Russia And North Korea Strengthening Economic Ties

Russia And North Korea Strengthening Economic Ties
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

Alexander Galushka, Russian minister for the development of the Russia’s Far East, said Moscow and Pyongyang have reached an agreement to discuss the creation of advanced development zones in Russia’s Far East and North Korea.

With South Korea’s participation, the project to be discussed between Russia and North Korea is trilateral. As reported by Voice of America, in an email sent to the VOA Korean news service, Galushka said Russia and North Korea agreed to “discuss the creation of advanced development zones in the Russian Far East and on the territory of the DPRK with the participation of the Russian Federation, the DPRK and South Korea.”

Both parties agreed on the project during a February visit by a North Korean economic delegation to Moscow. The North Korean delegation was led by Ri Ryong Nam, Pyongyang’s Minister for Foreign Economic Affairs. Both Ri and Galushka called for strengthening of economic ties between Moscow and Pyongyang.

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The project comes as Russia recently announced that the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un is among 26 world leaders who have agreed to take part in the annual World War Two Victory Day celebration in May.

It would be Kim’s first foreign trip since taking over as supreme leader of the scandalous and isolated country from his father, Kim Jong Il, who last visited Russia in 2011, just a few months before he died.

Some Western leaders have declined the Kremlin’s invitations to the military parade because of Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. However, the Kremlin announced that some European leaders were still expected to come, including those from Greece, No