New Photos Of iPhone 6C Leaked [REPORT]

New Photos Of iPhone 6C Leaked [REPORT]
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The iPhone 6C purportedly leaked in photos shared from Future Supplier. The new photo shows what appears to be a case of the rumored phone. Previous reports indicate the phone will feature a four-inch screen similar in size to iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S.

The purported images have yet to confirm as Apple tends to keep details regarding upcoming devices under wrap before the official unveiling.

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A look at the purported iPhone 6C rear shell

It is important to point out the real differences between the rumored device and iPhone 5C. The purported 6C features an elongated camera flash cutout. This shape harkens back to the introduction of True Tone flash on the iPhone 5S. The changes don’t end there. The purported device does not come with a camera bump, the lens opening appears to be flush with the line of the rest of the shell. The bottom of the handset shows changes with mic and speaker grille designs.

How previous models compare

The current iPhone 6 features six-speaker holes on the left side of the lightening connector. The device also features a microphone opening right next to the headphone jack. The iPhone 5C featured a similar design with four speaker holes. The purported photos of the iPhone 6C show eight-speaker holes arranged in two rows. The phone’s body also appears thicker. The microphone features a few extra openings complete with six cutouts next to the headphone jack. Those circular cutouts also stacked into two rows.

It’s hard to judge whether those images are real or fake. It may be easy to assume Apple is taking a step back with a thicker body and elongated camera flash. However, other features indicate the new design could be a step forward. This purported design may be just a design option Apple is currently considering or has considered.

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