Microsoft Corporation To Release New Game Controller For Xbox One

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Microsoft is reportedly designing a controller geared toward serious gamers who like to play shooting and racing games. When the company first unveiled the redesigned Xbox One controller, there was much anticipation. The game console maker claimed there was a total of 40 improvements with the new controller. Although public reception remained muted, some still consider the new controller quite an improvement.

Microsoft wants Xbox One to appeal to serious gamers

It isn’t exactly clear why Microsoft wants to release a new controller. Tech website Neowin suggests the new controller will appeal to core Xbox gamers. The new controller could be unveiled at the upcoming E3 show this summer.

There is already a strong market for controllers geared toward hardcore gamers. Popular websites like Scuf Gaming and Razer sell a variety of controllers, including ones designed specifically for the Xbox One. These controllers are considerably more expensive than the gamepads that come with the console, but they offer high-tech features for a richer game experience.

Microsoft wants to encourage developers to create more apps

In other Xbox One-related news, Microsoft recently launched a studio developer kit for the game console to encourage developers to design more games. The SDK allows developers to make universal apps for Windows 10. The apps span across personal computers, smartphones, tablets and the Xbox One. Microsoft already offered a demo of Windows 10 running on the Xbox One console earlier this month.

The tech giant hopes to talk more about universal apps and the Xbox One during next month’s Build developers’ conference. Right now, the Xbox Live SDK is handled by managed partners but will soon become available to more developers. The developer kit includes Xbox Live services. Microsoft is also creating a new tier for Xbox Live that enables developers to connect with the Xbox Live community.

Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be more than just another game console.

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