Microsoft Corporation To Release New Game Controller For Xbox One

Microsoft Corporation To Release New Game Controller For Xbox One
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Microsoft is reportedly designing a controller geared toward serious gamers who like to play shooting and racing games. When the company first unveiled the redesigned Xbox One controller, there was much anticipation. The game console maker claimed there was a total of 40 improvements with the new controller. Although public reception remained muted, some still consider the new controller quite an improvement.

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Microsoft wants Xbox One to appeal to serious gamers

It isn’t exactly clear why Microsoft wants to release a new controller. Tech website Neowin suggests the new controller will appeal to core Xbox gamers. The new controller could be unveiled at the upcoming E3 show this summer.

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There is already a strong market for controllers geared toward hardcore gamers. Popular websites like Scuf Gaming and Razer sell a variety of controllers, including ones designed specifically for the Xbox One. These controllers are considerably more expensive than the gamepads that come with the console, but they offer high-tech features for a richer game experience.

Microsoft wants to encourage developers to create more apps

In other Xbox One-related news, Microsoft recently launched a studio developer kit for the game console to encourage developers to design more games. The SDK allows developers to make universal apps for Windows 10. The apps span across personal computers, smartphones, tablets and the Xbox One. Microsoft already offered a demo of Windows 10 running on the Xbox One console earlier this month.

The tech giant hopes to talk more about universal apps and the Xbox One during next month’s Build developers’ conference. Right now, the Xbox Live SDK is handled by managed partners but will soon become available to more developers. The developer kit includes Xbox Live services. Microsoft is also creating a new tier for Xbox Live that enables developers to connect with the Xbox Live community.

Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be more than just another game console.

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  1. I’ve had my xb1 for 3 months now and after having disconnect issues and my rechargeable battery burn out after roughly a month, I now suffer from a flimsy USB cable resulting in disconnects all the time. I’ve just about had it.

    The xb 360 controller is the best design ever, why make such a shoddy product for the xb1 MS? Don’t lowball the gamers, these things are not exactly cheap. Make them right. You get a profit either way.

  2. Hope they are improving the horrible bumper buttons that’s the only problem with the xbox one pad love the set out of it just so comfy but those bumpers will make it hard to play games like devil may cry where pressing and holding Rb is needed for locking on to enemies how’s about keep the design but have the bumpers feel more the the 360 controller bumpers they were brill very comfy and not annoyingly clicky and u didn’t have to press the bumpers a certain way

  3. Funny how you get all butthurt just because I called you a f@ggot. Lol how sad people like get all sensitive over little things. You don’t know anything about me.

  4. If you like the dual shock, by all means, go with dual shock. If you own both consoles, I highly recommend buying dual shock before the xbox controller. Why? Because MS made it so that you can use dual shock with the Xbox One. Extra controller for both consoles, etcetera. But the Xbox controller is superior in my opinion. its better for shooters because of the way the sticks are off set. ergonomics if you will. its also more durable. Cant remember the last ps controller I owned for a full console cycle, they always wear out and break.

  5. one for movement, one for aiming. Movement is placed forward because its more constant while the other is placed back because its more twitchy. I love it. can’t go back, but if I did, i would buy a PS4 controller and play my xbox one with it without a problem.

  6. i disagree. Jack of all trades yes, but master of none? No. Multiplayer is great on Xbox. less 4 yr olds screaming into their mic too.

  7. dual shock is far from perfect. flimsy and a primary source of peripheral profits for sony because people always have to get a new controller or a few.

    also the server quality on xbox exceeds any expectation i would ever have for sony. I gave up multiplayer gaming on sonys consoles altogether. its garbage, so much rubber banding and lag.

  8. Perfection? Hardly sure the specs r there, but heres the devs choose graphics over gameplay every time…and thats a big issue. Perfect example order 1886, all flash no substance, game was critically panned, same with drive club, should i go on?

  9. The ps4 controllers have to be charged more often because they are constantly being used. The batteries for the Xbone controllers on the other hand last for weeks on end because people are busy playing their PS4s and not touching the One controllers at all.

  10. My Xbox One is great for both video games and video, not sure why yours doesn’t do both. You only have to be online to install digital games, which is exactly how the internet works, no connection means it doesn’t work.

  11. Noooo! The offset sticks are great! Honestly, I don’t own a PS4 because the controller just feels too small and the analog sticks are too close.

  12. Im not lacking in confidence in MS. At least MS actually has customer support. Every month, they are coming out with new updates. What is Sony doing? Laying off thousands about a month ago. Their network is down all the time. Sony Online Entertainment left Sony, so they can make games for BOTH consoles. They are being targeted by Korean terrorists. The only aspect of Sony that is making money is the Playstation. Now, considering they are winning the console war, game sales, (which is where the money is made) are a little too close for comfort. I feel like as an X1 owner, I have nothing to fear. If I was a PS owner, I’d be worried that the console that is winning, the company that owns it, is floundering.

  13. Calm down you xbots are emotional. It is almost sad and childish. The controller is crap get over it they will fix it. You work for microsoft as a cheerleader in skirt pull your panties up. Whinny douche!

  14. You are the only one saying it microsoft themselves even admitted ps4 controller is better. Stop being a fanboy and be a realist. xbox one controllers are bulky pieces of crap. They need lighter more comfortable controllers. You are being a fanboy not a realist.

  15. What exclusives Killer instinct, Ryse, Dead Rising, Titan Fall? Please they have zero games. No one wants to play that dead halo franchise. New original exclusives. New not old. That is why they are failing in numbers. There are no reasons to buy it lack of games.

  16. I laugh my a$s off everytime I look in the comments of these type of articles. Its just a massive flame war with everyone arguing about which is better xbox or playstation. The fact is everyone has thier own opinion. No matter how hard you try to convince one another about what gaming console is the best you will fail because people like what they like and you can’t change that. We are all gamers so how about we just stop with the pointless arguing.

  17. lol you sony fanboys crack me up. You think the x1 controller is garbage, that’s fine that’s your opinion. But the fact that you can play x1 games with a ps4 controller kills your fanboy argument. Once again MS sees an issue with the controller so they develop a new controller. Meanwhile sony continues to sit on their hands. the ps4 controller is literally the same design as the dual shock 2 with a few bells and whistles. I own all 3 next gen consoles and xbox is miles ahead of the ps4, the graphics are not discernible at all, I have a 55 inch Samsung tv, and clearly at the moment the better exclusives are on x1, and that’s a fact.
    But I digress x1 gives you 3 options of controllers to play with , sony only 1. Yet again sony lacks in innovation, id say prepare for the SAMSUNG station 5, because right now sony is going down faster than a soritiy girl.

  18. I think Microsoft has done everything wrong for the next
    gen. Instead of competing for serious gamers they introduced an all-round
    multi-media machine that is jack of all trades but master of none. They lack in
    power as compared with PS, they lack innovation in this case the controller and
    they lack consumers’ confidence, trying to squeeze them every ounce of freedom
    by initially introducing a mandatory online and no game sharing policy. And
    last but not least, even the console is retrospectively old, like a Beta Video
    Player. They are on a high learning curve trying to change everything up to par
    until they are technologically and marketability competable with the PS4. With all the money in
    the world this team of think tank that launched the Xbone deserve to get laid
    off. They need a major restructuring.,

  19. Yep I’ve gone through two controllers because of NHL. I refuse to buy another controller right now though. I went through countless 360 controllers because of NHL as well too.

  20. How about not having crooked analog sticks? Playstation has that part right and has the best controller IMO, although not perfect. I think the Playstation controller’s L and R bumbers belong where the triggers are located, and the triggers belong where the middle fingers rest.

  21. That’s great for Microsoft to do this for serious gamers , but the problem lies with the game makers. Bungie for example, Destiny countinuosly crashes, there’s some many bugs in the game you want to scream.Call of Duty has no dedicated servers , maybe they say they do , but it B.S. these game are so laggie and broken it ridiculous. So yes a new controller is nice , but game makers like Bungie , Activision, and many others have so many broken games , that the new controller is bunk.

  22. They need to fix the existing problems with the thumbsticks on the new controllers. I have gone through 3 of them, luckily;y I have the extended warranty. The left stick basically start sticking, drifting, and falling apart after nominal use. When you click in on the sticks and rotate, they “click” and lose partial control on games like NHL 15 that require you to use this to “huistle”. Ever single controller I have tried has this issue?

    These controllers also are no where near as durable as the 360 version.. I read they spent over a million dollars on R&D for this POS. You can’t put lipstick on a pig…..

  23. How about they fix it install times for games ? Or how about the fact I want a game system not a video box ! Or the must be online to install games error ? Sorry Microsoft you are slipping.

  24. F MSFT. I just bought two new controllers — after the third I had bought in December broke. Here’s a few reasons to release a new XBone controller — seams on the controller that irritate the skin in critical points (a problem 360 and original Xbox controllers did not have); non-ergonomic triggers that, to get comfortable leverage for quick action and reduced finger fatigue require one to rest their fingers on the pointy tips of the triggers; triggers that stick out so far that you are constantly accidentally fast forwarding movies whenever you’re streaming — causing your wife to complain “I thought they bragged this was to be your home entertainment center???” (and don’t say they sell a separate remote for video viewing as it requires a line-of-sight connection via IR rather than the radio frequency signal of the standard controller); the XBone controller is constantly disconnecting, even after the recent update, in the middle of multiplayer confrontations; and, finally, the controller requires a wire coming out of the bottom to work with most Turtle Beach surround sound headset systems — it seems it was beta tested with someone sitting at a desk rather than slumped on the couch or in bed like normal people play, resulting in the wire being bent as the controller rests on your chest, stomach, or lap, and quickly failing. Dear Microsoft, you can write me. I’ll help you with your next, next, controller for free. The first XBone controller is a dud. I didn’t mention that the one that came in the box also creaked and groaned like it was going to break in my hand (also unlike the 360’s controllers) because my newer ones seem more solid and maybe you’ve already addressed that issue. Bonus points if MSFT actually comes out with a man sized, rather than boy sized, controller like the original “Duke” model for the first Xbox. I can palm a basketball. These controllers are tiny — who can I sue for my carpal tunnel issues?

  25. Personally, I don’t think the PSeye and Kinect are stupid, they’ll be playing a huge role in the upcoming VR arms race, IMO they’re an important part of both the PS4 and the Xbox One :)

    added note, if these companies took your advice of “stop trying already” we’d end up in an insanely boring rut in the video games industry and may just end up leading to another crash :(

  26. Oh, you bring up valid points. I’ve never actually played with a PS4 controller. I have held it in a game stop for a minute or so going through a menu. I thought it was super comfy to hold though. I own an xbox one.

  27. I rather just use the xbox 360 controller. Prefer that over all playstation and xbox controllers. I might get that cronusmax and use xbox 360 controller on all my systems.

  28. It’s all based on personal preference. I greatly prefer the Xbox controller to the PS controller. I have fairly large hands and using the PS controller really makes them cramp after awhile. However, I could definitely see why a person with smaller hands would prefer it over the Xbox controller.

  29. 40 improvements? Where? The Xbox One controller is a huge step down from the 360 controller. It feels really cheap, the shoulder buttons are horrible and the button spacing itself just feels off. Your hands will start cramping after like 30 minutes of playing any controller intensive game. I’d rate it worse than the original Xbox fat controller.

  30. I have 3 PS4 controllers, 2 of them sit in a dual charging station. Your problem with the PS4 controller is not my problem.

    As far as user friendly, the Xbox1 is a bulky piece of crap in comparison.

    All you have to do to share a video or picture online with the PS4 controller is hit the share button.

  31. It will be for VR / AR systems. This is just the beginning for VR / AR input. So much work needs to be done before we have really great VR / AR experiences. This is a exciting time to be a gamer.

  32. I wish that worked the other way around as well. I would consider getting a PS4 if I could play it with an Xbox controller of some sort. I only got my PS3 after I was fortunate enough to find the ProA controller that mimiced the 360 design. Just a shame that the nature of the L/R1 and L/R2 buttons are so ass-backwards on that system. Plus my favorite games all seemed to include some kind of Six-Axis support anyway. Always was and always will be a terrible idea to include motion control to your controller, Sony.

  33. We all ready have great exclusives if you don’t like it then go buy a $1,000 PC and play on steam just to play a game.

  34. Really? Do we need a new controller? The XB1 has the best controller of this console generation. Only way I could really see topping it is if they took the triggers and Analog sticks and put it on a 360 controller instead. Oh, and bring back my damn circular D-Pad. 3D Fighters suck on the plus sign. The twistable D-Pad from the late 360 controllers was a brilliant addition that they shouldn’t have done away with.

    Being said, I wonder what they could be releasing that would be considered more viable for “serious gamers.” Only thing I can think of is a reincarnation of the FPS Master Controller ( The aesthetic appearance is nothing to write home about unless you’re some 12-year-old COD fan, but having the Face buttons on the side, albeit taking some getting used to, was an amazing design for fast-pace titles because you’re thumb never had to leave the analog stick. I would love to see a design like this crop up again for the Xbox One.

  35. it just needs a share button and maybe do something about the bumpers. Aside from that, it’s pretty good.

    ps4 needs an updated controller more though. No more breaking rubber on thumbsticks or triggers that get stuck! A larger battery life would do. Honestly, they could just do away with the stupid LED bar and just make it a tiny light again like ps3’s controller and i dont think many would care for the loss. pseye and kinect are stupid and they’ll never be a thing, so these companies should stop trying already. the people have spoken

  36. The PS4 controller is crap in comparison.. It has half the life span and have the battery life of the XB1. The only thing I like about my PS4 controller is the built in mic.

  37. I hated the new controller the moment I grabbed one. I hate the cheap plastic especially where the two halves meet at the bottom. They are not put together well and they can cut my palm.

  38. I would like a controller that doesn’t creak and flex even when brand new, and/or a controller with thumbsticks tough enough to not crack. The current controller is a POS.

  39. Wow I did not know that. Might have to try it, I only have Sunset Overdrive and so far Im not liking the bulky Xbox1 controller. Probably just need to play more and get used to it. The touchpad on the PS4 has me spoiled

  40. Really? MS is a much better controller than PS’s. And MUCH better quality. I had to buy gel tabs for my PS4 controller thuimbsticks within the first week of PS4 launch because they have no grip. The XBox1 thumbsticks are ridged and have excellent control even you are only using a part of your thumb. And speaking of thumbsticks the PS4 ones sometimes fall apart, and while we are on quality or lack of. Had a PS4 controller trigger break and so did my friend. PS4 controller is better then PS3 but only because they made the PS4 controller more like Xbox controllers.

  41. Are you kidding me? MS is a much better controller than PS’s. And MUCH better quality. I had to buy gel tabs for my PS4 controller thuimbsticks within the first week of PS4 launch because they have no grip. The XBox1 thumbsticks are ridged and have excellent control even you are only using a part of your thumb. And speaking of thumbsticks the PS4 ones sometimes fall apart, and while we are on quality or lack of. Had a PS4 controller trigger break and so did my friend. PS4 controller is better then PS3 but only because they made the PS4 controller more like Xbox controllers.

  42. I get it. I actually like it, though it’s hard to beat the 360 controller as many people regard that as the best console control. I like the one controller, but I do think it could be a bit better. But if they’re going to gear it more towards hardcore gamers, I’m going to assume there will be paddles for extra buttons. In a shooter you could use it to jump or do whatever so you don’t have to move your fingers, and in a racing game it could easily enough be the clutch / gear shift. That’s just my guess at it but considering there are already those types of things by outside companies, I see no reason as to why MS wouldn’t try to control that market completely.

  43. The XBone controller has always felt too similar to the 360 controller, and there have been times where I wish I could just use my old 360 controllers with the new console instead of having to blow $60 on one of the new ones. They feel THAT similar.

  44. I don’t hate console gamers. The only positive aspect about consoles is that everyone is on the same playing field and it’s easy. Just buy it and turn it on. You don’t have to fiddle with settings or anything. To sum it up, if a console were a car it would be a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry. Nothing fancy under the hood, you just get it, put it into drive and go from point A to point B in relative comfort. A PC can be any combination of manual transmission sports cars from Honda S2000 all the way up to a Ferrari and everything inbetween depending on your budget.

    EDIT: and I’m not implying an accord is worse than a sports car, it’s what suits someone the best for what they are intending to use it as! Dammit

  45. How about a truly wireless headset! “Wireless to console” doesnt cut it. Im tired of putting something into the controller….bring back the original wireless headset that simply goes on the ear and nothing els. No adapters…and Im not even talking about a stereo or surround sound one…JUST FOR CHAT!

  46. They should have thought about all of this before they released the thing. Instead of trying to brainwash the masses with ‘ONENESS” for the one world government or new world order (complete with a spy machine), they should have kept it pure. Now they may not be able to come back.

  47. It’s typical marketing buzzwords. Make your customers feel like they’re special and rob them of their money. Any serious gamer I know just play games for the enjoyment. None of this casual fanboy my console/pc is better than yours BS.

  48. Thank God! The Xbox One controller is garbage. The bumpers are horrible and I have problems with the left thumbstick getting stuck all the time.

  49. The Xbox1 controller felt like a dinosaur after playing my PS4 for a year. I just picked up an Xbox1 a few weeks ago and the controller just didn’t feel right, at least not compared to the PS4 controller. I hope they make major improvements to the redesigned controller, I will be in the market for something better than the current one.

  50. And yet when I game on a PC, I use a controller and still kick people all over the place. Not hard if you know how to use them properly. And dont forget most games like COD you can shut off the aim assist, which for me really helps me out. The auto-aim isnt always better…

  51. Not going to lie…if the new controller is similar to the PS4 controller, I might buy. I love the grip and feel of the PS4 controller much better. That isn’t to say that the X1 controller isn’t good, and the X1 controller is way better then the outgoing 360 controller. I didn’t even like the PS3 controller but the PS4 controller in terms of comfort wins hands down..

  52. I will say it takes quite a bit more skill to be an excellent PC gamer for FPS games. I downloaded Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the humble bundle and I prefer to play in First person mode…and aiming is hard!! I feel wimpy for having to keep my mouse sensitivity so low. My wrist is not accustomed yet to the precise reactions that my thumb is usually responsible for.

    I am mostly a console gamer but I love playing old games on my PC

  53. I have a gaming PC and console. Yes, my PC is way more powerful, but you know what I can’t do with it? Invite 3 or more friends to come over, hang out, and play a game together. That’s why I’ll always have a console.

  54. I wish they would fix the RB and LB buttons. On a few games I have to use up to 6 fingers and my index fingers on the controller, those buttons aren’t the best placed buttons! The best way to press on those buttons is either hard or off to the side. And even then fingers tend to slip off. Never had that problem on the 360 controller!

  55. I find it astonishing they would refer to any console gamer as a ‘serious gamer’. Especially the ones that play first person shooters like call of duty or battlefield. Those games are auto aim fests giving every single player ‘training wheels’ by double tapping the aim button to constantly aim at the nearest enemies. If you’re a sniper you’re excluded but seriously, if you’re sniping with a controller you might as well start eating soup with a fork. You’re welcome.

  56. Scuf’s paddles are simply just repositioning the buttons already on the controller. I don’t see how that would violate anything…

  57. “…Scuf Gaming and Razer sell a variety of controllers, including ones designed specifically for the Xbox One…” Aren’t these typically considered “modded” controllers and a violation of XBox/XBox LIve terms of service?

  58. So they can sucker gamers into paying another $65 for an additional X-Box One controller, which is more than the cost of a new game for said console. $65 is the going rate for X-Box One/PS4 controllers here where I live, which is ridiculous. I don’t own either console since neither one has any RPGs/JRPGs out for it as of yet. Until they do, I’ll speak with my wallet & invest elsewhere.

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