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Masters In Business: BAML’s Michelle Meyer

This week, the “Masters in Business” radio podcast features Michelle Meyer, North American Economist for Bank America Merrill Lynch. Meyer was also named to Forbes list of “30 under 30 in finance.”

via Barry Ritholtz

In our podcast, Michelle discusses the current economic cycle, what makes this recovery so different, and what has been missing.

We also chatted about more personal issues: What it was like being at Lehman Brothers in the midst of the financial crisis and the firm’s bankruptcy. We also discuss the challenges facing women in what has been a male dominated profession, and what a day in the life is like at a big firm for an economist.

Listen to the podcast live here, on BloombergApple iTunes or SoundCloud. All of our prior podcasts are now available on iTunes.

Next week, we speak with Brad Katsuyama of IEX who is probably best known to the public for his role in Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys.

Masters In Business: BAML’s Michelle Meyer

Masters In Business: BAML's Michelle Meyer

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