Multify Tweak Allows You To Use Multiple Apps At Once On iOS 8

The world of jailbreak just cannot get any better. A newly released tweak named Multify allows you to run multiple apps at once on iOS 8. This new tweak is surely one of the most exciting tweaks that’s designed for your iPhone or iPad. If you ever wanted to do multi-tasking on your iOS device, then this is the perfect tweak for that.

Multify is a true multi-tasking app for iOS 8

This tweak costs $4.99 on the Cydia store and was developed by John Corbett and Joel Einbinder. Once installed, it can be run via different Activator gestures and allows users to run and use two or more apps side-by-side.

So how can it help you? Imagine that you are researching something which also needs you to type in Evernote, for example. Now you can have your browser running, and next to it is your favorite note-taking app, and you can also have Facebook running in a small area. Also when the app is resized and you want to type in something, then it automatically brings out a large keyboard, as typing on a small keyboard is not convenient.


So while there are many free Cydia tweaks out there, does it really makes sense to spend $5 on this tweak? Well, yes, it makes sense since iOS doesn’t allow users to run two apps at once, and on the same screen. So if you are of the multitasking type and don’t want to waste the entire screen space with just one app, then this tweak is for you. And yes, it really makes sense to use it.

Head over to the Cydia store and get this tweak from the BigBoss repo. Let us know what you think about this tweak in the comments below.

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