LaGuardia Airport Closed After Plane Skids Off Runway

A plane at LaGuardia airport has skidded off the runway while it was landing, according to New York area media. The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane is Delta flight 1086 from Atlanta to LaGuardia, reports CNBC. At this point, no serious injuries have been reported. Emergency workers are at the scene.

LaGuardia Airport Closed After Plane Skids Off Runway

Details on the LaGuardia Airport plane skid

Officials said the airplane skidded on the snowy runway. The Delta flight reportedly crashed into a fence after leaving the runway.

According to the official Twitter account of the New York City Fire Dept., the plane skid is a two-alarm incident. Firefighters also reported that there may be a fuel leak as a result of the skid at LaGuardia Airport. They are currently investigating reports of a fuel leak but have not confirmed that there actually is one.

The local Fox station said on its Twitter feed that all traffic at LaGuardia Airport is shut down until 7 p.m. because of the plane skid. Many have posted pictures of passengers getting off the plane.

Passengers tweet about the plane skid

Passengers on the plane and people on the ground at LaGuardia Airport immediately began tweeting and posting their comments about it online. Some reported that the left wing of the plane was bent and possibly severed.