same value as used toilet paper flushed by the kremlin

  199. Yes the anti Russian sentiment reached 80% in America because most of the Americans don’t understand foreign cultures can’t even spell a foreign language are therefore brainwashed by their media, the anti American sentiment is 70% elsewhere in the world and 90% in Russia because the Americans and their NATO puppet are world warmongers Nr 1, world liars Nr 1 and most troubled Nation in the world, Country of the games and Home of the Gays ! The entire world economy is in recession because of these Americans.

  200. You are not American. You are a Russian propagandist who would sell your soul to the Devil out of blind loyalty. majority voted for Obama 2x. Respect the leader of America or get out and live in Russia and see how you will enjoy yourself in worst poverty than U.S. if you get constipated you blame Obama. Realize you are full of it and Obama is working with other countries to resolve this Russian invasion.

  201. If Russia had Poland or Hungry on their borders of Ukraine you are foolish in your comment to say that this is a threat to Russian security. Who the h#ll is threatening Russia? Make sense in your comment. It is common sense Putin is the threat to all its bordering countries. Why the hell you think we are working together with military exercises with the Baltic countries? They feel threatened by Putin’s arrogant aggression against Ukraine. Putin is mentally ill. He is one of the richest men in power in the world and he is collaborating with a N. Korean mad man, Iran and other’s that create instability in the world. He is a bad man. You like other’s have this attitude that you enjoy having a gang of drug dealers, killers pointing guns at you and threatening you. They must be stopped an eliminated for the welfare of the people. Where did you go to school? Stop living in la la land thinking this world singing we are the world and is so peaceful that we do nothing to stop evil aggression. Why do you keep blaming U.S.? Don’t you have common sense to realize that all of Europe is united in stopping this mad man Putin? You are probably a leftover from former commy Russia and brainwashed with blind loyalty. When the nukes start mushrooming in your back yard you can blame you blinded love on Putin

  202. Yes ,I’m the same person! Person of common sense! Person of reality! Not person as you! Not victim of western mass-media propaganda machine, spreading lies all over the world about Russia!

  203. those countries did not need help to hate russia. russia gave those countries all the reasons and proof they needed. the massacres and genocide committed by russia against these countries was all the incentive they needed to join NATO.

  204. that shows clearly you also are a russian troll. he spouts the lies of the kremlin and you support him, probably you are the same person as rodger.

  205. Russia couldn’t even defeat Afghanistan. No one wins in a war against a religious ideology that promotes senseless killing like the Jihadists. No one wins in a war. people suffer. It’s not a win loose situation. Russia did not declare war on Russia. Russia declared war on Ukrainian people right to independence. U.S. is not the only one fighting his madness..All of Europe is also. Even China is not promoting Putin’s action. They remain neutral. U.S. doesn’t kill innocent civilians in the middle east in their war against terrorists that are slaughtering their own people even. You go to Pakistan and you will enter the gateway to hell and never come out alive. You can’t win a war against an ideology. Christians were slaughtered by the Romans and they couldn’t even be defeated. Where did you go to school dude? probably in a Russian communist controlled country that brainwashed you

  206. thanks Bob for telling Lingban the truth. I replied to his internet propaganda and told him where to get off. He is U.S. bashing when U.S. did nothing wrong. We are working with all of Europe to eliminate this mad man and he believes the majority is wrong. Sometimes I feel Russian people are so conditioned and brainwashed to be under a tyrannical dictatorship for centuries they just don’t know any other way to live. I met people who escaped commy Russia and mentally they were morbid and had no spirit because they were forced into total submission. Good has always won over evil dictators even. Look at Hitler, Japan for example. The Russian commy regime fell apart and Putin wants to revive it. never happen. China is going through a reformation and you have people learning the truth about human rights and religious freedom because they are traveling world wide and the commy propaganda is on its way out in the next 20 years

  207. Yeah, we “menace” the world as you put it, police it as others put it. We don’t invade our neighboring countries in a blatant effort to annex them into U.S.A. There’s a reason 40+ countries are involved in the “menacing” we’re doing, because we’re all standing up for what’s right. And there’s a reason Russia’s reaching out to North Korea as a primary ally, because villains stick together. If knobheads like Putin and yourself could pull your heads from your collective a$$hole for more than a gasp of air you’d see we’re only policing the world because sociopaths are trying to take it over by force.

  208. One of the things we export is the computer technology that makes it possible for you idiot trolls to post. And we invented it as well. Meanwhile, life expectancy is actually FALLING in Russia, while here, one in four boys and one in three girls born today can expect to live to one hundred. Russia has nothing left except delusions of grandeur. If you attack a NATO country we will hand your ass to you in a body bag. Enjoy the decades of coming poverty, isolation and backwardness while your masters continue to steal you blind. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  209. Vince, for more than twenty years Ukraine was eating massive anti-russian propaganda given by U.S! Even Poland trying to make this country more anti-russian! Today ukranian society (not everyone, fortunately) deeply ill! Ill with nationalism and anti-russianism…..But it will get rid of that illness! Time will come! And Ukraine again will be with Russia! It’s inevitable! We are brothers!

  210. They’ve got the same amount of nukes as us, and theirs are more modern, more well trained, and not run off a 5.25″ floppy disk. Nuclear war is the absolute last thing we want; there’s a reason it’s known as Mutually Assured Destruction. That means pretty much everyone dies, and those who don’t soon follow.

  211. It is highly classified but there are probably already nuke war heads pointed at Putin from Europe. By the time he passes wind a city will be leveled and he can’t intercept a nuke. If it is overhead and doesn’t touch ground when they fire at it then it will be detonated and cause damage downward onto everyone below. The question is who will push the first button for the advantage. When someone big shoved me one time I defended myself and lit up his face before he had the opportunity to hit me. I won the fight. It is critical to get the first punch in for safety.

  212. Hard to consider yourself “threatened and encircled” when illegally occupying one of your small neighboring countries. If Russia wants conditions to improve with the west, GET OUT OF UKRAINE.

  213. There is certainly criminal DNA in the heart of the US government you should look at the old World reports website which is now on the internet archive, the US criminality exposed there will make most peoples blood run cold.
    Oh by the way one of the chief exports of the US is Garbage.

  214. Yea and the US has none of that right since the USA’s military spending is a lot less than Russia’s right?
    What is your point?
    My point is undisputed across all sides. If we start nuking each other there will be no planet left and nobody wins.
    How do you Russian trolls not see this? I guess you are too caught up in your POS corrupt kleptocracy nationalism of Russia to see the reality of the situation.
    Sad really. Hope you like soup and bread lines.

  215. There is no fall out. Nuclear weapons are obsolete. ??? ??? ???????? ????????. ??????? ?????? ? ????????? ????? ???????? ? ?????? ??????????????? ???????????? ? ??????? . ??????? ???????.

  216. All of the countries you listed enact expansionist policies, and if they had the same power as the U.S. (like they so crave) they would ‘menace’ the world in a crueler and harsher way. So maybe a democratic country being the world power isn’t such a bad thing compared to harsh communists/religious radicals, and maybe it is good that their totalitarian ideologies are being contained (unless you’re into that kind of stuff, cause I’m not).

  217. Who the hell are you to make a judgment like that? What if someone invaded your small country and you were helpless. Putin is like cancer and if he is permitted to violate internationally accept laws invading Ukraine and we allow him, he will continue to invade other smaller countries. You have to destroy this cancer called Putin. It sets a bad example in the world. U.S. is on the right side fighting terrorism with other European allies. U.S was a part of stopping Japan from an unjustified invasion of America. U.S stopped a madman named Hitler who was systematically torturing, starving, gassing to death, and burning alive millions of helpless civilians in ovens. Where have you been educated? Get the facts straight. U.S. has been a beacon of light and an example for prosperity, human rights, freedom of religious practice and economical wealth and health care for over a century. Where do you think computers, phones, electricity, cars came from? Don’t be pointing the finger unless you lived in America and have witnesses what a wonderful country it is. I have lived in countries all over the world. There is no place as good as America. U.S. has always been a big brother to the entire world. China would have been still living in abject poverty if it wasn’t for Europe and especially U.S. welcoming them into world trade. You are like a fly that looks for faults only without any evidence. You wouldn’t be able to write this comment on internet if it wasn’t for computers that were jnvented in U.S. Think about it.

  218. I wish it were true that Russia was the bad guy and we were the good guys, sadly that certainly is not the case.
    The US destabilized the Ukraine and set up a puppet Nazi government in Kiev and not a shred of credible evidence has been provided to prove Russia has invaded the Ukraine.

  219. Both the USA and Russia have nuclear ICBMs that once launched will reach each others target city within 30 minutes. That’s less time than many Americans spend in rush hour traffic. The Russians are believed to have nuclear ICBMs targeting every US city with a population over 100,000 people. No, the USA could not “win” a nuclear war with Russia. However, the USA can have itself bombed to h#ll and let the Chinese or Brazilians take over leading the world once both the USA and Russia are bombed into the stone age.

  220. ? ????? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? . ? ??????? ????! ?? ??????? ?? ??????, ??? ?? ???????? ? ???? ?????? . ? ????, ??? ??? ????????. ???? ?? ??????, ?? ????? ????????????? ???????? , ????? ??????.

  221. Did you not read my comment? Since you missed it I will copy and paste it for you.
    “3-4 to flatten Russia or for that matter throw in a few more and you can destroy the entire planet?”

    I’m pretty sure when the “entire planet is destroyed” means nobody wins genius.

  222. So, each of these countries were peaceful nations prior to US intervention and had no history of violence? The US is the reason these countries are 3rd world? They are victims of the Pentagon and not of their own corrupt leaders? Yes, Russia is the true peaceful nation that stays within it’s own borders. Russia has never done and can do no wrong.

  223. America is weak and Odumba’s plan is working. knock america to her knees before that muslim terrorist is out of our country and back in his country, kenya.

  224. Odumba is not as brave as Putin. where Putin has balls, Odumba has a Pu##Y. hopefully Putin will kick Odumba right in his Vag hole. Americans are sic of this government and especially the Muslim terrorist living in our white house.

  225. It is rodger olsen the russian troll masquerading as an american. he lies worse than putin. putin lies for the big payoff while rodger only wants his 1000 rubles per day

  226. Putin is not mentally stable as a matter of fact. If all his neighbors are against his invasive attitude, he should back his fat filthy rich ego off and establish peace. Why should all the former commy countries give into him. Why doesn’t he become a peace maker. How many Russians are going home in body bags as their economy is in a severe crisis. He is preying on their weakness militarily and economically. The Russian economy had a lot of problems before the sanctions and it was a stupid move for him to not remedy it and have sanctions further bring it down. Before Hitler ignited WW2 he concocted propaganda because the German economy was terrible. The war and nationalist pride is what promoted their war mongering mentality to invade Europe. That created a stronger economy and even children were supporting the military. Putin is a reflection of what Hitler did but more dangerous because he is a psycho that would probably start a nuclear war because he knows he would have to fight all of Europe and the U.S. They don’t have the money for such a huge conflict, so he will use nukes like he promises. He is bluffing…maybe trying to throw fear into everyone so he can have his way making the world believe he is a god on earth that can destroy Russia and other countries. If it is meant to happen lets get it done and over with. I will just get a case of good beer and my lawn chair and watch the end of civilization. We can all go down together….. and what a better way. Stop toying with this madman. He is daring half the world to be the first to pull the trigger. Then he can point the finger at us and blame us for his madness. I want to see this snake crawl back into the whole he came out of.

  227. It’s time and PAST time someone removed terrorist Amerika as a threat to the world community.

    Amerika, Amerika……..A sheet of molten glass……..from sea to shining sea.

    C’mon sissy …wrap that flag around you and join me in a big glass of kickash

  228. I don’t know why the Russians would ever like the US, given US has virtually boycotted the Russian economy ever since the end of the cold war and has started a new one. It’s either US way or highway. That would be ok if we were going in right direction, but other country’s don’t like what we’re preaching.

  229. The US government is the thug running wild out there. Look what the US has done to Afghanistan,Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya to just name more than a few victims of the Pentagon. And if we went a few years further backin history,t he violence of teh US adds up to even much more than just that.

  230. All of this will end in catastrophe, when everything is done and said we`ll be back to the 1800s, millions will die, money will be worthless and we won`t be able to till the soil and drink the water for some time but at the end we`ll see the light and humanity will be born a new.

    The Seer of the Forest.

  231. I’m afraid that you’re right about that. I’m almost certain that I’ll be dead by then. I just hope that this doesn’t come to pass while anybody nobody that I know and care about is still around to deal with it.

  232. Russia, Putin in particular, acts like a spoiled child who cannot get along with others.
    Why 28 European nations can argue and discuss their differences in civilized ways, why not Russia does the same?

    We need not appease the KGB. This guy behaves like a thug and gangster. And he is dragging Russia down on the dark track.

  233. Why listen to Americans when the crappiest countries in NATO (most of which have no business being in NATO would rather start WW III to avenge a millennia of failure vis a vis Russia? Sadly, the leaders in Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw and Tallinn don’t seem to realize that if they do manage to instigate the beginning WWII, the Rusians have more than enough warheads to level their capital cities, along with every other city that the United States and it’s allies don’t incinerate.

  234. We should all be willing to risk global thermonuclear war over the very important question of whose flag flies over Donetsk. And Luhansk, for that matter.

  235. what a load of ###. 1) how does NATO encircle Russia? there are less than 500 kilometers of russian border that is next to NATO countries? the author lies through his teeth making this statement or he is a foolish man. he needs to get a map and learn how to read it. 2) the US has not asked any country to join NATO. all the warsaw pac countries applied to join NATO as soon as possible for added defense against russia. In point of fact; many countries in the former warsaw pac were delayed entry into NATO. 3) The US is is treaty bound to come to the defense of Ukraine because the US is signatory to the Budapest Memorandum signed by the US, the UK, Russia, and the Ukraine guarantees the borders of Ukraine and the sovereignty of Ukraine because Ukraine gave up its almost 1500 nuclear missiles. this journalist, and I use the term loosely because he does little if any research on the subject matter, would know this, instead he says the countries that signed this treaty should renege on their obligations and allow a country of 40 million to ground down under the tracks of russian tanks.

  236. British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond is the biggest nut in the British government. He is a paranoid Russia-phobic war monger who is always expecting Russian bombers to attack Buckingham Palace by nightfall.

  237. No. Of course an American wouldn’t understand the workings of the US. My God you Russians are stupid. It’s no wonder you produce absolutely nothing of value except weapons of war. You can’t compete in the modern world because you are too incompetent and corrupt so you try to make it as criminals. I am convinced that criminality is in the DNA of Russians. You idiots troll these Western websites thinking you will change minds in the West. We’re on to you Ligban. Nobody will trust a Russian again for a hundred years.

  238. The nature of US around the globe speaks volume. Take Ukraine as an example. US instigated overthrow of the government, gave them billions of dollars and promised more (IMF funding). Now what happens? Civil war started after government overthrow because the west Ukrainian chose to associate with west while the east Russia. If US just didn’t shore up there wouldn’t be fighting between west and east. Of course I don’t expect ignorant and arrogant Americans like you to understand the workings of the US.

  239. we need to use a putin tactic and say okay putin your not helping the rebels THEN WIPE THEM THE F#$K OUT OF UKRAINE AND SIT BACK AND SEE WHAT HAPPENDS NEXT!!

  240. Then why is US so sacred up to now to declare war on Russia? If US is so superior why haven’t they won the war in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afganistan etc. as yet? Why couldn’t US just take out Russia to keep Ukraine? Tell me Intel. man.

  241. You really need to get an education before you comment on the subject. Eastern Europe spent almost half a century under the Russian boot. No goodies were required. All they wanted was protection from the Russians so that they could build prosperous democracies like exist in the West.

  242. ok, know need to go further. You refuse to believe, I am not here to force you. Actions speak. And yes…talk to professors. 1938 had nuclear weapons being played with. You nare partially right. Years of research takes place before 1945. This was NOT a weekend project. Years of dinking around took place before 1945. Make sense? Talk with people in the know. The rockets for the shuttle are different and in place. We are buying old rockets from Russia for satellite launches. NOT SHUTTLE LAUNCHES. What if I am right? If you got proof would you be surprised? LMFAO NO NUCLEAR LAUNCH WILL BE SUCCESSFUL< PERIOD. WE HAVE THAT DONE DEAL. GUARANTEED DUDE. No spin. You think you know it all of what america has? 600 billion a year USA spending defense for decades, vs, 78 billion from Russia, and now 135 billion for China…not including the exchange rate. Believe me, you are thinking the way I hope Pooty is. That will guarantee surprises and victories for us. Thanks, keep up with your thinking. I pray you all do.

  243. If only US could be on the right side of every conflict always there wouldn’t be any issue with Russia now. But US is always on the wrong side.

  244. No shallow thinking , only inept listeners. To connect the dots for you the reason I used the early Russian space superiority over the U.S. is to reinforce the concept they are as capable as us at technical innovation or nuclear war. Your statement that Russia doesn’t trump us in anything is the most dangerous thinking rational – That is what Poland and England , France and the rest of Europe said at the beginning of Hitler’s reign. I will agree with you that in the event of an all out nuclear war-it will be bad for life on earth.

  245. hopefully our idiot politicians in DC will figure out a way to back out gracefully – this will not be the US Shock ^ Awe Target Practice as it was in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam – this will be a real war with real nuke war heads – Iraq didn’t have nuke submarines, russia has many – china has many – we are out gunned in every dimension in an all out war with russia, since it won’t be just russia, it will be asia/brics, they all hate us .

  246. Philip Hammond is a liar.

    If there is a escalation to full blown conflict it will certainly not be Russia’s fault.



  247. There must be an easier way to eliminate the USA’s mega trillions in debt to the FED’s european private banks than eliminating europe itself in a puff of nuclear smoke, the FED is a loan shark institution and should be paying the US for the unfair lending practices it has engaged in from its beginnings as the Bank of England, when the 13 original colonies were offered a cessation of hostilities if the colonies made the bandit Bank of england the new country’s exclusive bank and accepted 20 mil in gold to be repaid 80 years from the time of borrowing, it could not be paid, backroom deals were made and the BOE now the FED has the US over a barrel. The FED ought to return the ill gotten gains and stop dictating foreign policy to the US to be the out of town organizer of hit men for hire to get hot mineral rights from proxy invaded countries where it has now finally gotten them into a a position of liquidating the debt by liquidating them en mass. The US should plain and simple nationalize the FEDS assets and arrest the loan sharks for causing desperate acts to pay the debt by favors. Killing europe by design will serve only to eliminate the debt of many countries for a short time and will be short lived altogether because the back up plan after e u rope hangs itself by idiotic actions is that a new oligarchy made up of household names here in the US will do the same thing for the same reasons, debt enslavement for power and control. So europe will you survive yourselves.

  248. No one has threatened Russia.
    When adjoining countries of Europe feel Russia is a threat to them, they apply to join NATO. Putin’s obvious and outward aggression is exactly why NATO was established. Defense against Russian aggression, as we see in Ukraine and hear in his lies and threats. The Putin regime’s mismanagement of the country’s economic future is Russia’s only direct threat.
    Russia has always been an outcast due to its own internal political and economic corruption with vast territory spanning 11 timezones and with little to offer but natural gas, oil, and weapons. There’s no desire of want. They are free to rape themselves but leave others alone!

    Threats of nuclear war. What wonderful thoughts. I hope Putin burns in hell for his greed and twisted ego. I’m amazed that others are with him with his destructive agenda. It MUST have to do with money because they surely aren’t displaying any empathy or human morals

  249. That happens, you might as well kiss your a$$ goodbye, because you’ll be ash or dying from radiation poison. Of course you want that don’t you?

  250. they(Russian) have a nuclear base in the north pole if you touch that base we change the earth position in the solar system and every body going to died for Ukraine!!! we world don’t deserve that I am pro business and against nuclear war

  251. Nuclear war, blah blah blah, Russia, blah blah blah, end of world, blah…blah blah….blah blah blah. Always articles like these, nothing new.

  252. The first nuclear bomb was the Trinity test in Los Alamos N.M. in 1945-Before then-no bombs- on our world in 1939- As for 3 shuttles on standby-that is government talk for : No how-No Way will those 3 shuttles ever leave the ground.-The rest of your comment is opinionated spin and repeated propaganda.

  253. What a crock. The US did not have to persuade anybody to join NATO. The Baltic and Eastern European nations practically begged to join, just as Georgia and Ukraine have done since then. These people know the nature of the Russians and they want nothing to do with them.

  254. I you sure !!! is better don’t try because nobody going to win every body going to loss only a stupid and crazy can think that can win.

  255. Vikas Shukla is doing his “job” by posting this article.TAKE IT HOW YOU WANT. The reality of “MAD” is “Mutually Assured Destruction”. The reality of atomic war is”mutual destruction” If this is the future then let’s get it on, right Vikas? Why haven’t we already had a nuclear war? Weapons have been available for many years. Your article is a piece of crap.

  256. shows what you know they have been building in secret we recently discovered our intelligence on Russia. is out dated and there technology is compilable to our own. on top of that russia has over 5,000 nukes we more then what we got. a nuclear war with russia would not only be bad for us and our economy but will be bad for the re4st of the world. only way to stop russia is to do what were doing now and bankrupt them buy keeping gas prices low

  257. They are probably not all junk, but a lot of them certainly are. Even Russia’s new nuclear arsenal are not that impressive though. The Bulava nuclear cruise missile, which was put into service just last year, already has a failure rate of 60% in field tests.

  258. I worked in intel. And I can tell you that Russia can mess with us. We do have all the good toy to take out their missles. You’ll see soon enough.

  259. Russia already has the largest territory in the world, with bountiful natural resources, why does it feel it needs to control and exert influence over countries beyond its borders? Poland and the Baltic nations didn’t need any persuasion to join NATO, they begged the west for membership and had to go through tough reforms before they were given membership. These countries feared Russia, and for a very good reason. Russia grabbed Poland and the Baltic nations during WWII via invasion, and went so far as annexing the Baltic nations into the Soviet Union against their will. To these countries, Russia is their biggest threat, which is why they sought protections with the west. Now Georgia and Ukraine feel the same way after they have also been invaded by Russia. Maybe if Russians take the time to consider the history of the Soviet Union’s aggressive invasion and annexation of its neighbors, then they can understand why so many of the former Soviet republics want nothing to do with Russia. Russia today is eerily similar to Germany after WWI, seeking to reclaim territories that it had previously lost, and as was the case with Hitler, appeasement with Putin would only embolden him.

  260. Their Mobile launchers are more of a threat to Eastern Europe than the United States. They’re not going to drop any of their big nuclear bombs that need to be dropped by plane. Their bombers are not going to penetrate American Mainland regardless what anyone says. What you hear about them probing international boundaries is something totally different. Russia’s best method of delivering a nuke to the USA mainland if through submarines. The Mobile Launchers do have a range that will reach the United States mainland, but that will give the United States plenty of time to react. If the Nuclear Submarine could get close enough to the United States mainland and bypass all the American defenses then that would be their best way to deliver a nuke. Russia really doesn’t want to take that route.

  261. Why is the U.S. willing to threaten war with Russia over a dispute between two ethnic groups in a third rate European country ? I can see why Russia has a dog in the fight, they have a long border with Ukraine and they don’t want our military to have any more access to the area than we already have, but is it really that important to us ? We already have military bases in Europe and aircraft based an hours flight from major Russian cities. Let’s not be too greedy, it just aint worth a major war with a nuclear power.

  262. I agree – dismissing Russia is a dangerous thing, but everything else you stated is shallow thinking. Currently Russia does not trump US in anything, except perhaps in mobile MCBNs. Russian population is clustered no less than US in major cities and the number of these cities is a lot smaller than in US. More importantly, if both countries unload their nukes, there will be no meaningful number of survivors not only in US-Russia but even in the world poisoned by the radioactivity.

  263. YEs The 1st use was In Japan. They were invented before that. And YEs. We have (3) shuttles on stand by and 32 mimi shuttles that are pilotless ready to go. We do not need to go up anymore unless in war. I suggest you read this…Meanwhile, (PRAVDA)
    rearmament has been slow, and much of the military’s equipment remains decades
    old. The once formidable Soviet navy is now little more than a coastal
    protection force, experts say. All of the navy’s large vessels, including its
    flagship and sole aircraft carrier, the non-nuclear Kuznetsov, are
    holdovers from the Cold War. (By comparison, the United States has ten nuclear
    carriers and builds several new warships each year.) Russian air power will
    also be limited, at least in the short term. Aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi is
    developing several new advanced warplanes, including a fifth-generation
    “stealth” fighter (the T-50), but production has been sluggish in some cases,
    and most of the current air force dates from the 1980s.

    Russia has made the modernization
    of its air and space defenses a top priority of the rearmament program,
    establishing a consolidated Aerospace Defense Command in 2011. The mainstay of
    this defense network is the S-400, a long- to medium-range surface-to-air missile system, to be
    deployed near Moscow and strategic positions along Russia’s perimeter. A more
    advanced S-500 is in development.

  264. The “point of view” from Russia existed centuries before NATO. It was the view of every Russian tzar and dictator – expand the Russian Empire at all costs. Times change, official reasons change, but fundamental pursuite of Russian glory remains.

  265. We did not send that shuttle up for 32 years (4) times a year to watch monkeys have intimate relations. We have some new toys up above. You keep that border security. We have one way up that knows no borders. Nuclear tech is from 1938. That is all we have? LMFAO NYET! Find out like the Japs did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki! WE HAVE NEW TOYS THAT ARE GAME CHANGERS! Russia and CHINA are neutered with nukes. JUST WATCH! LMFO You never know who is typing. I just might be telling something you need to think about. LMFAO

  266. The same place where you hear about Russia’s military supreme. Seriously, some people will just believe anything PRO Russia and Anti United States.

  267. How can you even say that you honestly think everyone gives a sh#t at what would happen after a fall out hell no and I bet there plenty of people with control over nuclear arms that wouldnt hesitate even for a second that long standing of ohh you cant use nukes cause everyone would suffer is long under a bus period nobody gives a sh#t any more and one day the sh#t will hit the fan and on that day I will tell you (if still alive) I told you so.

  268. Show us! I dare you! The quiet guy always wins. Pooty has been talking trash. Trash talkers get their rear ends kicked. Please see below. Not scared. And Russia cannot feed its supply lines right now. Even Russia states that a war right now would collapse it. Do your research monkey mouth. The USA is just fine.

  269. Know your facts-that space shuttle for moving astronauts has been replaced by Russian rockets because the U.S. economy couldn’t afford the shuttle program any longer.-By the way-Putin said he won’t allow U.S. astronauts to ride any more Russian rockets-Effectively banning U.S. from the International Space Station. YES WE HOLD ALL THE CARDS—Keep dreaming

  270. We should simply adopt Putin’s tactic and deny we are doing any such thing; “what troops”? A nuclear arms race with Russia might be just the thing now that they are on the ropes anyway. The last time they tried to keep up it broke them and the CCCP into little pieces, literally. And exactly what of these “normal troop movements and rotations within NATO” are going to prompt Putin to push the button. We have not fired a single shot at a Russian or separatist. So Vlad is going to unleash hellfire because we have 300 troops in Latvia?

  271. Who said “Russia attacked Ukraine”? You? Take your pills on time, retard. There were 10 mil ethnic Russians lived in Ukraine before the war began. Political borders were shifted 70 years ago but the populous did not change, they are all Russians.

  272. Russia’s nuclear arsenal is old rusty junk from the times of the Soviet Union. Half of their missiles won’t even leave the silos and break down before launch, the other half will most likely crash land into the Ocean. The few that actually make it close to our borders will be shot down, because contrary to what you have heard, we DO have a missile shield built in secret and in place protecting the US mainland…

  273. It was Silicon Valley HAD the most foreign spies in the world. US lets they stole all necessary information now they, the crooks , turn back against us.

  274. Russia is a huge country-it spans 11 time zones-the U.S. spans 5. U.S. nuclear weapons are designed for pin point accuracy (superior tech. in the missal guidance systems). Russian nuclear weapons have more explosive power (larger blast radius). The U.S. would have to pinpoint a city (Moscow)- where as Russia would only have to be approximately near a city to destroy it. In the event of a nuclear war, living in Russia would give a person a lot of land area to “not be hit” in.
    The U.S. is small in comparison. Much of the population clustered in large cities. Math alone suggest a higher survivability rate in Russia than the U.S..
    Russians aren’t simple country people,. They put the first object in space-launched the first satellite (sputnik), put the first animal then human in space. Put the first object on the moon- have the only way to get to (and leave) the Space station. They have trumped us in many technical advancements, so to casually dismiss them is a very dangerous thing.

  275. And that would not happen. Guarantee. You think America sent that shuttle up for 32 years to watch monkeys have intimate relations? We have stuff never seen. Never know who is typing do you? Not one war head would hit. Just watch. Russia and China are neutered. Nuclear weapons are obsolete and from 1936. That is all Russia and China have? We will introduce some new toys! LMFAO

  276. Vikas Shukla is obviously paid by military industry and Pentagon to create fears in us so that can rob the treasury. no sales here! Reagan did nuke race that took our nation into deficit spending ever since, no thanks!

  277. Did you forget
    that the response is automatically? Over 3000 Russian nukes will be in the air.
    No one will win. This is why USA cannot do anything. The whole planet will be nuclear

  278. Russia attacked Ukraine without much of a reason. If Russia was more capable it would have attacked America some time ago.

    Either way China is arming itself for war but not necessarily for a side.

  279. There are no nukes in space,. They would be destroyed because of the debris circling the earth. They did send up a new satellite but carrying nukes was not on the agenda.

  280. You are talking basically about Bear bombers that were old in the 60s, The new Russian Bomber would not make it very far. The United States is not chasing a nuclear bomber because they are too easy to shoot down. The United States and Allies are well stocked on submarines actually more than Russia has. Mobile Nuclear weapons can be spotted either by plane or satellite. The United States built the first cruise missiles, and the new ones are super sonic. Well then that answers you question. Anyone in the right mind would not fire nukes. Putin has been up and down he worries me because he shows no remorse.

  281. You know what Clinton, Bush, and Obama have in common? They were all way too young as presidents, and all three had too many problems. I WANT AN OLD GUY LIKE REAGAN. Why? Tell it like it is! No more babies in the White House!

  282. My suggestion is that both sides stop talking about nuclear war. We, in the West are the aggressors and acting overwhlemingly stupid but neither side would survive all out nuclear war…

  283. With 5000 nuclear missiles in flight from both sides, if all the missile defense systems on both sides worked perfectly it would take out 500, and the remaining 4500 would more than take care of destroying the whole planet. However the Southern Hemisphere should remain habitable, so Australia, South America or a pacific island is where the USA president would land and live out his life.

  284. The UK “leaders” have a reputation of bad judgement. One very fresh was Mr Chamberlain. His underestimation of Hitler intention cost a lot of misery in Europe and England in WW2. They have no this day…

  285. It sounds like Ramsey Clark and Jack Matlock are two extremely intelligent individuals. Too bad most of Washington is devoid of any intelligence….

  286. Did you forget
    that the response is automatically? Over 3000 Russian nukes will be in the air.
    No one will win. This is why USA cannot do anything. The whole planet will be nuclear

  287. I am not sure of that. The United States just finished them an are installing them. The have been tested to 98% that is pretty good. So I am not to worried. Russia has nukes on both sides of the country.

  288. The Fractional Orbital Bombardment System[1] (FOBS) was a Soviet ICBM program in the 1960s that after launch would go into a low Earth orbit
    and would then de-orbit for an attack. It had no range limit and the
    orbital flight path would not reveal the target location. This would
    allow a path to North America over the South Pole, hitting targets from the south, which is the opposite direction from which NORAD early warning systems are oriented.

  289. The only fascist I see are working for Putin. He is an Oligarchy all on his own. The nationalism he is using is fascist not Kiev. The head of the Pro-Russians states that the old Jews are ruling Kiev. Is he wrong?

  290. Russia would collapse with a war right now. Ask any economist in the USA or Russia. That would just about complete the collapse of Russia. Putin would be gone too. America and her shiny new equipment will do just fine against propellar planes and 80’s tanks. We have been in war for 25 years and are ready. If Pooty starts stuff, It would be ugly. But the USA would win. I WOULD NOT TRADE PLACES WITH RUSSIA EQUIPMENT WISE! LMFAO

  291. The only way to avoid escalation of this USA -Russia conflict is to take a step back and see if we can see this from the point of view of Russia. Even China said the USA has to consider Russia need for NATO not to push up against Russia, and Russia’s perceived need to defend ethnic Russians in Ukraine. We know some facts 1) BBC news reported two months ago that a high paid sniper was hired to shoot people on both sides of the Maiden square uprising, was it Germany, CIA or current Ukraine President who hired him? Someone instigated this 2) USA drones were flying there seems like a smoking gun that we were involved, Russian even took two fully armed ?USA drones down over Cremia 3) last the UK did not want to be drawn in to this which is why France and Germany tried to negotiate a deal, but what speaks loudly is the MP who spoke in parlement against involvement, they were on the intelegence committee so they probably know who started it and just like the Bay of Taken resolution got us into the Vietnam war on a farce, so too is this evidence something is wrong.

  292. Russia may be acting like it is on the way, but anyone who has seen the damage knowing the consequence globally I doubt Russia will launch. There would be little or nothing left of Russia proper. China would claim Siberia. If the United States and Its allies stopped making sure they are ready for a Russian invasion like Ukraine is very important. that said Russia has asked for new arms talk after heavy armor came into the Baltic States.
    As for the ability of Obama I will leave to the doctors. He can not lead anyone off the cliff. He is negotiating with Russia with Iran, an d with the members of the EU.
    So I doubt a nuclear war. If there was an attack Russia would immediately have to deal with MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. That means if Russia fire we will retaliate with like power. Depending on the strength of the nuclear weapon we could be alright, Or the world would face nuclear winter which lasts about 10000 years.

  293. Listen if you think the u.s spends more than all the other countries in the world and don’t have weapons they can’t tell you about then your clueless . Also jus check and see who’s nukes is right at Russia’s door step they got along way to travel we got nukes in they back and front yard you better check the middle east map

  294. Kiev Fascists? I see the comrade commissar author has been bribed with vodka. It’s funny how Russia accuses others of being Fascist when it has the most NeoNazis out of any country in the world (look it up).

  295. Obama is an immature, angry, puke head who is leading us all off a cliff. He can take his smooth line and hike. George Bush can go with him.

  296. It’ll take more than 4 Nukes to flatten Russia. Russia has a low population density but it spans across 11 time zones, roughly 3 times the territory of the US. The US is packed full of people, like a can of sardines who depend on the well developed infrastructure to survive. If the infrastructure is destroyed, it’ll be a country wide chaos. And Russia has the Dead Hand (Perimeter) autonomous nuclear response system, in addition to the nuclear powered nuclear armed subs that carry around 80 nuclear warheads each and can stay underwater until the food runs out, in addition to mobile nuclear units(disguised RR units that traverse the extensive Russian railway system, and the trucks), in addition to the underground silos, in addition to the supersonic strategic nuclear bombers that carry nuclear cruise missiles, in addition to the conventional forces of all sorts that are built to withstand a nuclear strike or at least shielded against the radiation exposure….in addition to the state of the art missile defense systems that would shoot down most if not all incoming missiles.

  297. Actually no. Russia has a missle defense system and its the most advanced on this planet at the moment. It sorrounds its entire boarder. Last year Russia had a nuclear sub in the gulf of mexico waiting for strike orders. It took 3 weeks for the USA to detect it. Look it up.

  298. “Nuclear arms race”? Really? How many nukes do you really need with modern technology? 3-4 to flatten Russia or for that matter throw in a few more and you can destroy the entire planet?
    Not likely going to result in nuke arms race. Once one nukes goes off from either side Russia will be gone that day. Too many other strategic areas and countries that are allied with NATO that have nukes.

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