Kim Jong Un And His Huge Female Fan Club

Kim Jong Un And His Huge Female Fan Club
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North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un is famous (or notorious?) all over the world. He came to power after the demise of his father Kim Jong-il in December 2011. Kim Jong Un enjoys a huge female fan following in the country. Wherever he goes, the women turn ecstatic. Reuters has published a series of photos that show him surrounded by crazy female fans on various occasions.

Kim Jong Un is their charming hero

Kim Jong Un may be one of the most dreaded enemies of the United States, but he is an object of adoration among North Korean women. He is worshiped and adored by women all over the country. AsiaOne says, to the women, Kim Jong Un is their God, their hero, and national icon. However, doubters may argue that the admiration is due to fear that they might be punished if they don’t show their allegiance.

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Nevertheless, Kim Jong Un has positioned himself as an advocate for gender equality. On March 8, he celebrated the International Women’s Day with public events and speeches. He handed out food and cosmetics to pilots as gifts for their wives. At a public event, he hailed the Women’s Day as the 20th anniversary of his father Kim Jong-il’s “scientific theory” to let women play a greater role in “the revolution and construction.”

What North Korean women actually go through

The state-run KCNA news agency said some of the most senior figures of the regime met with “exemplary women and women officials and members of the women’s union” in Pyongyang. During a visit to an airbase, the North Korean leader did not meet any women in person, but told commanding offers to pass on his gifts to their wives.

However, a panel of female defectors paint an entirely different picture of women in North Korea. One of the defectors said women working in military units are forced to perform sexual favors on their higher-ranking men. They are subjected to forced abortions. Another defector said women in the country do not receive sex education. Yet another defector said many women are abducted and sold into slavery outside the country.

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  1. I don’t live in North Korea John. By ‘we’, I meant the United States. Actually there are very few computers for people to play with there, and that’s nothing to be grateful for. Over 2 million hits on my Grateful Child website from 180 countries, but not one hit from North Korea. I totally feel sorry for the people there.

  2. “Kim Jong Un may be one of the most dreaded enemies of the United States…”
    That’s got to be a joke right? You really think the United States of America really dreads that clown? Lol ok

  3. A big, fat, bobble-headed joke of a man! Only fear of persecution or death prompts these women to feign excitement towards this imbecile! Please!

    You can tell him I said so. Wimp!

  4. “Nation Building”???? He is more adept at enslaving his own people and destroying his nation.
    Someone pass me another air-sickness bag, veganer’s posts are churning my gut with their propagandist simplicity!

  5. If he took over the US he would go on an eating binge and kill himself. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to airlift in a crap ton of high calorie foods to him.

  6. That’s why I laugh everytime that guy opens his mouth. When I was a pilot in the US Airforce all those years ago (early 90’s) I could have waxed half his airforce before I had to return for refueling. That ancient POS wouldn’t have been a match for my F-16

  7. That POS jet he is standing in front of is almost as old as me…And those stupid witches fly those things…hahahahahahahahahaa

  8. Kim Jong Un is smart and adept at negotiations and nation building. Send our congress people to PRNK and let them learn from him!

  9. STFU. One squadron of F-35’s would take out the entire NK Air force. Secondly, once the migs start falling out of the sky, the majority of your pusy pilots will scramble South to defect. And Dear Leader will have nothing to do but sit on his fat silly haircut @ss, eat cheese and wait for the roof to collapse!

  10. That is because no one will trust the North Korean Airforce with anything more complicated. I’m surprised that they haven’t gone back to bi-planes.

  11. Grateful Child, “We”? What do you have to be grateful for in N. Korea? Maybe that Kim the Konqueror allowed you to play with his computer to type in what he told you to say?

  12. “I wanna’ be like Kim yeah, you know I wanna’ be like him”, The new NK national anthem.
    Well I guess that in the case of ‘pose or your village will starve’, this makes sense. Or is it possible that these are Korean Fighter Pilots disguised as cheer leaders?

  13. Hmmm.. North Vietnam lost 1.500,000 (said to be more like 3.8 million) during the war. America lost nearly 59,000. You use words such as ‘a’ and ‘PP’. What are you 5 years old?

  14. “Kim Jong Un may be one of the most dreaded enemies of the United States,” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Where do you get these cub reporters?

  15. BTW —–WHY???? has Korea era Eastwood, and Hollywood generally,
    ———————————BURIED without a TRACE——————————
    the 60th anniversary of the awesomely important, ‘forgotten’ – – – —KOREAN WAR?

  16. Never thought I’d say it, but I… prefer his old haircut *chokes on words* to whatever he’s got on his head now. I don’t know what to call that style.

  17. The headline should really say “Kim Jong Un And His FUGLY Female Fan Club” LOL!!!…Fat, short man with a small size penis.

  18. Dreaded? KJU? This is like being afraid of the Stay Puffed Marshmellow man in Ghost Busters! And standing in front of a MIG 15 which was outdated 60 years ago. Incredible!

  19. I think all the president and MEN in this twisting wold is very JEALOUS of him now….because they only have 1 woman that isn’t follow them every where. STOP CRYING PEOPLE. GET OVER WITH AND LEAVE HIM ALONE TO PLAY WITH HIS LADIES….

  20. North Korea is an oppressive nation. Count on it, if a North Korean woman looks like a good lay, the North Korean power group will have their way with the ladies. That is the way dictatorial nations operate.

  21. He reminds me of Mo of the three stooges. No disrespect to Mo intended. But Pewee Kim just makes me laugh every time he opens his mouth. He sticks his foot in his mouth every time.

  22. Ha ha, so funny. In the 1970s I lived in Seoul, under the shadow of the North Koreans, for 12 years. Then recently lived 7 years in China. After 45 years as a Korea-watcher, I guarantee they haven’t mellowed with age!

  23. Gender equality?? He is just a fat playboy.

    These women are fan because they want to be one of his concubines. In a country like this where you work your ass off for your daily meal, being a concubine is much better life.

    Don’t you all feel sorry for the woman he is married to? If he really FOR gender equality, he would have his wife take charge of all these women related issues.

  24. You have really got to respect communists and their equal rights. Like, man or woman, you both work or go to the de.. labor camps.

    Always so fair.

  25. Yeah, he’s a ladies’ man if ever there was one! Hell, just take a gander at that physique! He must have worn out his
    “P-90-X” DVD by now. Actually, they could cut his daily calorie intake in half and keep about a dozen North Koreans from starving. Meanwhile, he would still be a pudgy “fearless leader.”

  26. but of course they’ ( all north Korean women must be huge fans ‘ of fugly little troll)… they are in constant threat of being executed! or sent to a concentration camp/

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