Pebble Now Offers Pebble Time Steel Version

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Pebble just unveiled the Pebble Time Watch Steel, which boasts up to 10 days of battery life. Those who already placed orders for the new Pebble Time Watch can upgrade to the steel version without having to alter their place in line. The Kickstarter price starts at $250, and it lasts 24 days. After that period, the smartwatch’s price increases to $299. The non-steel version starts at $159 and is set to increase to $199 after the same period.

A look at both Pebble Time watches

Both watches come with similar specifications and features, including a thin, curved design. The watches also feature an e-color paper display and a microphone. The Pebble Time Watch Steel features premium materials for a more upscale appearance. The watch also comes in three colors: silver, gold and black.

The watch case, buttons, and bezel are all made from stainless steel. It also comes with a leather band, stainless steel strap and Gorilla Glass lens. Pebble chief executive officer Eric Migicovsky wants to give smartwatch users the opportunity to choose the watch of their dreams. He is excited to introduce Pebble Time Steel to the public. The new watch combines modern technology and a high-end design into one watch.

Pebble wants developers to design watch straps

Pebble also unveiled plans to add open the hardware accessory platform for the new Pebble Time. Migicovsky claimed that in order to add extras like a heart rate monitor or GPS system into a smartwatch, compromise is key. He also said if someone bought a watch with a certain type of sensor today, it would become obsolete in a year. His company plans to launch an open platform enabling developers to build unique straps for the watches.

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