Netflix, Inc. Adds Anne Sweeney, Brad Smith As Board Directors

Netflix, Inc. Adds Anne Sweeney, Brad Smith As Board Directors
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Netflix announced the appointment of Anne Sweeney and Brad Smith to its board of directors today. According to Netflix, the appointment of Sweeney and Smith brings that total number of its directors to nine and expands the breadth of its entertainment and global experience.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, “We look forward to benefitting from Brad and Anne’s perspective as we continue to build our global Internet TV network.”

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Sweeney previously served as co-chairperson of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney-ABC Television at Walt Disney. She has more than three decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Sweeney supervised Walt Disney’s cable, broadcast and satellite properties worldwide since 2004 until her departure in January.

Prior to her recent position at Walt Disney, Sweeney served as Chairman and CEO of FX Networks.

On the other hand, Smith currently serves as executive vice president and general counsel, legal and corporate affairs at Microsoft. He gained a broad experience in global technology and public policy since joining the software giant in 1993.

Smith led Microsoft’s legal and corporate affairs team in Europe for five years and served as deputy general counsel for five years. His expertise includes competition law, intellectual property, government surveillance, and privacy.

Netflix acquired global right for “6 Years”

Earlier this month, Netflix acquired global rights for “6 Years,” a movie about young couple (Farmiga and Rosenfield) whose future planning gets disturbed because of the job opportunities that come across their paths, and their relationship is put to the test.

The Duplass Brothers produced 6 Years, and it directed by Hannah Fidell. Netflix will premiere the show in all markets later this year. The company acquired its rights for the show for approximately $1 million

Netflix says strong net neutrality rules is a big win for consumers

Netflix recently stated that the decision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt strong net neutrality rules is a big win for consumers.

The largest online video streaming company said FCC took a “meaningful step towards ensuring ISPs cannot shift bad conduct upstream to where they interconnect with content providers like Netflix.”

Netflix added, “Net neutrality rules are only as strong as their weakest link, and it’s incumbent on the FCC to ensure these interconnection points aren’t used to end-run the principles of an open Internet.”

Furthermore, Netflix emphasized the other decisions of the FCC were preventing regulations that thwart local investment in new broadband infrastructure is also an important step forward toward ensuring greater choice for consumers.

“These actions kick off a new era that puts the consumer, not litigious corporate giants, at the center of competition policy,” said Netflix.

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