Russia Ready To Repel A ‘Lightning-Speed’ Nuclear Strike

Russia Ready To Repel A ‘Lightning-Speed’ Nuclear Strike
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Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) are fully prepared to repel any nuclear attack, including the “lightning speed” nuclear strikes. SMF Central Command Chief Andrei Burbin told RSN Radio that Russia would conduct a retaliatory strike in any circumstances “without hesitation.” Burbin said that if there was a challenge to repel a lightning speed nuclear attack, “it will be done in fixed time, that’s dead true.”

Russia’s rearmament remains on track

Major General Andrei Burbin said that Russia’s strategic missile forces were positioned geographically such that they cannot be destroyed by “any global strike.” He added that Russian nuclear operators will act without any delay if given an order to carry out nuclear strikes. A retaliatory nuclear strike is guaranteed by “Dead Hand,” a fully automatic and modernized “Perimeter” system.

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According to RT News, the Perimeter system collects data from different sources including seismic and radioactivity sensors spread across Russia. If collected data indicate that a nuclear attack has been conducted against Russia, the system launches special missiles that send launch signals to all surviving nuclear missile complexes. Subsequently, retaliatory nuclear missiles are launched even without human input.

Burbin emphasized that the rearmament of the SMF was going on as planned. He added that 98% of Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces will be armed with new weapons by 2020. Last month, Russia conducted nationwide war games involving 30 missile regiments. On any given day, more than 6,000 servicemen maintain the readiness of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces.

Burbin’s statement aimed at NATO?

Burbin’s statement comes as NATO continues to boost its military presence near Russia borders. Last year, NATO conducted more than 200 military exercises, and a senior NATO official promised that such exercises would continue. Last week, U.S. forces and military combat vehicles paraded in the Estonian city of Narva, just 300 yards from Russia border.

Russia has repeatedly condemned NATO’s aggressive military buildup and exercises towards its borders. Relations between the U.S. and Russia touched the lowest point since Cold War after the annexation of Crimea into Russian Federation.

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